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Best Vape Starter Kit

TLDR: In this guide to the best vape starter kits, we breakdown what makes a great beginner vape as well as helping you find yours. We even have a product recommendation quiz to make it even easier. Give it a go.

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Best Vape Starter Kit Suggestions

If you don’t fancy reading, why not listen – here’s our podcast episode on the best vape starter kits. Click ‘Choose‘ for a short guide on how to choose your first vape kit.

Find your kit with our AI Recommendation Quiz

We have been recommending starter vape kits for about a decade now. We took that knowledge and those common questions and baked them into a product finder quiz to help you. 60 seconds, 7 questions and we are confident you will have some inspiration on what is the best vape starter kit for you. Give it a go!

Steps To Choosing Your First Vape Kit

When it comes to making that step into choosing your first vape kit, it stands to reason you want the best vape starter kit for your money, but there are other options to consider, and also a few more factors than can affect whether the kit, pen, or pod is right for you.

We pick these best vape starter kits based on a select number of criteria, but we thought it may be helpful to cover these again for you here. Choosing your first vape? Read on.

How do I choose a vape?

While vaping is a fairly new industry, manufacturers have been busy inventing new devices to keep up with demand and trends on the vaping scene. With so much choice, so many trusted and brilliant brands, you might be wondering, how do I choose a vape?

There are three main categories when it comes to choosing your first vape device; these are pods, pens and the box style kits. Vapes can sometimes be called mods too, but they largely mean the same thing as ‘kit’. In this best starter kit guide, we have made notes on how to choose a vape that is right for you, based on your vaping experience, preferences and personal taste.

Things to consider when choosing your first vape

  1. Cost
  2. Access to recharging
  3. Former cigarette habit
  4. Nicotine levels
  5. High Tech – Low Tech | What do you prefer?
  6. Size for carrying around

There will always be more things to think about too, but this is what we always suggest new visitors to our stores consider when shopping for a starter vape kit.

What Types of Beginner Vapes Are There?

Vapes come in all shapes and sizes, which is driven in part by the fact – you, the user have your own needs. For some they want a durable device that can withstand a tough work environment, others may want a beginner vape which suits someone with arthritis in their hands. Everyone is a little different and because of that we have seen a few different styles of kits. Let’s explain them in brief below.

Type of Vape No.1 – The Vape Pen

People often choose a vape pen when they are starting out as they are fairly simple to use and have a mouth to lung inhale, just like a cigarette. Generally the vape pen is fairly compact in size, with some of them being able to fit in the palm of your hand (eleaf icare being a great example of this). The vape pen is perfect for the ex smoker who doesn’t want too much to carry around. A great vape pen for starting is the Aspire Pockex. Here is a link to this kit

There are so many vape pens to choose from, all with different features. Some of which tell you the battery life, have coils you can change, variable airflow and even variable wattage on the more advanced vape pens. If you are looking for bigger clouds with a vape pen, then try this little chap out, the Smok Stick V8 2ml sub ohm starter pen. The tank can also be upgraded to hold 4ml of liquid.

A starter pen can give you good flavour and clouds, depending on the vape juice you are choosing for your device.

Type of Vape No. 2 – The Box Vape

If you have tried vaping before and feel comfortable with direct vape to lung inhale then you might like the more powerful box vape options.  They are more advanced with a wider range of features and options to enhance the experience. You will notice that with a box kit, you’ll produce bigger plumes and get a more intense flavour, depending on the quality of your e-liquid of course.

If you want to turn vaping into more of a hobby, or if you want a bespoke experience then you even have the ability to modify these types of kits down to the temperature each button push generates.

Shop For Big Cloud Kits.

Type of Vape No.3 – The Pod 

Similar to the pen, pod kits are smaller, slimmer devices best suited for short use periods and higher nicotine strengths or nic salts. These are great for ending your association with cigarettes and don’t cost the earth to get started with. They also use less liquid per hit than a box vape option.

Pod Kits For Sale

Quick Beginner Vape Checklist

Once you have decided whether to buy a box vape or a pen as your starter vape kit, you will want to consider these four things before you make that purchase.

