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Uwell Review

Uwell review

Right, time for the Uwell review in our best vape brands series. We take a look at the best of the brand, from the best Uwell tanks, to best Uwell mods, pods and pens.

We will take Uwell head to head with SMOK, to see which comes up top for all of their offerings. Finishing off with your most asked questions about the brand, like are Uwell vapes any good – because let’s be honest, before you buy you’re going to want to know that!

What is Uwell?

Uwell is a mid range high street vape brand. We have found this brand to be popular amongst vapers who like cloud, flavour, and those who just want a dose of nicotine and a very discreet vape. 

It is another vape brand out of China, founded in 2015. Their ethos is to pursue technology, taking flavour as a focus. 

Best Uwell tank

Uwell Crown 4 is a little harder to source now, however, its flavour is brilliant. I’d compare it to the Horizon Falcon Tech – which is saying something! 

The Nunchucku 2 is a pretty decent tank from Uwell. It’s got honeycomb mesh coils that heat evenly for great flavour and cloud. 

The Nunchucku 2 has got a standard 510 drip tip, easy fit coils and adjustable airflow. All in all, a nice sub ohm tank for flavour and cloud. 

Something that is cool with their tanks is the fact they recycles eliquid to the coil in the condensation chamber. This is a standard on all their tanks now. They are also easy to fill with high VG juice using the top fill por. In my experience it seems to be leak free which is a huge win. 

Crown 4 tank

Best Uwell mod

Torn between two mods here. So, let’s just talk about both. After all, one is a starter squonk, which isn’t for everyone. 

The first one we like from Uwell is the Valyrian 2. This is a powerful bit of kit, firing up to 300 watts fueled by triple 18650 batteries (don’t worry they’re all in their own chamber so nice and safe!) You can get a variety of compatible RDAs and tanks to fit, depending on your vaping preferences. It is chunkier than some other sub ohms, but you kind of expect that because it does have 3 batteries in it. 

The tank on this kit is so good for flavour, smoothness, clouds and draw. It hasn’t leaked on me yet either! It’s a good tank in my opinion, particularly for high wattages. 

The second mod from Uwell that is worth a mention is the Blocks Mod. This could be good for someone who wants to start building their own coils and getting started with a squonk. While it isn’t the best squonk on the market, it does appeal to newbie builders and squonkers. 

It’s powered by a single 18650 battery, has a pump action squonk button and has a quick firing speed. The capacity in the squonk bottle is pretty good and there isn’t that silicone taste you get with some others. 

However, there are some cons that might frustrate you, particularly if you are a seasoned expert with squonks and rebuildables. There are no spare parts – like a squonk hose or juice bottle, no knurling on deck screws and you have to build your coils quite low. Let’s also say that some of the designs are an acquired taste! But it still gets to be listed as one of the best Uwell mods, because of its appeal to entry level squonkers.

Valyrian 2 kit uwell


Best Uwell pen

The Whirl kit from Uwell is a solid looking starter kit that is ideal for MTL and restricted DL vaping, depending on the coil you have installed. It’s got an internal 1600mAh battery and fires up to 25W. Obviously, the wattage will reduce when the battery isn’t fully topped up. 

It’s a simple pen style kit with no thrills. But, I do like the design and the fact it has the stainless steel around the glass to protect it a little. It’s a good value kit from the brand that might be suited to those looking to get off the fags. I like it. 

Whirl kit MTL

Best Uwell pod

The Caliburn has been a neat little kit and one of the best Uwell pods that’s served our customers well. However, they’re getting harder to source now the Caliburn Koko and Caliburn G are out.  It’s a simple device with the ability to switch (literally, switch) from direct to mouth vaping, depending on your style. 

Lots of users report that the Caliburn pods last really well too, saving some money from having to keep replacing them.

The Caliburn Koko Prime is very similar with a 690mAh battery. However, it is a thin box shape. This one has dual airflow to customise your vape slightly. Both kits are great for nic salts and high PG nicotine eliquid, or even CBD vape if that’s more your thing. 

You might use one of the best Uwell pods for taking on nights out rather than bulk out your pockets with your mod, or risk breaking it! Or, maybe the pod is your main kit for discreet and simple vaping that doesn’t scrimp on flavour.

