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Can I use any vape kit for CBD?

Yes, completely, but you will want the ecig you are using to be more of a mouth to lung style electronic cigarette. You will recognise these more commonly as CBD starter kits. That being said, pod vape kits work really well too. To that end, we have listed some of the e-cigs we think are best for CBD vape juice.

CBD Vape Oil actually means a vape juice with CBD as one of the active ingredients.

When to use a CBD Vape Kit per day?

How often you should use your CBD vape kit per day or how many puffs on a CBD pen varies from person to person. Use our custom dosage calculator to help you decide.

What CBD vape kit should I buy?

If you aren’t sure what CBD vape kit to buy, we put together a guide on what we think are the best CBD ecigs for 2021. Check out the CBD vape pen guide which you can check out below:

Want to know more about CBD vaping and what it can help with? You should read our CBD 101 if you haven’t already here:

Where to buy CBD vape kits near me?

If you prefer to shop offline or see a CBD vape kit for sale in person, then why not visit one of our stores. You can buy CBD vape kits in Southend-on-sea, Upminster, Yeovil, Crewkerne, Whitstable, Canterbury, London and Margate. In our stores, we keep a wide range of CBD vape kits for sale, which means if you are wondering where to buy CBD kits near you, problem solved.