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Geekvape Review | The Geek Vape Corner

Geekvape review

Welcome to the geek vape corner where we geekout with the best Geek Vape review.

This means we’re going to be getting into the nitty gritty with the best Geekvape tank, best Geekvape pod, best Geekvape for clouds and pretty much everything! 


We will give you an honest review of what we think is the best of Geekvape and why. Alongside all that, we will be sharing some answers to your most commonly asked questions about the brand. 

Here are some of the kits and tanks we will be chatting about. 

Zues X RTA aegis X cloud kit best from Geekvape  
Aegis Boost Plus best Geekvape Aegis Pod best pod from Geekvape

First up, who or what even is geek vape?

What is Geekvape?

Geekvape has been around since 2015. They are a vape kit manufacturer out of China and serve their products all over the world. 

Geekvape has been at the center of innovation. Bringing out upgrades of their older kits as well as new and innovative bits of tech. 

The company is good to serve the cloud chasing culture looking for rebuildables as well as vapers just vaping to quit cigs. Such a wide range of tech in their portfolio means that there is something to suit all needs. 

Best Geekvape Tank

Zeus X Tank

Best Geekvape tank was actually pretty tough to choose. In the end we settled for the Geekvape Zeus X RTA. This is one for advanced vapers, ideally suited if you are looking to build your own coils. Though you can also buy premades if that’s more your bag.

It has an enlarged build deck and elevated postless four terminal design. You can run a single, dual, Clapton or quad coil, giving you plenty of options. The glass is also leakproof and can withstand some high temperatures. Perfect for cloud chasing and flavour chasers too! 

The vape on this was impressive. Flavour was rich and the cloud was dense. There is such a good blend of both flavour and cloud that it isn’t like you have to make a choice between the two. Really satisfying vape with this tank. 

I’ve got to finish this review with the style of the best Geekvape tank. It’s attractive. It has a stainless steel body with a super low profile drip tip, which is surprisingly comfortable between the lips. Comes in 6 colours including stainless steel, black red, gunmetal, rainbow, black and blue. 

Best Geekvape mod for clouds

Aegis X GeekVape

Cloud chasers, you are going to love the best Geek Vape for clouds. It is the sort of vape you wouldn’t even try and do discreetly! You are cloud and proud with this kit!

Enter the Aegis X. This is their first mega 2.4inch screen mod, with features that make it extremely durable including shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. Then there is the fact it is built to take dual 18650 batteries, for longer battery life. 

This mod has adjustable watts, from 5-200. This allows you to tailor and customise your vape experience.

It might seem like a small thing, but we love the buttons on this mod. They have a great push feel and are designed at a bit of an angle. This, along with the rounded corners, gives it a really ergonomic feel. 

We vaped Rise on Ice from Ruthless with the Aegis X set at 60W with the airflow wide open and it was cloudy! 

Best Geekvape

Aegis boost plus geekvape

We’re pretty sure that the Aegis Boost Plus kit will suit pretty much everyone. Yep, even if you are into DIY.

The versatility of this kit also means you are open to a wide range of juices. From your salts with the aio pod for nic salts, or high VG or PG juices with your chosen 510 connecting tank. 

One reason why it makes the top of our list is because of the external battery. This means that even though it is small, you know you will have a longer battery life. This 18650 battery will fire up to 40W, where you will be able to adjust to find your sweet spot. 

If you have recently quit smoking then you’ll be interested to know that the aio pod is an ideal place for your nic salts e liquid. Or if you are someone who likes a mix of cloud and flavour, then you can select a tank that is right for your high VG. 

It is so versatile and has options for MTL and DL vaping, as well as restricted lung hits. Probably would be good for an intermediate vaper or a new vaper who is up for a few extra bells and whistles. 

Best Geekvape pod Geekvape for ex smoker

If you are a newly ex smoker then the best Geekvape kit for you will be one that works best with nic salts or high PG e liquid. These will be able to take juice higher in nicotine and will have a mouth to lung vape style.

The best Geekvape pod for a newly ex smoker, we think, the Aegis pod kit. This is a pocket sized bit of kit that is super simple to use. 

This lightweight and rugged kit has a built in 800mAh battery. It has refillable pods and replaceable coils, making it more cost effective than non refillable pods of the world. 

The 0.6ohm coil is optimised for mouth to lung. Making it perfect for nic salts and high PG e liquids containing higher doses of nicotine. If you have previously been a fairly heavy smoker then this will be music to your ears.

