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What is menthol vape juice?

A menthol vape juice is any liquid that contains a cold sensation when vaped. Some taste similar to menthol cigarettes, while others have just a touch of the ice blast, paired with other flavours.

What’s the best Menthol E liquid?

To speed up your menthol e liquid search here’s our top 3 best sellers:

Kraken Purple – Cold Grape Soda
Vampire Vape Heisenberg – Cold Berries
Smuggling Berries Grinny Heaths – Icy Blueberry Taste

Why not check out our blog post on Best Menthol Vape Juice to get yourself some inspiration.

Is Menthol good for sore throats?

In order that we avoid the 1930s cigarette advice, that smoking is good for a sore throat or can help decongesting you – we wouldn’t suggest cold eliquids are a replacement for medication.

If you have a cold, we prefer a ‘Hot Toddy’. Where menthol does share similarities with decongestant aids, is they leave a refreshing cool taste and are popular as they taste less ‘cigarette like’.

Can you get a menthol electronic cigarette?

Yes, you can get a menthol electronic cigarette. This is done either with a pod system such as Elux, who make a number of disposable icy flavoured vapes.

Or you can simply grab yourself one of many of our setups. Pair that with what you feel is the best menthol e liquid for you, and you’re good to go.
That’s how you score a menthol electronic cigarette!

Will menthol vapes be banned?

In the US and EU there is soon to be a ban on menthols in regards to conventional cigarettes. This means it’s never been a better time for those smokers to try out the electronic cigarette version. It means none of the following:

No Carbon Monoxide
No tar
No smell
No blowing your weekly shopping bill or expensive cigarettes
None of the 3000 extra chemicals associated with smoking

There is no talk in the UK to ban menthol vapes as they are never really part of the ‘flavours make kids vape’ conversation. Not that that debate holds up to any real scrutiny either.