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The Ultimate Guide to Vaping

In this ultimate guide to vaping, we are going to share everything we are asked by soon to be ex-smokers. This will allow you to select the right vape kit and e-liquid to get you off on the right foot with your vaping experience.

This is THE beginner’s guide to vaping

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Vaping has been around since 1965 when the first electronic cigarette patent was filed. 

But only more recently have electronic cigarettes become popular and more mainstream.

As an aid for quitting smoking, vaping is ideal.

It allows users to get their fix of nicotine while reducing their dependence.

There is lots of information on vaping and when you first start thinking about it, the whole thing can feel quite overwhelming.

You might be unsure which kit to buy and which juice is best suited to it. Then there is your PG and your VG, nicotine strengths and the nic shots. Not to mention watts, sub-ohm and coils!

We have been in the vaping industry since 2009 and have answered probably every question a new vaper has, including health concerns. 

In this ultimate guide to vaping, we are going to share everything we are asked by soon to be ex-smokers. This will allow you to select the right kit and e juice to get you off on the right foot with your vaping experience. 

How do I start vaping?

To start vaping you need to invest in a little bit of kit. Further down this vaping beginner’s guide we go in-depth about the different kit types and actually how you vape, but let’s go right to the basics. 

To start vaping, you will need:

  • A vape kit 
  • Eliquid 
  • Vape device charger

It isn’t a huge amount of kit that you need. With vaping you will need to pay for a device, which may well cost 3x more than your pack of ciggies. However, you will start saving money in just a few weeks of vaping! Typically, a vape kit ranges from £10-£150. 

As someone who is just starting out, we often recommend a starter kit or more basic device. These are simple to use and often replicate smoking better with mouth to lung style. (More on this later!) 

How do I choose nicotine strength?

nicotine strength vape guide

This is often the first question we are asked by those looking to quit smoking. Nicotine withdrawal can lead us into dark places of bad moods, sweating, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain and more. When you vape you can select a nicotine strength which best replicates your smoking habits. For a guide we suggest:

18mg – More than 30 cigarettes a day

12mg – 20 cigarettes a day 

6mg – 10 cigarettes a day 

3mg – 5 cigarettes a day

Read more about choosing your nicotine level on our blog.

Over time, you can gradually reduce your nicotine intake right down to a 0mg if you wanted to. 

Are you a heavy smoker? Find out about the best vape devices for heavy smokers.

PG VG, What’s the difference?

PG VG Vaping guide

Now you have chosen your nicotine level you will be considering different e-liquids. You may notice that they have a ratio of PG and VG. These ingredients make up your ejuice along with flavourings and nicotine if required.

High PG liquids are best for starter kits and often have higher nicotine content. High VG liquids are thicker and best for sub-ohm devices. They usually come as shortfills and 0mg, with the option to make up to 3mg with a nic shot or two. 

We go into more depth about VG and PG in our e-liquids guide, which you can read here>

Which vape kit do I choose?

Now you have your e-liquid in check, you will want to know the best kit for your non-smoking feat. There are lots of kits on the market, from your cig-a-like devices to your box mods, pens and pods.

All of these have their place, however, finding the one that is best for you is most important. 

Starter vape kit device

A starter vape kit will be ideal if you are looking for something that is mouth to lung and replicates smoking. These type of kits are mostly very easy to use, with just one button to activate when you take a draw.

Others have a few more features, such as the Aspire X30 Rover, which also allows you to alter watts and see battery life.

Here are a few of our best selling starter kits which are best suited with 50/50 PG/VG juices:

starter kits vape guide

ejuice vape guide

Pod vape device

The pod is either refillable with e-liquid or you buy specific replacement pods for them. We suggest that to save money and give yourself more choices on flavours and strengths that you opt for a refillable pod or a kit where you can refill the pods yourself.

Pods are smaller devices which easily fit in your pocket or purse. They’re discreet and generally don’t produce massive clouds. The batteries will be smaller, however, in some, they are big enough to easily last the whole day.

Here are a few pod devices on offer:

pod kit vape guide

vape eguide

Big cloud kit

A big cloud kit will be for those looking to use high VG e-liquids and enjoy thick, dense clouds. Big cloud kits often have buttons to make adjustments. Having these buttons allows you to really tailor your vape experience.

