6mg e liquid for when you want a lower nicotine level ejuice but still enough to register on the inhale scale. This range is for you.

Buy 6mg E Liquid UK

You can buy 6mg e liquid for vaping online with us here, with free superfast shipping. All orders are packed discreetly, using environmentally friendly packaging, in line with our eco-aware policy.

What is 6mg e liquid?

6mg e liquid is a lower strength liquid, while not the lowest is good for newer users who are unsure if they can get on with vaping. Our 6mg e liquid is made with a mixture of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin), as well as nicotine and food-safe flavouring. VG and PG, while they may sound scary are both considered safe in Europe and the US.

Source: US National Library of Medicine

Is 6mg e liquid strong?

If you are asking: “Is 6mg e liquid strong?” then you’ll be pleased to know it’s not that high. Now it will depend on the type of device you are using to vape liquid with. But if it is a lower power kit, then 6mg e liquid is a good way to obtain your nicotine hit with a less harsh throat hit.

The higher the power, the more of the 6mg e liquid will be vaporised in one cloud, and as such will feel more intense. This is as opposed to if you inhale it with a more modest kit, known as a mouth to lung device. If you want some inspiration on the best types of these devices, check out our review below:

Why are 6mg E-liquids only in 10ml bottles?

You will have noticed a common theme among any juices that contain nicotine in them, they are all 10-millilitres. This doesn’t mean you can take a nicotine free vape juice and add nicotine shots, but if it contains six mg, it can only be sold in a small bottle. This is due to the tobacco and vaping regulations of 2016, known as TPD. Any bottle that is not nic-free, must be capped to the smaller sizes.

What’s our view on this? Don’t ask.

How many cigarettes is 10ml 6mg E liquid?

Working out the equivalence of how many cigarettes 10ml 6mg e liquid works out as, is hard call. There are two ways to look at it:

  1. The exact equivalence in nicotine absorbed
  2. How long the 6mg e liquid lasts in comparison to cigarettes you smoke

A cigarette contains on average between 5-12 mg of nicotine according to the US NCBI, which means it may appear on the surface that 6mg e liquid is only equivalent to a handful of cigarettes. This is probably not the question that most want to know. You want to know, how long will 6mg e liquid last me, right?

Using a lower power starter style vape device, expect a 10ml 6mg e liquid to last around 3-5 days. So if in that time you would have smoked 40-80 cigarettes, then you are onto a big saving.

Will 6mg of nicotine get me buzzed?

This is question we have seen asked online, the answer is unlikely, and rather than using 6mg e liquid as a recreational product, we are firm in the belief that vaping is a sensible form of harm reduction, which 6mg plays a part in.

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