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How to choose e liquid | Vape juice guide

Today, there are literally thousands of vape juices on the market. However, you need to make sure you know which is the right e-juice for your vape kit. 

Some vape juices are just not designed to go in certain kits, so you won’t get the most out of them.

You may have been tempted by a cheap e-liquid from a petrol station in an emergency, however, putting this in the wrong kit could get quite messy.

In this e-liquid guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know in order to find the right vape juice for your vape kit. 

vape juice guide

Your guide to e-liquids 

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What is e-liquid?

Firstly, in our e-liquid guide, we think you should know exactly what it is. E-liquid, also called e-juice or vape juice, is the liquid that goes in your vape device. 

eliquid guide what's in eliquid

VG and PG are the two main ingredients which form the base of your e-liquid. They come in different ratios. 

You may notice that some brands promote themselves as being high VG such as ‘The Kraken’. Others, particularly the starter e-liquids, such as Vampire Vape have higher PG or a more balanced ratio.

What do PG and VG do in e-liquid?

When PG and VG are available in different ratios it changes the vape experience. 

If you are looking for big clouds then VG is for you. If you are after a decent throat hit, then PG is what you want in a higher quantity.

However, you can’t just tip a high PG juice into a big cloud kit. As it will cause leaks. This is due to the differences in the makeup of the liquids. 

Here’s a short video all about VG and PG and why your vape might leak.

What is the difference between PG and VG?


PG is thin. This means that if put in the wrong tank it can easily leak. 

High PG is suited to starter devices and pod kits. The fact that it is thin means that you are less likely to get a dry hit with this as it absorbs into the wicks quickly. 

PG eliquid guide


VG is thicker than PG. If it goes in the wrong tank it can cause gunk build up. You will also need to make sure you fully allow the wicks to saturate to avoid dry hits.

High VG eliquids are best suited to sub ohm devices, below 1ohm. 

High VG eliquid

Is eliquid safe?

All of the ingredients in e-liquid which we have mentioned above are safe. We suggest that you always buy your vape juice from a reputable brand to ensure that it is properly regulated. 

There have previously been concerns about the chemical diacetyl in some flavourings causing popcorn lung. However, there is no evidence that vaping leads to this. If you are concerned you can read our blog about vaping health concerns. 

If you are still worried, you can also avoid flavourings which may have trace amounts of the chemical, such as the sweet buttery flavours. 

What eliquid to use for my tank?

Best MTL vape juice

First of all, MTL stands for mouth to lung. Mouth to lung is the way in which you inhale the vapor, it is most like smoking. You draw the vapor into your mouth and then into your lungs. 

Devices which have an MTL draw are starter kits and entry-level devices. These are usually the best option if you have just quit cigarettes and want to replicate the act of smoking as closely as you can. 

The best juices for these kinds of tanks are MTL liquids and nic salts

Check out:

Best DTL vape juice

DTL means direct to lung. When you vape in this way you draw the vapor directly into your lungs. This produces a large, dense cloud. It doesn’t replicate smoking in the same way, however, you still get to curb your nicotine craving. 

Vaping in this way requires high VG e-liquid. High VG e-liquids are thicker, as we discussed earlier, and make more clouds. They won’t leak out your larger DTL tank.

Check out:

What are nic salts?

Nic salts are extracted from a different part of the plant. They are designed to get into your bloodstream faster and have a longer shelf life. Considering the fact they are high nicotine, the throat hit is much smoother. 

When you use nic salts you will most likely less e-juice as you will need fewer puffs to feel satisfied.

You’ll also curb the craving faster, which is ideal if you only have a short window to get your nic fix. Nic salts also curb the cravings for longer too. 

You need to make sure you are using the right kit for a nic salts eliquid, such as a pod device or starter kit. 

Check out these nic salt eliquids:

What eliquid flavour do I choose?

There are literally thousands of flavours before you even get into PG/VG ratios. 

You need to think about what you want from your vaping experience and which device you have. 

      • Do you want a throat hit and a discreet vape? Then opt for a simple kit and high PG

      • Do you want a smooth vape and decent clouds? Then look for a big cloud kit or sub ohm device and high VG juice

Selecting the right e liquid is really down to personal preference, however, you do need to consider your vape device. 

You need to make sure that the e-juice you have will work with the kit you have or are buying.  

When you are just starting out you might want to consider a mouth to lung device (MTL) with 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids as this is said to mimic smoking the best. 

Although, the best thing is to think about what you want from your vape experience from the list above and select a device and e-liquid based on that. 

You might find that you are overwhelmed by the choices of vape e-liquid. There are honestly thousands and some absolutely great ones too.

On our blog we list 20 vape juices to try before you die, which might help you narrow things down!

There are probably 6 main categories of flavours. Some of these do overlap, for example, you can get menthol twists on a number of different flavours. Here are the main categories:

      • Tobacco 
      • Dessert 
      • Sweets
      • Drinks
      • Fruity 
      • Menthol

What is a dry hit?

I’ve said the term ‘dry hit’ a couple of times now. It can happen when you vape without any e-liquid in the tank, or if you don’t let your e-liquid soak into the tank properly. 

This is a dry hit. It is horrible. It feels like your throat is burning. 

Moral- always let the juice soak into your coils. You’ll only be impatient once, trust me.

What size eliquids can I buy?

E-liquid comes in various sized bottles. However, if you are after a pre mixed nicotine eliquid then you will only be able to buy 10ml.

If you are looking for 0mg or to add your own nic shots, then you can get bottles in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 120ml. These are called shortfills.

Shortfill means that the ejuice isn’t filled right to the top, allowing you space to add however many nic shots you require to get it to your chosen nicotine level. 

How do I add a nic shot?

Adding a nic shot is easy. You simply pour your desired nicotine shot into your shortfill. Shake it to mix it in, then allow it to settle.

To make a 0mg shortfill into a 3mg you can use the following guide.

50ml – 1x nic shot = 3mg

100ml – 2 x nic shots = 3mg

Here is a short video on how to turn a 0mg shortfill into a 6mg vape juice, without losing flavour.


How do I make eliquid from scratch?

It is possible to make your own vape juice. This might be just by blending a few premade flavours together – like Menthol Ice from Vampire vape with a sweet or fruity flavour. 

Or, you can go a step further and make it up from scratch. To do this you will need VG and PG, vape juice flavourings (concentrates) and nicotine shots if required.

Making your own vape juice allows you to control flavour and ratios to make it ideal for your device. 

You can learn a few Make My Vape recipes here.

Does eliquid go off?

Providing you store your eliquid correctly, not in direct sunlight, or a hot place like a car, then it can last. However, everything has a shelf life. 

While expired eliquid will not be toxic, it may taste different and the nicotine will reduce. Here are a few ways to tell that your vape juice isn’t quite as good as it used to be:

eliquid guide eliquid gone

You can read more about buying expired vape juices and other ways to improve vape juice flavour on our blog ‘does vaporiser juice expire’

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that some flavours can become a little sickly if you vape them too much. It might be a good idea to get a selection of juices so that you can swap between a few different ones.

You will soon discover a juice that is the perfect “all day vape.” 

Make sure you buy your e-liquid from a reputable shop or online store, if it is too cheap or feels too good to be true, then it probably is. 

At the end of the day you are inhaling this vaporiser fluid and you want it to be of the best quality and safely manufactured in a place with high standards.

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