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spare glass for vape tank replacement

Replacement Glass for Vape Tanks

Spare Glass for vape tanks

If you have smashed your vape glass, or dropped your tank, then you've come to the right place. Many a vape tank or kit has crossed the rainbow bridge into never-use-again-land. But it's usually solvable, and we have the kiss of life you need.

Can I use different vape glasses on different tanks?

You have to be careful with this. Some are cross transferable but most are not. A few mm difference could mean it leaking everywhere or just simply not screwing back in place. Use the filter box to find the right glass or pyrex spare for your tank.

I want it bigger...

Sadly in all their wisdom, the UK authorities would rather you have a 2ml tank with more concentrated 20mg nicotine in, but balk at the idea you have a 5ml tank with zero nicotine in. Go figure eh? This means we cannot promote for sale certain glass tubes. This is why you won't be able to actively hunt out glass replacement above 2ml online here. 

Shame really as we loved having this line on our site: "Vape and Juice is very well endowed in a range of extenders to increase the ml capacity of your vape tank."

European rules meant vape kits could only be sold with 2ml tanks. But that hasn't stopped the availability of 2ml + glasses that let you increase in some cases up to 8ml. So if you want a bigger tank, then someone out there can meet that thirst.