  1. Is it easy to fill up? Top fill or bottom fill?
  2. Replacing coils is simple and reasonably cheap to buy
  3. The battery lasts
  4. Ensure that it is from a trusted brand or shop

Best Vape Pen Starter Kit | Pockex

The Aspire Pockex is one of those kits that always seems to make it into a top list. Here we have given it the title of best vape pen starter kit.

This device has helped so many of our customers quit the cigs with palatable flavour and a cigarette-like draw. The coil options for this pen style device mean you can use liquids that are slightly thicker for clouds, or you can stick with your beginner juices for high nicotine and a nice throat hit. 

What features does this best vape starter pen have?

The Pockex is a top fill vape pen starter kit, and in our experience is quite robust, with minimal leak issues. You fire it up using the button, then it is 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off. 

Flavour from the Pockex coils is credible, which is probably one of the reasons why people rate this gadget as among some of the best vape starter kits. 

It has a built-in 1500mAh battery and a medium airflow, that cannot be adjusted. But other than that, it’s a great all-rounder for the newbie vaper. Best Starter Kit Vape Pen award goes to the Pockex (Aspire)


  • Easy to use
  • Minimal leak issues
  • Great flavour


  • No power adjustments
best vape starter pen


Best Vape Starter Pen Runner Up

Whirl S by Uwell

The Whirl S kit by Uwell is a simple, no frills pen style device. While it might not have adjustable power and lots of fancy features, it does deliver an excellent MTL draw, perfect for the newly ex smoker.

It has a built in 1450mAh battery and an LED display that lets you know when your battery is running low. Another great thing about this device is that the coils last really well.

Fill up the Whirl S with 50/50 or salt juices for the best experience.


  • Great with starter juices and salts
  • MTL draw
  • Long lasting coils


  • No screen display
best vape starter kit

Best Vape Starter Pod Kit | Top 3 

Drag Nano 2

Drag Nano 2 by Vaporesso is a small and mighty pod and one we have given the title of best vape starter pod kit. Shiny in appearance, small to hold, and from a brand with good standing. Let’s talk about the Drag Nano 2.

Why is it the best starter pod vape?

It is simple to use, but packs a decent punch when it comes to flavour. 

The Drag Nano 2 has a built in 800mAh battery. While you can’t adjust the power, you can alter the airflow to enjoy a looser or tighter draw. 

There is no need to fuss around changing coils with this little number. When the coil starts tasting off or burnt, simply buy a replacement pod. This is mess free and will mean there are no mistakes made inserting coils. 

This, best vape starter pod kit is preferably paired with beginner liquids, which are thinner and tend to come in a higher range of nicotine levels, usually up to 18mg. 


  • Simple to use
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Pocket sized


  • No power adjustments
  • Replace pods not coils which can be more wasteful
best vape starter kit


Best Starter Vape Pod Kit – Runner Ups

Uwell Caliburn G 2

The Caliburn G 2 has been referred to as the ‘king of the pod kits’. It is super simple to use and set up, making it the ideal starter kit for newbies. Features such as the adjustable airflow, allow you to really customise your vaping experience and MTL draw.

It has a 750mAh built in battery and uses refillable 2ml pods. The great thing about having refillable pods as opposed to disposable is that they are cheaper to run. 

The Caliburn G2 is perfectly paired with nic salts and 50:50 juices, making it uber ex smoker friendly.


  • Adjustable airflow
  • MTL draw
  • Simple set up


  • Small built in battery
  • Fit coils yourself which isn’t for everyone
best vape starter kit



The XROS Nano by Vaporesso is a neat, pocket-sized pod. This is very beginner-friendly. You don’t even need to fiddle around changing coils as they are built into the pods. When your coil starts to taste off, you simply install the new pod. 

You get two coil options with the XROS Nano, both are MTL and ideal for newly ex smokers looking to get a decent throat hit. You can make the draw tighter or looser using the adjustable airflow too.

You’ll like this if you are looking for a very simple bit of kit that will easily fit in your pocket. Paired perfectly with nic salts and 50:50 juices.


  • Pocket size
  • Simple to use
  • No need to change coils, just change the pod


  • Coils built into pod which can be more wasteful
best vape starter kit



Kroma Z Pod

The Kroma Z Pod by Innokin is a solid choice for beginners. It is small, discrete and offers the choice of a satisfying mouth to lung vape or restricted direct to lung vape, depending on the coil and liquid installed.

