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Best Fruity Vape Juice in High VG

TLDR: As someone who likes to chase clouds and enjoy a fruity vape then you might want to be seeking out the best high VG fruit flavours. High VG e-liquids are thicker than those you’ll find in the small 10ml bottles and this thicker ingredient makes for denser clouds and gives a smooth throat hit. They’re best suited for bigger devices – known as DTL kits, not your pod devices or starter kits. For this guide, we have selected 5 of our top picks for the best fruity vape juices to help make your liquid shopping a little easier.

How did we pick them? They’re based on customer sales – rather than who’s paid us to promote them.

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Cut to the chase

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What Fruit Flavours Are Most Popular

You could spend hours trawling through the sheer number of fruit flavour types when seeing what kind juice to opt for, but it’s clear that when looking at popular sellers, several fruity vape types stand out the most.

  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Citrus
  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Grape

You’ll find that these flavour profiles make up a large portion of the best fruit ranges in stores and consequently, they make up these top picks below.

Our Best Fruity Vape Juice Picks

Presenting 5 of our top picks when it comes to the best fruity high VG liquids our customers loved the most. All of these are based on top sales and not just one person’s gut instinct. We updated this most recently in Winter 2023. Nothing says the right time for a fruit vape like the onset of dark nights and bitter cold, but it was due a bit of a refresh.

1 / 6: Seriously Fruity – Doozy Vapes

Best high VG fruit vapes Seriously Fruity

Doozy Vapes present their Seriously Fruity range and it is exactly what it says! Enjoy a burst of fruity flavours and delicious blends in a 70/30 mix. These 100ml shortfills come as 0mg, but there is enough space to add a nic shot or two if you need it. 

Reminds us of:

Chewit bars to be honest. It has that slight tang and berry flavour you get with those chewy bars you loved growing up.

2 / 6: Watermelon and Wild Mint – DSV

DSV Watermelon and wild Mint

DSV has come up trumps with this flavour. It is a fruity and refreshing blend of juicy watermelon and wild mint. Mouth watering and moorish. We love this fruit high VG ejuice.

Reminds us of:

In a weird way, but nice, and refreshing liquid version of a Trebor soft mint. The nice ones that tasted sweet – or were they Rowntrees Menthos? Anyway, this is a whole lot more watermelon focused and only a slight hint of cooling.

3 / 6: Citrus Mix – Nexus 

Here we have the perfect citrus explosion! Enjoy a smooth inhale of grapefruit, and raspberries with a zingy twist of lime. Check out Citrus Mix if you like zesty fruit blends.

best high VG fruit vape juice

Reminds us of:

A fizzy orange Lucozade meets an Oasis fruit drink. It has that citrus hit which means it’s a bit of a rarity in the vape world, and it’s often sold out the moment it comes back in stock.

4 / 6: Kraken Purple – Your Favourite Fruity Vape Juice 

Best Fruity Vape Juice Winner

Discover the Purple by Kraken

One of our top selling liquids of all time, this high vg fruity vape juice is a mix of dark berries and grape with a hint of soda. It’s a 70% VG mix, and comes in the shortfill format. That means 100ml or 120ml when you throw in a couple of nic shots to make 3mg.

Why is it so popular?

We have secretly made the flavour addictive. So popular it causes queues.

Reminds us of:

Grape Punch from Gatorade – the non zero version. This flavour hits.

5 / 6: Spritely Cranberry – Grinny Drinks 

best fruit vape juices for high vg

Lemon and lime soda, with a cranberry twist, Spritely Cranberry is perfect for the vapers who like a fruit soda style flavour. Similar in that regard to our winning fruit vape juice ‘The Purple’ (although nothing like the same in taste) – it is more complex fruit flavour. With it’s high VG make up, you are not going to get much love vaping this on a simple vape kit, it’s going to need a touch of power.

Find out more…

Reminds us of:

If you love lemonade or lemon and lime drinks, namely cherry sprite, then this is one for you. And if you haven’t ever tried cherry sprite then you need to put down this guide and immediately proceed to the nearest outlet to buy some.

6 / 6: Bull Is Ard – Ditto Dog

Bull is Ard by Ditto Dog comes in runner up for best fruity vape juice

Go See Bull Is ‘Ard

If you’ve never heard of Boulevard by Wick Liquor you may need an explanation of this liquid profile. Boulevard is one of the biggest selling fruit vapes on the market and it’s because this matches that flavour so well but at a fraction of the price Bull Is Ard gets the win for us over the two. It tastes like a tropical mix, think Kia Ora fruit punch or all of the fruits you like in the world dropped into one bottle. It’s a great pick. one of the most unsung High VG fruit vape juices out there.

Reminds us of:

Well, Boulevard for one but for those outside of the vapersphere, it’s like a fruit punch your older cousins spiked at your Nan’s 80th.

There you have it, a few of the best fruit flavour high VG eliquids we have in stock. But, the list goes on. We could literally be here all day writing up the ones you need to try. Head over to the high VG eliquids page and select fruit from the left side menu.


This guide to the best fruit vape juice has been updated for 2023 by senior vape editor David.
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