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Best Vape Starter Kit


What's the best vape starter kit for a new vaper? We know it can be hard to make that first choice. So when you can't get into an e-cig shop, this is our workaround instead. Click the answers to our 4 beginner vape questions. At the end, we suggest a range of the best vape starter kits and electronic cigarettes for beginners, that match your needs. Done in 60 seconds. Want to know more if you're new to vaping? Read our ultimate vape guide next. If you are looking for our e liquid collection, then our starter vape juice will be a good first stop.



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quitting smoking
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  • Aspire Pockex - Devices


    from £29.99 GBP
    9 reviews

    Aspire Pockex The Aspire Pockex Kit is a great starter sub-ohm kit in a convenient size. The Pockex kit with its sub-ohm capability allows for a wi...

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  • Aegis Solo Kit - GeekVape - kits


    £49.99 GBP
    3 reviews

    Aegis Solo Kit - GeekVape *FREE BATTERY AND 50ML LIQUID* GeekVape present to you their newly upgraded GeekVape Aegis Solo Kit! Now more ergonomic b...

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  • Snowwolf Afeng Kit - kits


    £29.99 GBP
    1 review

    Snowwolf Afeng Vape Kit Snowwolf Afeng Kit is Sigelei's newest entrant into the pod vape kit market. It is a crowded space, but Snowwolf mods alwa...

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  • Adept Zlide Kit - kits

    Innokin Kits

    £49.99 GBP

    Looking for a vape starter kit with a little extra?QUOTE_END The Adept Zlide Kit is a kit that will help those new vapers graduate onto something a...

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  • Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Kit - Kit


    £39.99 GBP
    2 reviews

    Aegis Boost  Kit  Geekvape present their own Aegis pod kit, known as the Boost Kit. Known for making more advanced vaporisers including mech mods, ...

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  • Innokin Kroma Zenith Kit - Devices

    Innokin Kits

    from £49.99 GBP
    4 reviews

    Innokin Kroma Zenith Kit The Kroma A Zenith kit by innokin comes complete with the all new Zenith tank designed to perfection by Phil Busardo, this...

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  • Innokin Kroma Zenith Kit - Devices

    Innokin Kits

    from £49.99 GBP
    4 reviews

    Innokin Kroma Zenith Kit The Kroma A Zenith kit by innokin comes complete with the all new Zenith tank designed to perfection by Phil Busardo, this...

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  • Smok Nord Pod Kit - kits
    Save £7.00 GBP

    Smok UK

    Original price £26.99 GBP
    Current price £19.99 GBP
    3 reviews

    Smok Nord Pod Kit The Smok Nord Pod Kit features one of the biggest batteries available in any pos style vape device! This high-quality vape device...

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  • Smok RPM 40 Kit - kits

    Smok UK

    £44.99 GBP

    Smok RPM 40 Vape Kit Smok present the RPM 40 vaping pod ecig. What does RPM stand for? The Real Pod Mod - which represents one of the most advance...

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  • Aspire Rover 2 Vape Kit - Gunmetal - Kit


    £49.99 GBP
    2 reviews

    Aspire Rover 2 Vape Kit If you loved the Aspire x30 Rover, then you will certainly like the upgrade. Aspire Rover 2 has enhanced features, includin...

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  • Aspire Nautilus GT Kit - Rose Gold - Kit
    Best Seller

    Aspire Vape Pen and Kits

    £59.99 GBP

    DARN GOOD VAPE KIT! | Zophie Reviews | Youtube.QUOTE_END Aspire is a long operating brand in the sector and this is their all-day-vaping higher end...

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  • SMOK Nord 2 - Black - kits
    Best Seller

    Smok UK

    £29.99 GBP
    11 reviews

    The King of Pods | Vaping with Twisted 420 | Youtube.QUOTE_END For when you need something to help you quit smoking, but don't want to be limited W...

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  • mvp5  grey Innokin

    Innokin Kits

    £74.99 GBP

    Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit The Innokin MVP5 Ajax kit from Innokin is another one of the well-loved MVP range. This kit has some fantastic features, in...

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  • Vaporesso Gen 220 Vape Kit Blue
    Sold out
    Best Seller

    Vaporesso Kits

    £57.99 GBP
    1 review

    Vaporesso Gen Kit 220W Pro performance is simple with the Vaporesso Gen kit, making high power devices accessible to all. This 220W device weighs j...

