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Just Nic It Nicotine Shot

Nic shots

Nic Shots for Vaping

Nic Shots come in a range of varieties and in short enable you to add nicotine to 0mg eliquid. In this collection is a selection of various Nic Shots for unflavoured ejuices. Essentially they are products for adding to vape juice in zero nicotine big bottle shortfills. If you're craving a little extra nicotine in your product we've got you covered. 

Can I vape a nicotine shot?

You can and there are many who like to vape them as they are high strength and unflavoured. Unflavoured is preferred by those who struggle with the sweet or cold tastes of many vape juices. They are higher strength though and this should be borne in mind.

How do I add a Nic Shot?

Want to add a nic shot for the first time but not too sure how to go about it? Why not click here to see our YouTube video showing you exactly how to add a nic shot to you ejuice. No matter the bottle size, we'll show you an easy method to get it done.