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How to add nicotine shots


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How to add a nic shot

How do you add nicotine shots to e-liquid?

Mixing your own vape juice is pretty big these days. If you’re craving nicotine, then you’ll want to know how to add nicotine shots to your e-liquid. 

If you want to use our Nicotine Shot Calculator, click here, or scroll down.

Want a nicotine strength calculator? 

The reason why more people are making their own DIY e-juice and mixing shortfills is down to the TPD regulations that came into play back in May 2017. Regulations meant that retailers can no longer sell 30,60,100ml juices unless they are nicotine-free. 

>What is a nic shot?

A nic shot is a flavourless liquid that you can mix to your own bigger bottle of juice. This allows you to get around the 10ml juice restriction and enjoy those larger, and often more cost-effective, bottles. 

A nic shot contains a concentrated amount of nicotine, which is designed to be added to a DIY juice or a shortfill. It is not intended to be vaped without being added to another juice. 

What’s a shortfill?

shortfill eliquid

A shortfill is a bottle of high vg e-liquid filled just below the top level to allow you to shake and vape a nic shot into it. For example, a 60ml shortfill will be filled to 50ml to allow the space for a 10ml nic shot if required.

More and more brands are creating shake and vape style liquids, such as Doozy and IVG. The shortfills are higher in VG, meaning that they're best suited for a sub-ohm, big cloud kit, rather than a starter device. 

You might choose to go down the route of adding your own nic shot to a short fill if you don’t want to carry around lots of 10ml bottles or if you want to save some money. 

How do I add a nic shot to a shortfill?

As the shortfill contains less e-liquid then you have space to add a 10ml nic shot. Shake it up, then you are ready to fill your tank. Just make sure the nicotine is properly mixed into the ejuice. Read on for how to make your shortfill 6 or 9mg. 

What is DIY e-liquid?

DIY Vape juice

We are seeing a rise in people wanting to mix their own e-liquid or make my vape. If you fancy yourself a vape connoisseur and know the exact flavour you’re after, then this could be a good choice for you. It allows you to experiment with different flavours and concentrations to find a new flavour, tailored to you. 

You will be able to select the amount of PG and VG depending on your kit, the flavours you add and the amount of nicotine you require. It offers lots of freedom and creativity. 

Nicotine Shot Calculator

If you were looking for a nicotine shot calculator, then we updated this post to include just that. To use it, all you need to do is check the box for the bottle size you have and select your desired nicotine strength. 

Our nicotine shot calculator, covers all the major sizes of big bottles to make your life easier. If you want to know it manually, then you can always read on after.


How do you add nicotine shots to get the right strength?

You’ll need to do a little bit of basic maths to get your desired strength of e-liquid.

3MG liquid by adding nicotine shots:  

  • 30 ml bottle of juice = ½ 10ml bottle the nicotine shot
  • 60 ml bottle of juice = 1 x 10ml bottle of nicotine shot

6MG liquid by adding nicotine shots:

  • 30 ml bottle of juice  = 1 x 10ml bottle the nicotine shot
  • 60 ml bottle of juice  = 2 x 10ml bottle of nicotine shot

9MG liquid by adding nicotine shots:

  • 20 ml bottle of juice  = 1 x 10ml bottle the nicotine shot
  • 60 ml bottle of juice  = 3 x 10ml bottle of nicotine shot

When you add nicotine shots you can get creative and come up with your own blend of PG:VG along with the amount of nicotine you take.

How to create a 6mg shortfill without losing flavour 

Buy Best nicotine strength Shortfills


If you add too many nic shots then you can lose flavour. This is because the flavourless liquid of the nic shot dilutes it. However, there is a hack to combat this. 

  • Get yourself an empty chubby bottle so there is space to add 20ml more e-liquid and shake it up. 
  • Add a 10ml nic shot 
  • Find an e-liquid with a similar flavour profile in 10ml with an 18mg nicotine content.
  • Add this to the chubby bottle.
  • Give it a shake.
  • Vape your 6mg.

Doing it this way prevents you from losing flavour. You might even find that you can create something incredible by mixing another flavour with your shortfill. Get creative or keep it simple.

Hopefully, you are confident with how to add a nic shot and why you might choose to do so. If you are looking for your next shortfill to add a nicotine shot, then check out these best-sellers below. They’re sure not to disappoint! 

The Kraken, add a nic shot The Big Zero Add a nicotine shot Liquid gold Doozy Custard Shop nicotine shots >>

Nicotine Strength Calculator

Whether you are searching the following:

  • Vampire Vape Calculator
  • What is the right nicotine strength vape
  • E-liquid Calculator

Our e liquid calculator will help you find out what nicotine strength to go for.

How to work out nicotine strength vape juice?

If you are looking to find out what's the right nicotine strength for you, then our simple nicotine strength calculator will answer that for you. We have based this on historic sales data and giving e-liquid advice since 2013.

Simply insert how many cigarettes a day you smoke and the result will show right away. If you want inspiration on where to go next, hit the button at the bottom.


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