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CBD E-Liquid Calculator

TLDR: In this page we give you a nice easy CBD E-liquid Calculator to use, that will help you determine what dose CBD vape to take. Similar to our CBD oil dosage calculator we based the results metric on the studies from the Nova Institute in Hurth, Germany.

CBD E-liquid Calculator Disclaimer

Our goal here is to give users an easy to use tool to help work out what amount of CBD mg from vaping they should look to opt for depending on their weight, age and pain severity. It’s not meant to replace professional medical advice and collates together anecdotal suggestions from major medical journals.

What Dose CBD Vape To Take?

Our CBD E liquid Calculator focuses on mg of CBD to take and you can use the widget to work out your likely daily needs. From there, it’s quite straightforward to apply it to what liquid to go for.

If you need to take 25mg per day, then a 200mg 10ml bottle is going to do the job for you for 8 days. 25 into 200 right? That means a little over half a 2ml tank full each day. That’s how you use the CBD E Liquid calculator tool here below:

CBD E-liquid Dosage Calculator

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