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Starter Vape Tanks

What is a starter vape tank? Well it's a tank that screws on top of an ecig battery base that is meant to closely mimic the action of smoking. That means it uses what we call, a mouth to lung action. You inhale into the mouth before taking the vapour into the lungs. This is the action that most perform when smoking.

How does a beginner vaping tank differ to others?

Some vape tanks are built for performance of flavour and cloud in mind. These are larger and have bigger coils plus allow higher VG eliquids to be used, which really ramp up the clouds.

What type of eliquids do I use in Mouth to lung tanks?

You will want an eliquid with more PG. This means Propylene Glycol, which is a food substance that is very runny. Ejuices made with more PG are easier to vape in smaller vape kits and are friendly on the life of your tank's coils. Vape juice made with higher PG tends to last longer as they are used in these kits, which makes it a cost effective entry solution to ecigs.