You can shop our list of vape kits that make big clouds below:

If you are a vaper who knows what they want then having these adjustments can really keep things interesting.

Big cloud kits often get through e-juice and battery life quicker than mouth to lung devices, which is something to keep in mind.

Here are some great cloud kits with all the bells and whistles:

PRIV SMOK X vape guide

Vape guide

So what’s a vape mod?

A vape mod is where it gets a little more in-depth. With a mod you can start to build your own coils. Building your own coils allows you to truly tailor your vape to the max and get some serious clouds too.

A mod is ideal for the more advanced vaper who has made vaping into a bit of a hobby. 

mod devices e guide for vaping

Asmodus Minikin Boost vape guideWhere can I vape?

More often than not, you will be unable to vape where smoking is banned. So, if you see a no-smoking sign, then chances are vaping is not okay there either. Now many places, such as train stations, include e-cigarettes in their no-smoking announcements.

You may be allowed to vape in some pubs, however, you should always check before you do. 

You are definitely not allowed to vape in the following places:

  • Public transport
  • Restaurants 
  • Planes
  • Airports
  • Enclosed public spaces

How do I vape?

how do i vape guide

How do I vape is another question asked by those new to vaping. The answer to this question depends on which vape kit you decided to choose. Before you vape you need to make sure that you have allowed the ejuice to soak into the wicks fully, otherwise, you might have a dry hit.

How to vape mouth to lung

Bring the vape mouthpiece to your lips, push the fire button (if your device requires you to) and inhale the vapour into your mouth then your lungs. 

Find out about some great MTL devices here >>

How to vape direct to lung

Bring the mouthpiece to your lips, press the fire button and inhale the vapour into your lungs.

You will need to check the instructions on your specific vape device as some require you to push buttons whereas others don’t.

Will sub ohm vaping suit me?

sub ohm vaping guide

When you are looking into devices you may have seen something called sub-ohm. Sub-ohm is a vaping style which produces large and flavourful clouds. However, it isn’t for everyone. 

Ohms are a unit to measure electric resistance. All coils will have the resistance written on the packaging or the coil itself. If the coil is under 1ohm then it is a sub-ohm coil. With the lower resistance, you will be able to produce more vapour and enjoy a fuller flavour. 

Pro’s and cons of sub-ohm vaping


  • Thick cloud
  • Improved flavour
  • Warmer clouds
  • Smoother throat hit 


  • Use more battery and e-juice
  • Larger, bulky device 
  • Not discrete 

Sub-ohm vaping isn’t best for everyone. It really depends on what you want from your vaping experience and your device. If you are after something discreet that fits in your pocket then you will probably be best off with a smaller kit. If you want something robust and more of a statement and gadget, then you’ll love a sub-ohm kit. 

Want a low cost entry route into Sub Ohm? Check out our review of the Smok Vape Pen 22 at the link below:

Read more about sub-ohm vaping >>

How often do I change my coil?

how often to change coil vape guide

How often do you change your coil will depend on how much you vape and your vaping style. If you allow your juice to run down to the very last puff then you will be more likely to burn it out and have to replace it sooner. 

Generally, you will need to change your coil every 2-3 weeks. If you take really good care of your coil then it will last better. Here are a few ways to ensure that you get the most from your coil. 

  • Avoid dry hits – Make sure there is always enough e-liquid in the tank to wick the coils. Dry hits not only ruin your coil but they taste and smell horrible.
  • Let your e-liquid soak into the wick – When you fill-up your tank with a fresh coil you should allow it to soak up the e-juice before you take a puff. This can take a little longer if you have a high VG juice, but it’s worth the wait.
  • Clean your coil – You can make your coil last longer by keeping it clean. Washing off any gunk build up really helps. You can do this by soaking it in alcohol overnight. Read our how to clean your coils blog for a more in-depth look into this.
  • Set your vape device to 3.7 volts This is the level that vape batteries are meant to work at. Run too high and you can reduce battery and coil life. 

You will know that your coil needs changing if you notice that the flavour of your e-juice isn’t tasting right. Another way to tell is if it smells kind of burnt when you vape. If you don’t notice, then other people certainly will!