The Kroma Z pod is capable of reaching up to 40 max watts, which can be adjusted on the device.

The coil options do allow you to choose either direct or mouth vaping styles, which also means you can find either high VG or PG juices with various rations. This will of course depend on the coil you have installed.

Overall, it is a lightweight device that has a simple set up. Offers a few options for vaping styles and adjustments to enhance your vape. Oh, and the battery is pretty big too, coming in at 3000mAh.

We like it.


  • Large internal battery
  • Adjustable watts
  • DL and MTL vaping styles


  • Some may find it too complex
best vape starter kit


Best Vape Starter Mod Kit | Innokin Kroma R Zlide

Award for the best vape starter mod kit goes to the Innokin Kroma R Zlide – why? The Kroma R Zlide is a starter mod kit, made for those who know they’ll want more advanced features in the future. 

What are the Kroma’s Features?

The Innokin Kroma R Zlide is an external battery, versatile vape kit, with adjustable power. You can choose your wattage to be set up to 80 watts, it also has adjustable airflow, giving you more control. Alongside this, you’ll be able to choose either mouth lung vape or direct lung, which opens up more options for types of liquids. 

The Kroma R Zlide is a little more advanced for one of the best starter vape kits. You even have different modes, such as bypass, curve and boost. These are probably something you’ll be interested in after a while of vaping, as it offers more control. 


  • Adjustable power
  • Various modes
  • External battery


  • May be too complex for some users
kroma r zlide

Best Vape Starter Mod Runner-Ups

Endura T22 by Innokin

The Endura T22 deserves a top spot on the best vape starter kits list. The Endura T22 Pro is made by the brand Innokin who are well known for creating high quality devices.

Why this starter vape kit?

The T22 has 4 pre set power settings. This means you can customise your vape experience. The super user friendly device has a 3000mAh built in battery. This large battery will easily see you through a day of vaping, particularly at the lower end of the power settings. 

If you are looking for an MTL device that is well made, easy to use and has some customisable settings, we think you will like this. 


  • Power setting presets for ease
  • MTL draw
  • Huge built in battery


  • Some may find to bulky compared to a pen or pod
best vape starter kit

Zelos 3

One of our most popular vape starter kits is the Zelos 3. The Zelos 3 is great for newbie vapers who want a few extra features like VW, TC, TCR, Bypass and CPS modes. 

The device has a built in 3200 mAh battery and can reach up to 80 W. The tank it comes with has adjustable bottom airflow and has a variety of coils to suit it. MTL vapers might like to use the 1.7 ohm BBC coil, of DL vapers can select one of the many sub ohm options that fit the Nautius 3 tank. 

You’ll love this if you are looking for a vape starter kit that can grow with you as you learn more about what you want from a device. 


  • Various modes and settings
  • Large internal battery
  • Adjustable power


  • Some may find too complex for their first kit
best vape starter kits

SMOK Priv N19

We really rate the SMOK Priv N19 for its size and features, which are great for both newbies and intermediate vapers. It made runner up here in this best vape starter mod kit category. 


It’s got a few simple to use, modifiable features. Read on.

The key with this one of the best starter vape kits is the versatile tank. This tank allows you to enjoy both mouth lung with the 0.8 ohm mesh coil, or sub ohm vaping and huge clouds with the 0.6 ohm. This will also open up a huge choice of both high VG and PG juices, depending on what you want from your vape. 

You can also make some adjustments to the kit, allowing you to tailor your vape experience. You can change the airflow and the wattage from 5-30 watts. 

The battery is a decent size, with an internal 1200mAh which should last you the day, no problem. 

It’s really easy to use and comes in at a reasonable price point. Nice colour options and feels great in the hand. 


  • Versatile
  • PG and VG juices
  • Adjustable airflow and watts


  • Some may find too complex for starter kit
  • Small battery for the higher power levels

Zelos Nano

The Zelos Nano is well rated as one of the best starter vapes. First off, it uses the much loved BVC coils above 0.7 ohms to deliver a satisfying MTL experience. 

You can even enjoy some adjustments on this bit of tech. The wattage is adjustable. The device will auto set it depending on the coil you have installed, giving you an optimal experience. Airflow can be manually set by you to help you tailor your vape. 

It feels great in the hand too. 

Definitely, one to check out.


