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Aspire Coils Two Glass Tanks

Aspire Coils

Atomisers for Aspire Tanks and Kits

Looking for a new coil in your Aspire vape tank? Have a Cleito, a Nautilus, perhaps a K1 glassomiser? We have a wide range of Aspire tanks coils and atomisers to refresh your vape experience.

When should I change my Aspire Coil?

You will find that changing your coil varies from tank to tank. If you have been using overly sweetened eliquids in a high wattage vape kit, you may find that you will want to change your coil weekly. If you are using a lower power, higher PG ejuice in a tank like the Nautilus, you can go a few weeks. 

Can I tell when I need a new atomiser?

Yes. You will notice that the vape tastes a little burnt. Particularly so for big cloud vape tanks. If you are using a K1, a nautilus or perhaps a Pockex, the cloud will be smaller than before and the draw a bit tighter. That means, it feels a touch harder to inhale.