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Best fruit High VG eJuice | Updated 2022


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high VG fruity

Best High VG Fruity Vape Juice | Updated 2022

As someone who likes to chase clouds and enjoy a fruity vape then you will want to be seeking out the best high VG fruit flavour. High VG e-liquids are thicker than those with a larger ratio of PG. This thicker ingredient makes dense clouds and gives a smooth throat hit. 

They’re best suited for bigger devices and direct to lung kits, not your pod devices or starter kits. We sell some of the best high VG fruit flavours here at Vape and Juice. We have selected a few to tell you about, but you can see more fruity vape juice flavours here.

Seriously Fruity - Doozy Vapes

Best high VG fruit vapes Seriously Fruity

Doozy Vapes present their Seriously Fruity range and it is exactly what it says! Enjoy a burst of fruity flavours and delicious blends in a 70/30 mix. These 100ml shortfills come as 0mg, but there is enough space to add a nic shot or two if you need it. 

Watermelon and Wild Mint - DSV

DSV Watermelon and wild Mint

DSV has come up trumps with this flavour. It is a fruity and refreshing blend of juicy watermelon and wild mint. Mouth watering and moorish. We love this fruit high VG ejuice.

Citrus Mix - Nexus 

Here we have the perfect citrus explosion! Enjoy a smooth inhale of grapefruit, and raspberries with a zingy twist of lime. Check out Citrus Mix if you like zesty fruit blends.

best high VG fruit vape juice

Watermelon - Ripe Co. 

Best High VG fruit vape juice

Ripe Co. Watermelon is a refleshing and cooling flavour of the juicy fruit. This blend is 60/40 VG/PG so not quite as cloudy as the others, but still delicious.

Illusions - OG 


OG high VG Illusions


Illusions are known for some seriously moreish and fruity flavours. Try the OG from Illusions if you love the fresh taste of pineapple, coconut and blackcurrant. This juice is 80% VG and just 20% PG. Expect clouds!

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Big Zero - Cherry

CHERRY - High VG vape juice

So refreshing and fruity. Think plump and ripe cherries, oozing with juice as you take a bite. This is another 70/30 blend so enjoy some great clouds and a 100ml of juice!

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I VG - Menthol Kiwi Kool

IVG Kiwi Kool

IVG Menthol Kiwi Kool is a crisp Kiwi e-juice with a refreshing and cool exhale. Enjoy the sweet and ripe kiwi, blended subtly with a squeeze of sour lemon, to balance this juice perfectly. On the exhale, you will notice the cool pallet cleanser. 

This is a high VG juice, 70/30.
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There are a few of the best fruit flavour high VG eliquids we have in stock. But, the list goes on. We could literally be here all day writing up the ones you need to try. Head over to the high VG eliquids page and select fruit from the left side menu. 



This blog has been updated from 2021

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