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What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is a style of advanced vaping kit characterised by large clouds and more flavour from your vape juice. A sub-ohm vape kit (or sub-ohm e-cigarette) has a higher wattage and a coil resistance below 1.0ohm.

Sub-ohm vaping is much more draining on battery life, and so needs more powerful batteries to work properly. These are advanced vapes.

What Comes With Sub Ohm Vape Kits?

The sub-ohm vape pen or kit consists of similar elements as a traditional vape device, including a removable battery and a refillable tank. Power charger, sometimes spares and accessories and often the odd coil. If it comes from us, we tend to throw in vape batteries on top for free. You will know on the product page, as it will ask if you want the gift battery or not. (Where available)

You can read our sub-ohm beginners guide here.

DTL vs MTL Vaping

You vape differently with a sub-ohm kit, using what’s called DL (“Direct Lung” or “Direct to Lung”) inhaling, where you breathe the vapour straight into your lungs, instead of into your mouth first (which you do with MTL “mouth to lung” vaping).

You can learn more about DTL vs MTL here.

You can also buy DTL/sub-ohm tanks here.

Is Sub Ohm Vaping Better?

We get asked if sub ohm vaping is better than conventional vaping and it really is a personal preference. If you are driven by flavour and making nimbostratus in the sky, then a sub ohm vape pen or kit may be ideal for you. But if you want to use moderately, cut back on the smoking and in a very economical way, then sub ohm vapes may not be as good a choice for you.

Sub ohm vape kits go through liquid faster as they use more power, and while the liquid gets cheaper when bought in bulk, the coils don’t last as long, which can be a nuisance. Each to their own, if you are here for pleasure, though, then a sub ohm kit may be just right for you.

Best E-liquids For Sub Ohm Vape Kits

The best e-liquid for sub-ohm vaping is one with a High VG content and a low nicotine strength. Usually, a minimum of 60% VG content is recommended.

You should also consider the nicotine strength of the fluid you want to vape, and if you’re unsure of that you can use our nicotine shot calculator here.

This will also mean the vape juice is a much thicker consistency. That thickness means you really can only use them with a sub-ohm vape kit, or with advanced vapes.

Shop sub-ohm vape juice here.

Why Choose a Sub-Ohm Vape Kit?

Sub-ohm vape kits or DTL (Direct to Lung) e-cigs are designed for people who want to create a large amount of vapour.

They are set up using a low resistance coil, which when combined with a high battery voltage and current limit, enables a high vapour production.

This is also the reason they’re good for DTL (direct to lung) vaping, and so are less appropriate for people switching from smoking real cigarettes (they need an MTL kit – mouth to lung).

These tend to be advanced vape kits for more experienced vapers, and so allow for more customisation and features than a limited kit.

Where To Buy Sub Ohm Vape Kits

If you need more help with your sub-ohm vaping, then contact us using the live chat feature now – we are real people, here to help.

We can help you when it comes to knowing the whats and whys of sub ohm vape kits for sale. If you want some help or are just looking for one of our stores, to know where to buy sub ohm vape kits, then get in touch.

You can also shop vape mods here.