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  • SMOK Stick Prince Kit - Rainbow - Devices

    Smok UK

    £39.99 GBP
    3 reviews

    Smok Stick Prince Kit Free 50ml Eliquid with the Smok Prince Stick Kit Now called the P25 vape pen. The SMOK Stick Prince has arrived at Vape and J...

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  • Myle Starter Vape Kit - Kit

    MYLE Vape

    £29.99 GBP
    2 reviews

    Myle Vape Pod Kit  Myle vape pod kit available as kit only without the pods, is great for a useful spare but is also one of the most slick put toge...

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  • kroma R kit gunmetal
    Best Seller

    Innokin Kits

    £57.99 GBP
    3 reviews

    Innokin Kroma R Zlide Kit The Kroma R Zlide Kit is a sleek and pocket sized kit coming in at just 131mm tall. The OLED screen displays key info cle...

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  • Telsa Punk Pod Stainless Steel
    Save £5.00 GBP


    Original price £31.99 GBP
    Current price £26.99 GBP

    Tesla Punk Pod Kit The Tesla Steampunk pod kit is a unique looking bit of kit with a 600mAh rechargeable battery and 2ml refillable pod. Try nic s...

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  • Vaporesso Solo Kit - kits
    Save £5.00 GBP

    Vaporesso Kits

    Original price £24.99 GBP
    Current price £19.99 GBP
    1 review

    Vaporesso Veco Solo Kit The Vaporesso Veco Kit is a stylish, fun and colourful device that has a unique look, different to anything else available ...

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  • Vaporesso Orca Solo - Devices
    Sold out

    Vaporesso Kits

    from £19.99 GBP
    8 reviews

    Vaporesso Orca Solo The Vaporesso Orca is no longer available, get the upgraded Vaporesso Orca Plus here The new All-In-One vape pen is a new start...

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  • Best Vape Starter Kit Suggestions

    Best Vape Pen Starter Kit | Pockex

    The Aspire Pockex is one of those kits that always seems to make it into a top list. Here we have given it the title of best vape pen starter kit.

    This device has helped so many of our customers quit the cigs with palatable flavour and a cigarette-like draw. The coil options for this pen style device mean you can use liquids that are slightly thicker for clouds, or you can stick with your beginner juices for high nicotine and a nice throat hit. 

    What features does this best vape starter pen have?

    The Pockex is a top fill vape pen starter kit, and in our experience is quite robust, with minimal leak issues. You fire it up using the button, then it is 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off. 

    Flavour from the Pockex coils is credible, which is probably one of the reasons why people rate this gadget as amongst some of the best vape starter kits. 

    It has a built-in 1500mAh battery and a medium airflow, that cannot be adjusted. But other than that, it's a great all-rounder for the newbie vaper. Best Starter Kit Vape Pen award goes to the Pockex (Aspire)

    Pockex Aspire the best vape pen starter kit


    Best Vape Starter Pod Kit | Top 3 

    The NXT Breeze by Aspire is a small and mighty pod and one we have given the title of best vape starter pod kit. Shiny in appearance, small to hold, and from a brand with good standing. Let's talk about the NXT.

    Why is it the best starter pod vape?

    It is simple to use, but packs a decent punch when it comes to flavour. 

    It’s fast to ramp up, can stand up and has a little dust cap to keep out pocket fluff from the mouth piece. The NXT Breeze is powered by an internal 1000mAh battery, and while you can’t adjust resistance, the airflow is fully adjustable to give you some control.

    This, best vape starter pod kit is preferably paired with beginner liquids, which are thinner and tend to come in a higher range of nicotine levels, usually up to 18mg. For best results, opt for the 0.8 ohm mesh coil, which is a bit of both worlds.

    NXT Breeze Aspire


    Best Starter Vape Pod Kit - Runner Ups

    Uwell Caliburn G

    The Uwell Caliburn G is probably one of the best starter pod kits because of the simplicity, but also the flavour. Not only that, it also has a fantastic mouth to lung draw and is easy to fill. 

    The internal battery is 690 mAh and fast to charge from flat to full, thanks to the type C charging port.

    You can take your draw from either pushing the button or using the draw activation, both of which are fast to ramp up. 

    The ribbed finish makes it feel nice in the hand and gives it more of a comfortable grip. It is lightweight and gives fantastic flavour using your starter liquids.

    Caliburn G Best Vape Starter Kits


    SMOK RPM 40

    SMOK RPM 40 is a little more advanced, but is still what we would class as a great starter kit. The RPM 40 has adjustable power, up to 40 Watts, which allows you to customise your vape and get it how you like it. There is also a decent sized battery of 1500mAh.

