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Who are disposable vapes for?

Disposable vape pens are ideally suited for two types of users

  • First Time users substituting for cigarettes – Beginners
  • Those regular vapers who need a spare disposable vape for saving damage to their main kit, or when holidaying

Disposable vape kits are amongst the best vape starter kits, as they offer a cheap way to enter into electronic cigarettes. But they also offer a way of being able to take a vape on holiday or on a night out, without worrying you will lose your prized possession.

Aren’t these being banned?

If you are worried about this and thinking about switching to rechargeable options, you may find this guide below ideal reading

Benefits of disposable e-cigs

Some of the key benefits of disposable vape pens are listed:

  1. Don’t need to recharge
  2. Easy to use
  3. Come in a range of flavours
  4. A cheaper way to determine if it can help you go smoke free

Types of disposable vapes

There are a number of types of disposable vapes to suit any scenario you need. Perhaps all except for cloud chasing due to the lower powers. But for other circumstances you will find a disposable e-cig to afford:

Best disposable vape pen

What the best disposable vape pen for you is, really comes down to personal needs. If you want something with Cannabidiol (CBD), then Orange County CBD make a good choice, whereas if you want a range of rich flavours, you may want to look at our range of ElfBars.

We also stock Pod Vape Kits.