  • Great MTL vape
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Auto detect coils


  • No option for DL vaping
best starter vape

Aspire K-Lite

The Aspire K Lite looks a lot like the SMOK N19 Priv. It is more than a  basic pen, but less than a mod in terms of functionality. The kit itself is designed to be light, and fit comfortably in the hand, pocket and purse. It has a built in 900 mAh battery and can easily last the full day if you aren’t chain vaping of course! 

Coils are optimised for nic salts and high PG starter juices. These are going to give those who need it, the nicotine, throat hit and draw that you crave.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Coils for nic salts and 50/50 juices


  • Small internal battery compared to other similar kits
aspire k lite


Best CBD vape starter kit 

If you are looking to use CBD eliquid then you need to make sure you are using the correct device. Mostly, the ideal device for hemp vape is a lower powered device, with a resistance above 1 ohm . This type of liquid is thinner and can easily leak out of your sub ohm tanks, they also get too hot and can degrade the juice. Here are what we think are the best CBD vape starter kits.


The Xlim has to be up there with our favourite CBD vape starter kit. It heats the cannabinoid to a temperature that doesn’t degrade it and looks the part too.

The Xlim is a slim and discrete kit, fitting easily in the palm of your hand. It isn’t going to win awards for cloud, but that isn’t what you’re looking for in a CBD device anyway. There is even a teeny tiny screen so you can see all the key information.

This has a built in 900mAh battery, which should easily see you through a day, or more, depending on how often you are reaching for the cannabinoid. 


  • Great for CBD and starter juices 
  • Simple to use
  • Pocket size


  • Screen is very small 
best starter vape


Another much loved CBD vape starter kit is the XROS 2. The XROS 2 is another simple device that is activated by a draw or the fire button.

It has a 1000mAh internal battery, which is going to see you through the day, or longer if you vape less. It comes in loads of great colours, fits nicely in the hand and is both light and discrete. 

Just fill up with your chosen CBD e liquid using the top port, 5 clicks to turn it on and you’re good to go. You won’t need to change coils with this kit as they come pre loaded in the pod. When the flavour starts to go, then you buy a new pod and you’re all set to refill and fire away.


  • Simple device
  • Easy to fill
  • Great flavour


  • Small internal battery when compared to some others
  • Coils pre loaded in the pod which may mean more plastic waste
best vape starter

Flexus Q 

The Flexus Q is actually quite like the XROS 2 in terms of its style. It is lightweight, discrete and powered by a built in 700mAh battery. 

It’s another kit that won’t blow out huge clouds, but CBD vapables are mostly high PG anyway, and not designed for that. The Flexus Q has refillable pods and changeable coils. They’re super easy to fit though, so don’t let having to change the coil put you off this one. 

The Flexus Q has a 3 power settings to play around with too, making it slightly more advanced than the basic pods. 

This device heats the cannabinoid evenly and to the perfect temperature, providing you with flavourful vape – there are after all, some really nice flavours out there to enjoy!


  • 3 power settings
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use


  • Slightly more advanced which might not be for all users
best starter vape

Nord X

Another CBD vape starter kit that I personally really rate is the Nord X by SMOK. It is a device with variable wattage, allowing you to choose the sweet spot for you. Ideally you wouldn’t want to vape it any higher than 30 watts, as you want a cool vape with mild flavour when it comes to CBD vaping. 

The Nord X fires up to 60W, but you don’t have to go as high as that! It has a 1500mAh battery built in which could see you through a fair amount of time. 

This device has changeable coils, using either RPM or RPM 2 coils. As long as you select a coil above 1 ohm for CBD vaping, you should be fine. 

Added bonus? It is waterproof, shock proof and dust proof AND has a type C charge port for super fast charging. 

Love the Nord X for CBD and all liquids!


  • Variable wattage
  • Versatile
  • Great for all juices


  • Some may find the settings unnecessary if looking for a basic kit
best starter vape

Where To Buy Beginner Vapes?

So, now if you feel like you know the answer to the question “What’s the best beginner vape” it’s probably time to take the plunge. You can shop for new vaper kits here. If you’re still unsure, and need a little help from a human, why chat to one of our team either online now or drop us a call on 01206 693010. You can be sure you’ll get personalised advice to help you find the best beginner vape for your needs.

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