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How we pick the best vape brands?

We are an independent vape shop retailer, which means we have no allegiances, no obligations and nothing to lose to tell you EXACTLY what we love, and why you might too. This is why, you can trust our best vape brands articles. We are nothing if we aren’t 100% truthful – besides, if it’s a terrible product, we don’t want to spend money on it either. This is our best vape brands hub, where you can see our views on what’s hot and what is clearly not.

We take being an online vape store seriously, it’s why we are members of the UKVIA, have our Trustpilot link on the bottom of every page and are registered on the UK Government’s list of vape retailers. Head over to our about us to see more about who we are.

The best vape brands for what?

You may have landed here if you searched for the following best vape brands terms:

  • Best Vape Brands UK
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We hope that if that’s how you ended up here, then you landed in the right place. This is our hub where we post all of the latest vape brand reviews, from the Top 10 to the safest, from the UK to USA. Juices, Mods and Tanks.

What’s the Best Vape Juice Brand?

We aren’t just a team who sell vape liquids, we are also fans and vapers ourselves. This means we are no different to you when it comes to looking for what we like and we don’t like. We are fussy, some like menthol, some like tobacco. Some of us like custards and other’s only want zero nic.

Behind every best vape juice brands review is a genuine vaper, who wants to make sure you get an honest take on an honest vape. It’s why we hope you can trust our best vape juice brands reviews. For starting off, you should see our best vape juices to try before you die guide available at that link.

Where do I find the best vape brand?

Best vape brands need to be more than something that vape companies call themselves, we need to get under the hood and see if it all stacks up. To make your vape buying hunt a little easier, here’s a quick drop down guide to the most common best ecig brand related ‘asks’ and links to the best review guides for each.

We keep this updated and we keep it fresh – so whether you want to see a versus (vs) review between Smok and Aspire, or need to know our take on a pod kit battle between UWell and Geekvape, our best vape brands team has you covered. Since we have begun this approach to reviews, we have pitted a club hammer vs the Aegis indestructible mod and the thickness of VG in a bucket tipped over my head. Granted they don’t tell you much about vape brands, juices, mods or pods, but we had fun.

What is the Best Vape Brand For Mods and Why?

If you are wondering what the best vape brand for mods is and why, then you may want to take a look at our range of the best vapes for clouds all focusing on big power and bigger vapour. We hold Smok, UWell, Innokin, Aspire, Geekvape, Vaporesso and Voopoo in here, along with our favourite vape mod brand, Asmodus. Asmodus are the makers of the Minikin range, and offer vapers that little bit extra. It’s one step away from a DNA style mod, which is a high price electronics upgrade some mod brands have tested in their setups.

Whether it’s because Asmodus was the mod maker for this writer’s first ever high end kit, or I bought it at my first Vape Jam in 2016 – I love the ergonomics, the durability and the look of anything Asmodus and Snow-Wolf. They are a little more money than Smok UK but well worth every penny. IMHO.  

What is the Best Vape Brand For CBD Vaping Kits

When it comes to talking CBD vaping, we have done that pretty extensively in our listicle guide below. Check it out if you need a little inspo:

What is the Best Vape Brands For Beginners?

Some vape brands are great for needs such as flavour, or types of liquids, whereas others are just perfect for one thing. If you want to know why we think Innokin is one of the best vape brands for beginners read our Innokin Brand Review below.

TL;DR – Innokin make robust, well built beginner focused electronic cigarettes, that work well for first time users. Their international warranty is reliable and while they may take a little longer to bring out new devices, or worry less about the styling, we started stocking them as the first vape brand in our store 7 years ago, and still trust them know. What’s the best vape brand for beginners? Innokin.

What is the Best Vape Brands For Clouds?

When we talk about clouds – the kit is important, but so are the liquids. You are going to need a vape juice brand that makes their liquids with High VG. High VG e-liquid is thick and that thickness lends itself to needing high powered mods. But it’s the thick VG (vegetable glycerin) that produces the voluminous vapour. Below are some great next steps as you continue to learn what are the best vape brands for clouds. From liquids to mods, kits and tanks.

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