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In this collection we have various Nic Shots (Nic booster) for boosting your short filled juice to one containing nicotine. Essentially they are products for adding to converting a 0mg juice. If you’re craving a little extra nicotine boost in your 0mg e-liquid to add we’ve got you covered.

How many nic shots (nicotine shot) do I need?

You will need the following number of nicotine shots (nic shots) per bottle size:

50ml / 60ml Bottle – This means there is 50ml of liquid inside. This requires 1 x 18-20mg nic shots to make 3mg
100ml / 120ml Bottle – This bottle has space for 2 x 18-20mg nic shots, to make the liquid up to 3mg
150ml / 180ml Bottle – Bottles such as Wick Liquors come in this format. This has space for 3 x 18-20mg nic shots (nicotine boosters). This will produce 3mg.

Can I vape a nicotine shot?

You can and there are many who like to vape nicotine shots, as they are high strength and unflavoured. Unflavoured is preferred by those who struggle with the sweet or cold tastes of many vaping liquids. They are higher strength though and this should be borne in mind.

How to add a shot?

Want to add a nic shot for the first time but not too sure how to go about it? Why not watch our YouTube video showing you exactly how to do this. No matter the bottle size, we’ll show you an easy method to get it done. If you want something a little more structured about how many nicotine shots (nic shot) you will need, then the nic booster table above will help.

Can I make 6mg with a nic shot?

99% of liquids on the market that are made for nic shots, are made with 0-3 in mind. This is because you would need more bottle space to bring the fluid up to 6 and it would also result in significant dilution of flavour.
That said, we do have a nic shot workaround in our vape hacks video.