If you want to shop for vape coils or ecig atomisers, our full list is below, or to make things easier, we have listed a few of the big vape brand categories too.

What wattage to vape?

what wattage to vape vaping guide

If you have opted for a kit where you can change your wattage, then we suggest you set your vape device to 3.7 volts.

On the coil pack, it will suggest something maybe a little higher, however, we believe 3.7 to be the sweet spot. When you choose these watts you will use less juice, less battery and have a less impact on your coil’s lifespan. 

3.7 watts is the ideal level that the majority of vapes are designed to work at. Vaping at this level won’t decrease your experience or flavour, it will just save you money.

Watch our hack video below that explains this theory in more detail >>

Is vaping safe?

Is vaping safe is going to be a question that you will have as a new vaper. After all, we know that smoking is the largest cause of preventable deaths in the UK, so you’ll want to make sure you aren’t swapping one bad habit for another.

However, vaping is said to be 95% safer than smoking, according to Public Health England.

Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer. Vaping does not contain these chemicals as you are not burning tobacco. 

“More research will be done into vaping as the years go by, however as it is 95% safer than smoking that is certainly something to go by.”

Read more on our blog where we discuss popcorn lung >>

Is it possible to quit vaping? How do you quit?

Vaping isn’t a long term solution for everyone. For some, vaping is simply a way to quit smoking and replace the habit. For others, vaping becomes part of their lifestyle as they join the vape culture.

If you don’t see vaping as something you want to carry on with long term, then there are things you can do to help you quit vaping.

We’ve helped people to quit smoking and to quit vaping. Here are our tips to help you unplug and go nicotine free for good.

Break the addiction – Reduce your nicotine

Reduce nicotine to quit vaping

If you were a heavy smoker, then chances are you started on 18mg nicotine. Overtime we suggest that you reduce this number down, gradually. You can move from 18mg to 12mg then onto 6mg and 3mg. Once you are down to the lowest nicotine level you might then consider 0mg then finally, quit vaping.

0mg is PG, VG, and flavourings, without nicotine. This allows you to keep up the habit of vaping, without having nicotine in your system. You can then start to break the vape habit without the need for nicotine drawing you back in.

Shop for 0mg nicotine here >>

Reduce your juice – Limit your juice intake

IVG Eliquid

Once you have got your nicotine level right down to 3mg or 0mg,  you can start to reduce how much you vape. Try filling your tank up to a certain level each day and not allowing yourself to refill it until the next day. You might even fill it up full and try to make it last a week. Or challenge yourself to even longer.

This will help you to reduce how much e-liquid you vape to help you quit vaping for good. You might only choose to use it at times you really feel you need it, rather than just for the sake of it.

Make sure you keep your e-liquid at home or somewhere where you will not be able to fill it back up until your set time.

Break the habit – Leave your vape at home

Leave your vape at home vape tricks

Leaving your vape at home might fill you with panic at first, however it is a great way to start to break habits. Chances are if you have it on the walk or drive to work then you have a few puffs. This creates an association for when you are walking or driving to work to have a vape.

Leave your vape at home to try to create new habits and break the old cycle. It is said to take 21 days to break a habit, so stick at it, even if it feels tough at first.

Quitting vaping requires some control

Quitting vaping will require some control. You do have the added benefit that you can gradually reduce your nicotine intake over time.

You don’t need to quit cold turkey necessarily, unless that will work for you. By breaking the addiction, then the habit, you’ll be nicotine free in no time!

We’ve rounded up some great tasting 0mg e-liquids for you to try as you move away from nicotine blends.

big zero heisenbrew

vaping blizzard eliquid doozy

ice menthol nicotine free vape juice

Shop 0mg high PG >>

Shop 0mg high VG >> 

Final thoughts

Vaping is a great way to quit smoking. It allows you to keep up the act of smoking, get a dose of nicotine but without the cancer-causing chemicals. Not only that, vaping doesn’t stain your teeth or make your clothes smell. 

We’re sure you will find everything you need to get started vaping and quit smoking on our website. However, if there is anything you are still unsure of then drop us a message on live chat or give us a call.

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