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Who we are

We began Vape & Juice in 2013 as a lousy website. Well, we didn’t intend on it being lousy, but we didn’t really know what we were doing. We knew one thing, we thought quitting smoking through vaping, probably needed a place with some quality advice and a focus on customer service that most petrol stations who sold electronic cigarettes couldn’t offer.

Not long after making our website, we realised that advertising restrictions were not going to make things easy, so we opened up offline stores instead. Our 1st store opened in March of 2014 and so began the V&J journey.

Our business is family run, has no corporate investors, and that’s probably a good thing, they’d hate some of the things we say on our YouTube channel.

We are an independent brand for independent people. If you like your vape stores family run, then our family includes you too.

What we do

V&J focuses on being a customer service led vape store. This means we care about the old school values of classic shopkeeping. If you pop into our stores, it won’t be long until we learn your name and it’s a company training policy that the ‘3 second rule’ matters when dealing with those who privilege us with a visit. If you message us on our webchat, we don’t act any different because the conversation is electronic. It’s why we made a commitment to not use automated chat bots as we hate them when we see them ourselves too.

From easy returns on vape kits, to offering free shipping with no minimum order size, we just want to do the simple things well. If you find another product offline near our stores, we price match locally. Our loyalty points system is simple to use, and we were the first to offer an incentivised plastic bottle return. It’s customer service and you make it worthwhile.

“Some companies talk about customer service, we walk it.”

– David Mason Co-Founder Vape & Juice

Our values

As an independent retailer it means we can review products how YOU would want us to review them. It also means we are not forced to sell products that don’t make sense to YOU.

Our values are about transparency, empathy and honesty. It took us 7 years before we wrote an ‘About Us’ page – why? Because we hope our ‘About’ is clear from our Vape and Juice TV channel, our writing style and the fact we pin our core values to the walls of our shops. We don’t hide who we are. We are a family run business and as individual as our wonderful brand fans are.

What are those core values?

“The very best customer service offline and online ALL the time – if it wouldn’t make you happy, it won’t make us happy.”

If something you buy, stops working in a time frame that would annoy us, then it’s going to annoy you too. It’s such a simple way for a brand to consider issues, so it seemed an obvious value to embody at Vape and Juice.

Our commitment to trust

When it comes to quitting smoking and shopping, you want to be sure you can trust who you deal with, on both matters. Our Trustpilot review link is at the foot of every page on, and our Safebuy link is on there too.

One click for peace of mind.

We want you to know who we are before you shop with us. We put our face to our social media and avoid like the plague, stock photography. You are more likely to see pictures of the company cats than us trying to sell e-liquids on our Instagram, and the founder David presents the Vape and Juice TV Channel. We show our face because we believe transparency is what you deserve.

In 2020 we became members of the UKVIA – the UK Vaping Industry Authority to pair with our existing membership of the IBVTA. We also became listed on the UK Government Registered Retailers page, this enables us to service international vape customers too.

But something we are most proud of to implement in 2020 – that’s our ‘Vape & Juice Medical Review Policy‘.

About us

“My dad helped me put the sign on the first shop front. He’s not with me anymore, but whenever I drive by Vapechurch as we called it, I still see him up there on the ladder. You might find me in the blogs”

David Mason


About us

“If you’ve ever seen some of our billboards, that’s me knocking them up, while juggling cats, vapes, lockdown parcel deliveries and David. I won’t see what’s the tougher job.”

Rachel Kim


About us

“Tobacco E-liquid tester extraordinaire – known for a strong beard and a fan of craft beers. In 2020 I got into Airsoft. Clearly I didn’t write this Bio or I’d never admit that. Fancy stocking our juices?”

Freddie Wild

MD/Head of Distribution

The Vape and Juice Medical Review Policy

In September 2020 we as a company decided that where our blogs and content sometimes look at health related topics, it was time we brought in professional oversight on this content. The Vape and Juice Medical Review Policy ensures that any written content that talks about medicinal studies, claims or perceived benefits of vaping or CBD, would first be editorially reviewed by relevant medically qualified professionals. We have a lot of written content and that means it will take time for us to update this all, but if you want to check if an article has had a medical review, look for the tag at the bottom of each page #medicallyreviewed – and that’s our medical review policy. Ensuring that our commitment to trust continues beyond simply shopping with us.

Our Medical Editorial Team

Dr Andres Maldonado MD

“Doctor.Passionate about medical knowledge, ambivalent in multiple areas of this science with deep ethical principles, and always in favor of making the best-individualized decisions for each patient””

Shahzaib Ahmed – King Edward Medical University  

“Any health claim unsupported by evidence from medical research can cause the product to lose it’s credibility. Being a healthcare professional, it’s my far most priority to testify and support any such claims with enough evidence from well established research”