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Which is better nic salts or e-liquid?

Nic salts are a type of e-liquid, they just have a higher concentration of nicotine with reduced throat hit. This means, you get the throat feeling you get from vaping a low nicotine strength, but with enough nic to crave your need for a cigarette.

Nic salts are better for quitting smoking and require only a modest device, while more conventional e-liquids can include the thicker big bottle juices, which are more geared toward making clouds or hunting for flavours. This doesn’t mean nic salts don’t have great flavours, they absolutely do, but it’s just down to personal preference. If you don’t require much nicotine, then maybe opt for a conventional 10ml juice without salt.

Are nic salts harmful?

Nic salts are not considered anymore harmful than conventional juices, and are featured in packages that are considered effective harm reduction tools for smokers looking to quit cigarettes. However, like any nicotine product, they should be kept away from children and animals and not used in any way other than the purpose they are made for.

Can I get 50mg nic salts in the UK?

Sadly it is not possible to sell nic salts in the UK in any strength above 20mg. In the UK and Europe, you can only buy nicotine salt eliquid in max 20mg. This is lower than the US, where nicotine salt vape juice is available in 50mg. This ruling is to prevent over-dependence on nic addiction, but also in line with the max dose rules here. This doesn’t change the flavours, however, and most find 20mg more than sufficient.

What are nicotine salts or salt nic?

There is a lot of mention in the vape community about nic salts, but what exactly are they? If you’re a beginner vaper then you may want to understand some of the lingo. These salts are already found in tobacco but have been recreated to be available in liquid form. This is done by adding a particular ingredient to the nicotine-containing e-liquid, this reacts with the nicotine to form a nicotine salt!

Is Salt Nic, Salt?

Salt Nic is specifically created for those looking for higher nicotine content. They are ideal for people who are coming off cigs as a heavy smoker. This is because they are designed to curb cravings, for longer, with fewer puffs. Salts get their name as they come from the natural salt found within tobacco leaves.

Is salt nic for me?

Nicotine Salt might be a good choice if you are:

A heavy smoker
Someone who doesn’t get many vape breaks at work
If you don’t have the time to vape lots
If you want a discreet vape experience

Does Salt Nic come in different flavours?

Salts do come in various flavours. You can find a great range of delicious flavours from Doozy, called Doozy Salts. These are all 20mg and taste incredible. A best seller is Frozen Berries, plump and ripe berries on the inhale with a cool ice blast on the exhale.