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Voopoo review

Voopoo review


Voopoo is a well known and loved vape brand. They’ve got starter kits, pods, mods and even some more advanced pocket sized devices. 

We dive into the Voopoo review and share the best Voopoo tanks, Voopoo pods, mods and pens. Then we take the brand to the ring, going head to head with SMOK in a Voopoo Vs SMOK battle. 

Stick with us to the end and we will even get to some of your most asked Voopoo questions.

Here are some of the kits and tanks I will take you through today.

Voopoo nano Voopoo drag 2 
Argus GT Drag S

Who is Voopoo?

VooPoo have been manufacturing vapes since 2010, making them one of the first on the vape scene. The tech team have developed some of the best pods, cloud kits and starter kits on the market and are known for their DRAG, Vinci and Argus series vapes.

The focus is on not only performance but safety too, which is never something to overlook. We take a dive into the brand in our VooPoo review, sharing some of their interesting features.

What do others have to say?

Before we get into our own VooPoo review, we headed over to YouTube to listen to some vapers opinions on the brand. Here’s what Jai Haze had to say about the Drag S:

“One of the coolest pod systems ever”

Cracking on with VooPoo reviews

Here is a brand that we’ve always got excited about. They bring out a new kit and we can’t wait to get our hands and lungs on it. We’ve always found them to be easy to use too, and versatile. We get newly ex smokers buying VooPoo and we get advanced vapers getting their mods from them too.

In a nutshell…


One of the fastest ramp up times to power your kit. Keep your device up to date with upgradeable firmware.

High Perfoming Pods

Some VooPoo pods bridge the cap between a big mod and a little pos. Perfect for people who want pocketsized power.

Massive Clouds

Customise your mod with temp control, watts, airflow and other modes. Get your vape experience exactly how you want it

In detail…


VooPoo has got this thing called the GENE chip. This is a tech which is found in some of their devices, such as the Drag and Drag Mini. It has one of the fastest ramp up times to power up your kit and vaporise. You can also update the firmware and keep your device from malfunctioning. You’re also able to have more customising power with the GENE chip.

It is innovative tech, like the GENE chip that gets the fans. It’s not only in your mods either, the GENE chip is found in some of their more modest kits which is pretty cool.

Pods that perform

Something else we like about this brand is that they released a pod that is more than just that. Their kit bridges the gap between someone who wants something small, like a starter kit, but also the settings, vaping style and cloud production of a mod. Enter the pod mod!

Their capsules are all refillable too, this means that you aren’t tied to limited flavours. Some will work with high VG premium juice, where others, like the Nano, are best for nic salts and 50/50.

Mods for massive cloud

We’ve got to mention the mods. The brands mods have features like upgrade-able firmware, adjustable watts, temperature control and insanely large internal batteries (Drag mini has a whopping 4400mAh!).

Their mods can be adjusted easily. Switch through modes and controls using the buttons on the kit to really get deep into customising your vape.

Versatile kits

Finally, we’ve got to say, there is a kit for everyone. Whether you are new to vaping and are just trying to quit the cigs, or if you are into cloud chasing. If you want a big kit or if you want something pocket-sized that performs like a big kit, then they’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for something new, either a first or an upgrade, then this is a brand to check out.

Best Voopoo tank

The PnP tank from Voopoo is an innovative bit of tech. It can be used as both a pod and a tank. While it is designed for the Drag S and X kit, it has a 510 connector base, so it fits on most 510 mods. 

It’s got double air intake which makes for a super smooth vape. I like the magnet which secures both the 510 connector and makes changing the coils that bit easier. It is a great tank for an airy vape and thick cloud. It uses the pnp coils range with are high performance and much loved. 

Pnp tank best voopoo tank

Best Voopoo mod

Voopoo is well known for its much loved Drag series. The Drag 2 is up there with one of the best Voopoo mod, along with the Voopoo Vmate. They both power up huge clouds using dual 18650 batteries. 

The Vmate fires up to 200W and the Drag 2 gets up to a max 117W. The Vmate is the better option if you are after a sub ohm kit that isn’t going to weigh you down as it comes in at just 102grams. The Drag 2, while lighter than its predecessor is still 158g.

However, the reason for this lighter weight of the Vmate might be down to the plastic battery panels that quite honestly, feel a little flimsy. 

In our opinion, while the Vmate is a decent mod, the Drag 2 might well be the best Voopoo mod if you don’t mind it being a little heavier in your pocket. It will be a solid buy.