    The variable wattage kit has options for lower resistance coils, allowing for you to sample the higher VG ratio liquids. This opens up more choice for you of flavours, not to mention more impressive clouds and a restricted lung draw, as well as your traditional MTL draw.  

    SMOK RPM 40

    VooPoo Vinci Air Pod 

    The VooPoo Vinci Air Pod is a solid choice for beginners. It is small, discrete and offers a satisfying mouth to lung vape. 

    With this one you don’t have to worry about different modes with this one, the only alterations you’ll think about is the wattage, which ranges from 5-30W.

    The coil options do allow you to choose either direct or mouth vaping styles, which also means you can find either high VG or PG juices with various rations. This will of course depend on the coil you have installed. 

    Overall, it is a lightweight device that has a simple set up. Offers a few options for vaping styles and adjustments to enhance your vape. We like it. 

    Vinci Air Pod

    Best Vape Starter Mod Kit | Innokin Kroma R Zlide

    Award for the best vape starter mod kit goes to the Innokin Kroma R Zlide - why? The Kroma R Zlide is a starter mod kit, made for those who know they’ll want more advanced features in the future. 

    What are the Kroma's Features?

    The Innokin Kroma R Zlide is an external battery, versatile vape kit, with adjustable power. You can choose your wattage to be set up to 80 watts, it also has adjustable airflow, giving you more control. Alongside this, you’ll be able to choose either mouth lung vape or direct lung, which opens up more options for types of liquids. 

    The Kroma R Zlide is a little more advanced for one of the best starter vape kits. You even have different modes, such as bypass, curve and boost. These are probably something you’ll be interested in after a while of vaping, as it offers more control. 

    Kroma R Zlide

    Best Vape Starter Mod Runner-Ups

    SMOK Priv N19

    We really rate the SMOK Priv N19 for its size and features, which are great for both newbies and intermediate vapers. It made runner up here in this best vape starter mod kit category. 


    It's got a few simple to use, modifiable features. Read on.

    The key with this one of the best starter vape kits is the versatile tank. This tank allows you to enjoy both mouth lung with the 0.8 ohm mesh coil, or sub ohm vaping and huge clouds with the 0.6 ohm. This will also open up a huge choice of both high VG and PG juices, depending on what you want from your vape. 

    You can also make some adjustments to the kit, allowing you to tailor your vape experience. You can change the airflow and the resistance from 5-30 watts. 

    The battery is a decent size, with an internal 1200mAh which should last you the day, no problem. 

    It’s really easy to use and comes in at a reasonable price point. Nice colour options and feels great in the hand. 

    SMOK N19 Starter Kit

    Aspire K-Lite 

    The Aspire K Lite looks a lot like the SMOK N19 Priv. It is more than a  basic pen, but less than a mod in terms of functionality. The kit itself is designed to be light, and fit comfortably in the hand, pocket and purse. It has a built in 900 mAh battery and can easily last the full day if you aren’t chain vaping of course! 

    Coils are optimised for nic salts and high PG starter juices. These are going to give those who need it, the nicotine, throat hit and draw that you crave.

    Aspire K Lite

    Best CBD vape starter kit 

    If you are looking to use CBD eliquid then you need to make sure you are using the correct device. Mostly, the ideal device for hemp vape is a lower powered device, with a resistance above 1 ohm . This type of liquid is thinner and can easily leak out of your sub ohm tanks, they also get too hot and can degrade the juice. Here are what we think are the best CBD vape starter kits.

    Drag Nano

    The Drag Nano has to be up there with our favourite CBD vape starter kit. It heats the cannabinoid to a temperature that doesn’t degrade it and looks the part too.

    The Drag Nano is a small and discrete kit, fitting easily in the palm of your hand. It isn’t going to win awards for cloud, but that isn’t what you’re looking for in a CBD device anyway.

    You’ll get around 350 draws per charge of the 750mAh battery, which should easily see you through a day, or more, depending on how often you are reaching for the cannabinoid. 

    The coil resistance is 2.8ohm with this device, which is ideal for CBD.


    Drag Nano


    Another much loved CBD vape starter kit is the XROS. The XROS is another simple device that is activated by a draw or the fire button.

    It has a 800mAh internal battery, which is going to see you through the day, or longer if you vape less. It comes in loads of great colours, fits nicely in the hand and is both light and discrete. 

