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What are mech mods?

If you don’t understand battery safety and ‘ohms law‘, then you need to be careful with selecting the right coil set up for the battery you are using. There can be some real dangers associated with this. This means a little bit of research in the beginning will pay off in the long run. Mechanical mods are for more advanced vapers and mistakes can be very dangerous. This is because mech mods are without the safety functions of conventional kits. They are unregulated and are best described as a battery and a metal circuit only. This means users can modify the output down to the nearest ohm, it is a hobbyist dream but it’s without the safety backup of more mainstream kits.

Is a mech mod good for tricks?

A Mech mod is the go-to piece of vape kit for any serious competitive vapers. The ability to build a range of coil set ups to produce the thickest clouds, lend mechanical mods to being the tool of use in cloud competitions and for vape tricks. So if you are considering modding and want to explore unregulated vape mods then shop on.

Types of Mech Mods

We stock a host of mech mods, that come in a range of shapes, sizes and types.

Mechanical Tube Mods

Mech tube mods are exactly what you will find in a cloudchasing competition. Absolutely stripped down to their unregulated vape kit mode. Battery, tube, dripper, is all you will see in a comp and this is the first step. WARNING, unregulated mods are not advised for inexperienced vapers. Find out why below

Squonk Mechs

Squonk Mechs are devices that feature a built in squeezy bottle insert to enable constant refreshing of liquid to the coils of the attached tank. These make drip vaping a little easier by removing the need for constantly getting a bottle of juice out to drip onto a rebuildable deck.

Are Mech Mods safe?

Mechanical mod kits have none of the battery safety features of conventional kits and as such should be used with care. The battery output is controlled by the resistance of the coil in the build deck (dripper) on the top and if the coil ohm is too low, it may be beyond the battery inside’s operating parameters. This can lead to battery runaway or venting – essentially overheating the battery and potential combustion. Please drop us a message on the live webchat or visit one of our local vape shops for more advice.