The Argus GT kit is up there too. This one has adjustable power up to 160W, is powered by a single 18650 battery and has fast coil activation. This is a really fantastic build quality, doesn’t feel cheap at all. 

Vmate best voopoo mod
Drag 2 best voopoo mod
Argus GT kit best voopoo mod

Best Voopoo pod

Voopoo Vinci X pod is an 18650 battery powered pod mod. It is a step up from the Vinci and has a few extra features that we like. With the X you have an external battery, whereas the Vinci is a built in 1500mAh battery. This means that the X will have 40% more charge than your Vinci.

We rate this pod as it is nice looking, gives great flavour, is adjustable and has the ability to replace the battery when it stops holding charge. Really satisfying magnetic connection with the pod and mod too. 

Vinci X best voopoo pod

If you’re after a kit with a large built in battery that gives you adjustable power, check out the Drag S

I couldn’t mention Voopoo pods and not give a shout out to the Drag Nano. This is a diddy little mouth to lung kit that is optimised for nic salts with a 2.8ohm coil. It’s got a 1ml pod and a built in 750mAh battery.

While it might not suit you if you are our and about all day, or looking for high VG juices, it could be just the thing to curb nicotine cravings and for discreet vaping. 

Voopoo Vs SMOK

Voopoo Vs SMOK

Voopoo is one of the high street brands with something unique – the GENE chipset. SMOK hasn’t got this, it is original to Voopoo. However, you might not be fussed by this and just like the look and feel of a kit over the deep techie insights. 

Let’s do a Voopoo Vs SMOK, based on internet reviews along with mine and the Vape and Juice teams opinions. 

Voopoo Vs SMOK tanks

Voopoo UFource is a sub ohm tank that probably challenges the SMOK TFV8 and the TFV12. The UFource with the bubble glass fitted will be compatible with Fireluke Mesh coils and that means flavour to the max!

The Voopoo UFource has bottom airflow control, a short chimney for flavour and is high temperature explosion proof. The SMOK TFV12 sub ohm tank has dual adjustable airflow at the base and a fill lock mechanism.

They are both cloudy and flavoursome tanks. The explosion proof might be what sways you… particularly if you are vaping at high temperatures. 

Voopoo Vs SMOK pods

SMOK and Voopoo are both known for bringing out some pretty good pod mods with adjustable power and external batteries. As well as the starter friendly pods, of course. The Vinci and Vinci X by Voopoo compares pretty well to the RPM40 and RPM80 by SMOK.

The Vinci series from Voopoo seems to last longer when it comes to battery life. With the RPM80 we might get 200 draws on 3000mAh, or 320 hits on 3000mAh on the Vinci X. The coils seem to last a little longer too, but of course with the right care. 

Voopoo Vs SMOK mods

When it comes to mods, and in fact all of the pods, pens and tanks, Voopoo has a better build quality. Not only that but the flavour from Voopoo coils is that little bit more superior and the coils last longer. 

SMOK mods are probably more of a best seller, but it could be the fact that SMOK is a more well known brand. However, the mass production of SMOK can mean that they lose quality in the build process.

Around the office we had a chat about who’s designs are better when it comes to mods, and we all agreed Voopoo looks the part and performs well too. If you want something that fires up to 200W or more you might look at the Vmate from Voopoo, or the TStorm from SMOK. However, build quality might sway you towards the Vmate.

Want to know more about SMOK? Read our SMOK review and see how they stack up against Innokin.

How long do Voopoo coils last?

Voopoo coils generally last around 1 to 2 weeks. You might be able to squeeze a little more life out of them with proper care. This means breaking them in by allowing the juice to absorb before taking a hit, keeping them clean and vaping them at the correct wattage. More on this in our blog, how to make your coils last.

Is the Drag 2 good?

The Voopoo Drag 2 is a mod that fires up to 117watts, is fully adjustable and was made 25% lighter than the original drag. 

It’s very user friendly with an easy to ready screen and adjustments. Then you’ve got the UFource tank for flavour and cloud, which is a great addition. It’s comfortable to hold in the hand and the battery life is surprisingly good. 

I like the Voopoo Drag 2. No complaints! 

Our Verdict

@vapeandjuiceuk | David

“VooPoo is responsible for making some of our best selling vape kits. The kits get the attention of new vapers and people who’ve been vaping for years. The designs are great, but the flavour from these kits is really something to rave about.

Keep the kits coming Voopoo!”

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