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Twisted Vape Wire

Twisted wire in your RDA or RTA will give you much more surface area on your coils to greatly increase the flavour over conventional coils, if you've not tried them yet grab yourself a set here.

Twisted Wire Coils For Sale

If you are looking to buy twisted vape wire for homemade coils, then our online vape shop, or brick and mortar stores always carry a plentiful range of rebuildable friendly twisted wires. Browse below, or ask our expert vapers on the webchat for inspiration on what is the best twisted vape wire for you.

What is Twisted Wire

Kanthal stretched and twisted increases the surface area of a hand crafted coil and therefore offers even lower resistance potential for vapers who love to savour flavour or create big clouds. This is what makes a twisted vape wire and is how it differs from standard options. In the early days of vaping, you would have to twist them yourself using a hand drill, now they come ready twizzled to save you time.


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  • Demon Killer - Pre Made Coils - Accessories

    Demon Killer - Pre Made Coils

    Prebuilt coils : Advanced Vaping Supplies

    £12.99 GBP
    1 review

    Demon killer 8 in 1 Pre Made Coils   Contains 48 Coils: 6 pcs   Clapton coil    0.85ohm 6 pcs   Hive Coil        0.5ohm 6 pcs   Tiger Coil       0...

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  • Premade Twisted Coils 0.35 Ohm - Pack Of 10

    Premade Twisted Coils 0.35 Ohm - Pack of 10

    Diamond Mist

    from £6.99 GBP

    Pre-made Twisted Coils 0.35 Ohm - Pack of 10 Premade twisted kanthal coils built to 0.35 ohm with Kanthal, ideal for RBA decks and any rebuildable ...

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  • Diamond Mist Twisted Titanium Prebuilt Coil

    Titanium twisted 0.26 ohm

    Diamond Mist

    £6.99 GBP

    Titanium Twisted 0.26 Ohm Premade Titanium Twisted built to 0.26 ohm, ideal for RBA decks and any rebuildable tank or dripper. Now available with f...

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