SMOK vs Geekvape

Geekvape Vs SMOK

Are you torn between the durability of Geekvape and the popularity of SMOK? Making a decision for your next vape kit, especially if you are changing brands can be a tough decision. We take Geekvape and SMOK head to head on tanks, mods, pods and pens.

Geekvape Vs SMOK mods

Geekvape mods are durable. Actually, that’s not the right word. They are basically indestructible! If you ran a SMOK over with a car I’m guessing you’d end up with a flat kit. Run over a Geekvape Aegis and it actually STILL works. (Google, ‘Geekvape ran over by car.’)

Now, I’m not suggesting that a good mod is determined by whether it can survive being run over by a car, but it’s certainly a selling point. Particularly, if like me, you work outside a lot or are just a bit clumsy.

The Geekvape mods in the Aegis range are a little more expensive than the majority of SMOK’s mods. They are also a little chunkier looking, this is probably due to the fact they can get run over and dropped – and still work! However, you pay for the quality of the build. It’s that age old saying, buy cheap, buy twice.

Geekvape Vs SMOK pods

The very basic of Geekvape pods are more expensive than the SMOK pods that have a few more features. The SMOK Nord 2 for example is a pod with adjustable power, which comes in at the same price as the Aegis pod which is very much your most basic pod – great for MTL and nic salts though.

SMOK seems to be bringing out a new pod kit every month at the moment. Then you get version 2 before the ink is dry on version 1’s packaging! What is cool about the SMOK pods is many of them take high VG and high PG juices, depending on the coil you have installed. The Geekvape Boost Plus does do this with some other really good features which we mentioned above under ‘best Geekvape’. 

Geekvape Vs SMOK tanks 

The two best SMOK and Geekvape tanks, in our opinion, have to be the Zeus by Geekvape and the TFV mini V2 by SMOK. They are both secure tanks and don’t seem to leak. The Geekvape option has a unique and low drip tip which isn’t for everyone where the TFV mini is more traditional looking. It’s much of a muchness when it comes to tanks here, both producing some decent cloud and a nice airy vape.

SMOK tends to come up slightly cheaper with the tanks. If you are into building your own coils, then you might prefer the Geekvape options. 

Geekvape Vs SMOK pens 

Neither Geekvape or SMOK are really into creating pens. SMOK has a couple, but they aren’t really geared towards newly ex smokers. Geekvape doesn’t offer any traditional pen kits. Instead, their focus is more on the pod and pod mod over the vape pen starter kit. 

Geekvape Vs SMOK overall

Geekvape create great quality, durable kits. We’ve even heard stories of people putting them through the washing machine (we guess by accident) and they still work. The designs might be a little more attractive with SMOK, but if you want something that is built to last, then you should definitely consider the Geekvape.

SMOK is probably one of the most popular brands in the vaping world, creating kits of the masses. However, Geekvape is definitely more geared up towards intermediate to advanced vapers, who value quality over price. 

We had a dig around the internet and there was lots of noise around choosing Geekvape over SMOK. One Reddit user wrote “Get the Aegis and never look back!”

How do I know if my Geekvape is genuine?

It is really important to make sure you have got a genuine bit of kit. You might get an absolute bargain, but if it isn’t real, then you don’t get all the guaranteed safety features that you do with the Geekvape brand. 

We usually say, if the offer feels too good to be true, then it probably is. 

The kit wouldn’t have had to go through such rigorous testing and regulations as a genuine one. When you buy from Geekvape you get the best safety features and things like 10 second fire cut off – this means if it goes off in your pocket it will auto shut off after 10 seconds. 

Thankfully, there are ways you can tell if your Geekvape is genuine. 

  1. Head to the Geekvape website and scroll down to the security verification box on the lower left side. 
  2. Scratch the silver on the back of your package to reveal the serial number
  3. Enter this number into the security verification box on the website
  4. If your product is genuine they will thank you for your purchase. If it is a clone it will say that the security code does not exist. If this is the case, I’d suggest you send it back to where you brought it and explain the situation

Where do Geekvape ship from and to?

Vape and Juice UK sells the best Geekvape products. We ship them all over the world too! Ready to shop Geekvape? Buy here.

How to use Geekvape

Each Geek Vape device may have a slightly different way of using it. 

Mostly, you click the fire button 5 times to turn the device on and off. You then make adjustments using the smaller buttons. Hold fire to take a draw. 

However, some devices might be slightly different, with various adjustments that you can make on each individual kit. The Aegis Boost X for example, has a large screen where you can adjust the mode and make other customisations. 

Final note on our Geekvape Review

Geekvape review
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