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Squonk Tanks


This is the main Squonk Tanks page. From here you can find specific types or browse for one you like the look of. If you aren't sure if its right for you. You can also click the web-chat and we can tell you.

Squonk Tanks

Squonk tanks are those rebuildable atomisers that allow a squonker mod fitting to connect to the underside and work seamlessly with them.

What is Squonking?

Squonking is associated with mechanical mods that have either a squeezy or pump action bottle to carry eliquid to your atomiser. This is for many people, far easier than taking the atomiser top off, and dripping eliquid manually onto the coils

Are Squonk mods safe?

Squonk mods are mechanical. This means they house simple electronics and an unregulated battery. They are generally therefore lacking in the circuit protection features you see on conventional vape kits. Where you are building your own coils, it is imperative that you have an ohms reader available to ensure you are not applying to much power pressure on the lithium battery cell as this can lead to accidents. Accidents with mech mods are potentially very serious and can result in harm. Ask us about battery safety and we will point you in the right direction first.

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