Koko Prime Uwell
Caliburn pod kit

Uwell vs SMOK

Uwell Vs SMOK

Uwell Vs SMOK is an interesting comparison. Uwell is certainly a little pricer than SMOK, but do you get what you pay for? Let’s explore and see how Uwell stacks up against SMOKs pods, pens, mods and coils. 

Uwell vs SMOK tank

I dug around the internet to hear some opinions on Uwell Vs SMOK in terms of tanks. One person asked whether they should get the SMOK TTV12 Prince, or the Uwell Crown 3. 90% of those answered said the Crown 3. The other 10% suggested another brand all together. So, taking this thread into account, reviews and our own chat in the office, the Uwell tanks might take the trophy here. 

The Uwell Crown 4 is up there with the Horizon Falcon King when it comes to flavour. It is one of the best tanks for cloud and flavour on the market. If you’re looking for beastly, competition clouds then you’ll want a rebuildable, but these are pretty good.

When it comes to basic tanks though, Uwell doesn’t really compete against SMOK. SMOK also has a few more on the market.

Uwell vs SMOK mod

Uwell mods are all run off external batteries. This gives you the bonus that when the battery stops holding its charge – everything has a lifespan – you don’t have to replace the entire kit. It also has the bonus that you can keep some batteries on you and never run out of charge.

Uwell as a brand seems to create solid mods, no plasticy feel, no rattles and annoying clicky buttons – that kind of thing. 

SMOK mods vary between internal and external batteries. They are a popular brand amongst sub ohm vapers for their cloud and flavour. SMOK mods and pods do seem to get dated quickly as they seem to be constantly bringing out new kits. The Alien was one of their first loved sub ohm kits, and was innovative of their time. We don’t see them doing a huge amount of different stuff at the moment with the mods. 

I think that Uwell has been outperforming SMOK in terms of quality of build, coil lifespan and innovation when it comes to mods.

Uwell vs SMOK pods

The Uwell Caliburn is a really good seller and much loved in the world of vaping. Some compare it to the SMOK nord 2, however, the Nord 2 has adjustable power and is more of a pod mod really. 

SMOK probably win on the pod mod products. Mainly because they seem to be bringing a new one out every month – some of which, to be fair, are pretty decent like the Nord 2 and RPM40. 

When it comes to MTL, basic and good quality pods, Uwell win for me. I mean, the Caliburn series has been a real hit. You can do a cig like draw or switch to restricted direct lung nice and easily. The majority of Uwell pods have smaller batteries, but they are lower powered, so you should get a little longer when you take that into account. 

If you were torn between the two brands for pods you might consider whether you want something adjustable or simple. If you want simple and super discrete choose Uwell Koko, Caliburn/G. If you want an adjustable ability to customise your vape and more of a pod mod, go for SMOK.

Personally, I prefer the SMOK Nord 2 over the Caliburn, but they are slightly different vape experiences.

Uwell vs SMOK pens

Uwell and SMOK have both got a fairly similar pen on the market. This is the SMOK Stick 80W and the Uwell Whirl. In the case of these two kits SMOK is actually the more expensive of the two. 

The SMOK fires up to 80W, however, it isn’t adjustable and will likely drain through eliquid and battery pretty quickly. The Whirl hits 25 max watts and is better suited to your high PG juices and MTL vape. 

Are Uwell vapes any good?

Our Uwell vape review – yep, Uwell vapes are good if you like getting rich and warm flavour. They are solid bits of kit that suit both cloud chasers and those looking for something a little discrete. 

The best Uwell mod, pod, pen and tank always provide flavour at their forefront. They say on their ‘About Us’ section on the website that they care about that, and it really comes through in their products. Some of the designs are a little out there, I’m thinking back to some of the colourways on the Blocks mod here… but others are sleek and stylish.  

What is Uwell caliburn?

What is Uwell Caliburn and what is all the fuss about? Is there another kit that is better? Well, the Caliburn is a discrete mouth lung and restricted lung pod device. It is sleek, affordable and the pods seem to go on and on. The pods are refillable with your high PG e-juice and you can choose between 1.4ohm and 1.2ohms.

It has been hugely popular amongst vapers looking to use nic salts or high PG juices. Some have it as a second device to their mod, others have it as their main smoke free tool. 

The XROS from Vaporesso is probably the main competitor. This is a great little kit with a larger battery (800mAh) and mesh coils. The flavour comes through really well from this device too. You can read more about Vaporesso and the XROS in our Vaproesso review

Final thoughts 

Uwell review by Vape and Juice
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