    Just fill up with your chosen CBD e liquid using the top port, 5 clicks to turn it on and you’re good to go. You won’t need to change coils with this kit as they come pre loaded in the pod. When the flavour starts to go, then you buy a new pod and you’re all set to refill and fire away.

    Xros Vape pen

    UWell Caliburn

    The UWell Caliburn is actually quite like the XROS in terms of its style. It is lightweight, discrete and powered by a single 520mAh battery. 

    It’s another kit that won’t blow out huge clouds, but CBD vapables are mostly high PG anyway, and not designed for that. The Caliburn has pods which have coils pre installed. Both coil options are above 1ohm which means you will be fine using either with your cannabinoid juice.

    This device heats the cannabinoid evenly and to the perfect temperature, providing you with flavourful vape - there are after all, some really nice flavours out there to enjoy!

    caliburn Uwell CBD vape kit

    Athena Vape Pod Kit 

    The Athena is another stick or pen style CBD vape kit. It is draw activated, has a 400mAh battery and a simple to fill pod. These pods are replaceable, so you never need to worry about fiddling around with coil changes. 

    The Athena has a nice medium draw, so it isn’t too tight, which we like. We also enjoy the fact that it is easy to use and refill, with minimal mess and fuss. 

    Athena vape starter kit

    Nord X

    Another CBD vape starter kit that I personally really rate is the Nord X by SMOK. It is a device with variable wattage, allowing you to choose the sweet spot for you. Ideally you wouldn’t want to vape it any higher than 30 watts, as you want a cool vape with mild flavour when it comes to CBD vaping. 

    The Nord X fires up to 60W, but you don’t have to go as high as that! It has a 1500mAh battery built in which could see you through a fair amount of time. 

    This device has changeable coils, using either RPM or RPM 2 coils. As long as you select a coil above 1 ohm for CBD vaping, you should be fine. 

    Added bonus? It is waterproof, shock proof and dust proof AND has a type C charge port for super fast charging. 

    Love the Nord X for CBD and all liquids!

    Nord X Smok
    Key points for buying the best vape starter kit for you

    When it comes to buying your first ecig, electronic cigarette or vaporiser setup, our helpful video guide will identify 5 mistakes you want to avoid. 

    From understanding what a coil is and how often to change them, to knowing how to pick the right nicotine strength. 

    What is MTL and why do I need to know what it means when looking for the best vape starter kit. Mouth to lung vape starter pens are the common first stop for those looking to quit smoking. More than likely, it will be what you end up putting in your basket.

    Our best vape starter mistakes to avoid video covers:

    - Is vaping safer than smoking

    - What is the right starter vape for me

    - Can I mix flavours

    - What is a coil

    - How to pick nicotine strength when starting out

    What is the best vape starter kit for beginners?

    The best vape starter kit for beginners, will depend on what's 'best' for you. But some beginner points to think about include:

    - Do you want a large battery life?

    - Do you need something pocket-sized?

    - Are you looking for big vapour?

    - Do you prefer a vape starter pen style?

    - Is it a vape starter kit for CBD oil you are seeking?

    Once you have gotten to the bottom of this research, and understood what makes the best vape starter kit for your beginner needs, then you will have a clearer idea.

    Our best vape starter kit wizard, gives you those choices and options too.

    What is the best vape starter kit for CBD oil?

    If you are keen to get some ideas on what is the best vape starter kit for CBD oil, we have put together a bumper review on a range of devices that can work well for CBD oil. Hit the link below for our best vape starter kit for CBD oil 'Listicle':

    - Best CBD Vape Kit

    Best Vape Starter Pen 2020

    If the best vape starter pen is your search, then  you can sort for smaller, thinner or more discreet vape pen style electronic cigarettes, by selecting 'small and discreet' as one of your favoured options when using our best vape starter kit wizard.

    What makes the best vape starter pen?

    When you are looking for the best vape starter pen, pay attention to some of the following aspects:

    - Durability | Is the vape starter pen solid enough to take your daily wear and tear?

    - Mouthpiece Width | What is this about? The wider the mouthpiece, the bigger the cloud. The narrower, the more like a cigarette, this vape starter pen will be like. If you are looking to stop smoking, then a narrower mouthpiece is best.

    - Nicotine Juice Friendly? | When you want a vape starter pen, then having an e-cig that can handle nicotine based liquid, is probably for the best. Check if it's marked as MTL.

    - Colour | Pick something that is simple or pick something wild. Want a Pink Vape Pen?

    Vape Advice For Beginners