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Vape Tricks Made Easy

Easy vape tricks

Nail your next vape trick

You can do some pretty cool things with your vape kit. So much so that there is actually such a thing as vape trick and cloud competitions. People practice and perfect these tricks and perform them in front of the judges.

Do you want to learn some vape tricks? Even if you don’t want to perform them for competitions they make cool party pieces. In this blog, we are going to give you some tips and how to’s so that you can get practicing and nail your next vape trick. 

How to make big clouds 

vape tricks made easy the dragon

First off, what is cloud chasing?
Cloud chasing is more than just vaping... it’s an actual sport these days, with competitions and everything! It's where vapers work on their mods and atomisers to enable them to blow the largest amount of vapour. There are devices which already make big clouds in their own right, but there are also ways to enhance the amount of vapour produced.

In order to make big clouds, then you need the right equipment. You can’t expect to fill a room if you are using a C4 starter kit and high PG e-liquid. That just isn’t how the science behind the clouds works. 

You will need, high VG e-liquid such as The Kraken, the right atomiser, adjustable airflow, and a high powered device. You’ll also need to breathe right.

Choose the right vape juice for vape tricks

High VG e-liquids are thicker than PG and produces more, denser cloud. You can get ejuices in various VG/PG ratio, but we suggest for cloud, flavour and throat hit then opt for 70/30. 

Think low resistance 

In order to achieve huge clouds then you need a low resistance atomiser, such as Aspire Cleito, SMOK Baby Beast or Uwell Crown 4. All of these tanks are sub ohm, however they require different levels of power. They are all compatible with high VG eliquid to enhance cloud production. In fact, using high PG in such a tank can cause leaks. 

You might decide to build your own coils. This will allow you to lower the resistance of your coils, however, you’ll need a high powered device for this low resistance. Make sure you’re getting enough surface area as this is key to cloud. 

Choose the airflow 

If you have too much airflow then it will thin out your clouds. However, not having enough can cause your tank and coil to overheat, so it is a fine balance! You will need to have a play around with the watts and airflow on your device to find the dense cloud sweet spot. 

Breathe right 

Once you have got the power, resistance, juice and airflow spot on, you will be ready to vape. Before you take your draw empty your lungs. This will allow you to fill them with vapor to max capacity. When you exhale, do it slowly. If you puff out the vapour too fast then your clouds will go thin. 

We've got another post all about vape clouds that you might enjoy >>

How to blow O Rings 

vape trick blow Os

O rings were something you could do with cigarette smoke too, you might have even done them then. If you’ve never blown an O ring in your life, then listen up to our top tips. 

It’s quite tricky at the beginning, however once you nail the technique you’ll be able to do it on demand. 

Here are our top tips for vape trick O rings 

  • Create an O shape with your mouth and keep your teeth out the way 
  • Don’t blow out too much vapour for O rings, let some out first 
  • Blow excess vapour down and away from where you will blow your O ring
  • Gently push air out with a small cough

Always make sure you have a full tank or have just dripped before you try to perform an O. Otherwise you’ll risk that nasty dry hit feeling and taste. 

Watch our video tutorial on how to blow and O

How to do Tornados

Vape Trick Tornado

Tornados look pretty cool when you’re down the pub with your mates. All you need is a big cloud kit and a cold, flat surface, preferably in a place with no wind. 

Firstly, you need to blow your vapour out very slowly, in order for it to stick to the surface. If you blow it out too fast onto the surface it is just going to look like some kind of movie effect. When you exhale slowly it should look milky and creamy, like a little blanket of vape.

You will then gently scoop and flick up the vapour up. Be careful not to make too much of a breeze when doing this. To create more tornados or a larger one, use your whole forearm across the table. 

Watch the video below for more insight and a demonstration.

How to perform the dragon

vape tricks the dragon easy

The dragon vape trick is where you breathe vapor out of your nose and mouth at the same time.

You first need to be able to breathe vapor out of your nose. This is easy (unless you’ve got a cold!) Just inhale, then exhale out of your nose and the vapor should follow. 

Then, you need to be able to exhale out of both sides of your mouth at the same time. You do this by putting the middle of your lips together, and then making a smile like face. You should have two gaps either side of your mouth. Inhale the vapor, then exhale pulling this face. 

To do both at the same time you need to practice blowing out your nose and mouth simultaneously. Once you have nailed this, you will be able to perform the dragon vape trick.

What is the best vape juice for tricks?

There are literally thousands of vape juices on the market. However, if you are looking to perform tricks and make huge clouds then this will narrow things down for you. You will need a high VG juice, with 70% or more VG. This is the ingredient in vape juice that gives you a satisfying cloud. 

When you are practicing tricks, we suggest that you go low or 0mg nicotine. Otherwise, vaping over and over and over trying to get your O rings spot on, might make you feel a bit sick. 

With so much choice of high VG e-liquids you might still feel a little lost. Here is one of our favorites for cloud chasing and vape tricks:

the best vape juice for vape tricks and cloud  

 How to avoid dry hits when performing tricks

We touched on dry hits earlier, but we think that it needs its own section to ensure that it doesn't happen to you. 

A dry hit is when you take a drag of your vape and there is either no juice in the tank or it hasn’t saturated the coil. A dry hit tastes, smells and feels horrible. Here’s how to avoid it:

  • Saturate your wicks - Once you have filled up your tank after changing the coil leave it to sit for a little while. Remember high VG is slightly slower to wick that high PG. But it is worth the wait. 
  • Drip before you trick - Always drip before you perform your tricks.
  • Fill up your tank - Don’t expect cloud without juice in your tank.

Vape kits for big clouds and vape tricks 

When you are trying to get big cloud and perform vape tricks you need more power. While pod kits and starter devices have their place, you’re not going to fill a room with cloud using one. You need a device that packs a punch, and some decent wattage too. 

Here are a few devices you might consider when looking into big cloud kits:

SMOK Alien 

SMOK Big cloud vape

SMOK Alien is a great bit of kit. Not only does it look smart, it also blows some cloud. It consists of a 220 watt mod and a TFV8 Baby 2ml tank. Combined, these will bring you massive vapor. 

SMOK X Priv Kit

SMOK Priv Kit

The SMOK Priv Kit comes in at 225 watts so there is plenty of power behind it. It comes with the TFV12 Prince Tank. The perfect pair for great flavour and cloud production. 

Revenger - Vaporesso 

ravenger vape kit red

Revenger from Vaporesso packs 220 watts giving it enough power to puff out some decent and dense clouds. It requires 2x 18650 batteries, which you'll be thankful for as you'll be using more power when blowing clouds and vape tricks.

If you are using a device with 18650 batteries, then you should check out our blog on battery safety and how to spot a fake. 

Building your own coils? Then read about ohms law to ensure you are vaping safely. 

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