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What nicotine strength to vape

What Nicotine Strength Should I Vape?

TLDR: In this guide we show you how to work out exactly what nicotine strength you need for vaping. Our nicotine strength calculator can even send you a reminder to your email.

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What Nicotine Strength Means

When it comes to buying juices for your vape, you will see a range of options in a variety of classifications. From VG/PG to MG and beyond. In this article we are looking at nicotine strength exclusively and this is the MG.

MG stands for milligrams and it relates to how many milligrams per ml.

So, 6 mg or 0.6% as it used to be known, means 6 milligram for every gram of liquid. For those who’ve never worked in liquid manufacturing, you might be surprised to know that volumes of liquid are often measured in weight and not fluid. It’s this format that leads us to applying MG strengths to e-liquids.

The amount of nicotine in liquids will tend to be higher than the cigarettes you previously smoked, but don’t let that scare you. Vaping tends to ‘spill’ off or waste a lot of nicotine in the process of vaporising, and so to match the experience, we find juices will need to carry a little more nicotine.

6mg essentially means then, 6 milligrams of nicotine per 1 ml of liquid. Adjust accordingly up or down then, to understand 3 mg, 12 and so on.

What Types Of Nicotine Strengths Are There?

The types of nicotine strength you’re likely to see in the UK vary a touch from what is available over in the US, but the most common options you’ll come across are:

0mg – 3mg – 6mg – 12mg – 18mg – 20mg

You may also see 5mg and 10mg in salt liquids.

20mg is the cap in the UK and Europe due to the TPD regulations which control the percentage strength of nicotine in a vape. This is why it’s hard to get your hands on anything more than 20mg. Over the in US you won’t struggle to find 40 and 50mg.

Source: TPD Nicotine Regulations

How we work out nicotine strength vape juice

Having done this for about a decade, we have all been ex smokers and worked our way down the nicotine chain and given up – in my case (David) – completely. I’ve given it all up, as one should aim for. What this has helped us establish, is the best nicotine strengths for different smokers and ex-smokers.

In addition to this on the job experience, we have worked alongside NHS and NCSCT Quit Smoking Consultants to train our team in knowing how to help in providing smoking cessation guidance. We have got pretty good at this, and thousands of ex-smokers is testament to that.

We have our own formula that tends to work based on how many times a day you smoke.

Do I Need To Vape Nicotine?

No, you don’t need to vape nicotine to quit smoking, in fact you can replicate the hand to mouth habit with nicotine free vape juice too. For many, that does the trick. You get the flavour, the cloud, the hand habit, just none of the blood pressure elevating nicotine. Not a bad way to go really.

Are there risks to nicotine?

We would be remiss to suggest using nicotine is without its risks. While nicotine is not the cause of Cancer or issues like COPD which comes from Carbon Monoxide, tar and carcinogens from inhaling combustion fumes – it can still raise your blood pressure and elevate your heart rate.

Nicotine is a stimulant and using any stimulant should be considered with care. For professional advice on the use of nicotine, the NHS is the go-to resource on this.

This is what they had to say about Vaping in general:

“Switching to vaping significantly reduces your exposure to toxins that can cause cancer, lung disease, and diseases of the heart and circulation like heart attack and stroke. These diseases are not caused by nicotine, which is relatively harmless to health.” NHS UK

Nicotine Strength Calculator

Whether you’re searching for the right nicotine strength to quit smoking, or a good option to move to from using disposables, our e-liquid strength calculator will help you find out what nicotine strength to go for.

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