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How to Vape Properly | The 2 minute guide to Inhale

How to Vape Properly | The 2 minute guide to Inhale


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How to vape properly, is the focus of our advice guide here. We are going to show you how to inhale, exhale and how to use a vape pen for the first time. Hold your breath, because this inhalation how-to doesn't take long.

How to Vape Properly

So without further ado, let's pull up our video guide so you can see exactly how to vape properly using my own lungs as a guinea pig.

If you are looking for advice on vaping in general then head over here next:

Do you inhale when you vape?

Yes when you vape you will inhale, just as you would if you were smoking before you decided you wanted to quit smoking.

Inhaling is the action of bring vapour into your lungs and then breathing it back out. 

The vapour comes from the heating action of the vape kit and is the result of vaporised ejuice. Want a list of amazing and well-reviewed juices?

How do I inhale vape properly?

Just as you can see in our video advice guide on how to vape properly, there are two ways to inhale with your breathing. One is called Mouth to Lung, the other is Direct Lung, these two inhale styles relate to different models of devices and personal preference.

We have broken down MTL vs DTL in our advice guide, which you can see when you click that blue link. It will give you a lot more detail on how the styles differ and how that affects how to vape properly.

In short, mouth vaping is more closely aligned to quitting smoking, while direct lung vaping is all about the deeper flavour search and cloud vapes. Knowing the difference will help you understand how to vape properly that bit easier.

What type of inhaling for what liquid?

Just as kits vary, liquids do also. You will find that for different inhale style e-cig systems, you will have liquids that go best with it. Liquids that are more suited for beginners are named in the same way as the devices, by their inhale style. This means you should be better able to find out how to vape properly the e-fluids bought.

Nothing beats a video for a simple explanation. Check it out to truly understand how to vape properly and if you want a simple way to find a kit for you, head over to our kit discovery tool after:

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