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What's the Best Vaporizer for CBD?

What's the Best Vaporizer for CBD?

Best CBD Vape kits

In this blog, we are going to share 5 of the best vaporizers for CBD, all at different price ranges to suit your budget and style. 

Looking to get started Vaping CBD?

Using CBD e-liquid is the most bioavailable way to enjoy the cannabinoid. For this reason, it is very popular amongst CBD users. However, if you are just starting to vape this type of e-juice, then you need to make sure you are using the right device. Using a kit that isn’t suitable could cause some expensive leaks.

CBD is a much thinner consistency than your regular vape juice. This is because it has a high PG content. As a result of the thin liquid, if you use it in your big cloud kit or something with lots of air holes, the juice is likely to escape. Therefore you need to know the best vaporizer for CBD to avoid these costly leaks. Generally, CBD vape devices are much smaller and simpler bits of kit, usually PODS. 

5 of the Best Vaporizers for CBD

SMOK Nord Pod Kit

Smok Nord Green CBD kit

The SMOK Nord is one of our best selling pod kits. It has one of the biggest batteries for a pod kit of 1150mAh, so you shouldn’t be caught out with a fast-draining battery. There is a light system which indicates how much battery is left in the tank too.

The refillable pod means that you can access a wide variety of CBD e-liquids, such as CBD IBZ or Dutchie Originals. When pods are non-refillable it limits your flavour and strength options as you are tied to a brand. 

The coil in the SMOK Nord is mesh. If you vape then you will know how nasty a dry hit can be. Having a mesh coil means that juice is better absorbed and therefore you will experience fewer dry hits. 

Orion DNA - Lost Vape

Lost Vape CBD

This is one of our popular vape kits used by CBD vapers and nicotine vapers too. It is a sleek and stylish device that fits into the hand and pocket comfortably.

Something which draws people to this kit is the internal 950mAh battery, which can provide around 450 puffs with one full charge. The pod is refillable, which helps to reduce single-use plastic, it also saves you money. When the pod is full of CBD vape juice, you should get around 400 puffs before you need to refill it. 

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Aspire Pockex

aspire pockex CBD kit

The Aspire Pockex Kit is a great vape device for vaporizing CBD. It has a fantastic depth of flavour, without lots of holes where the liquid might leak. It is super slim so sits well in the pocket, and you can rest assured that it will be a leak-free system.

You have the advantage of Sub Ohm vaping with this kit, as well as mouth to lung. For this reason, it might be better suited to seasoned vapers. 

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Caliburn Pod Kit - UWELL

pod kit for vaping CBD

This is a super light, sleek kit, perfect for CBD vaping. It has a 520mAh battery, which isn’t the largest, however suitable for CBD as you probably won’t be chaining it like you might a vape.

This makes the list of best Vaporizer for CBD as it has a draw activation, which means you don’t need to push any buttons. Simply you inhale on the mouthpiece and the device will work. However, there is also the option to push the fire button if that fails. This means it is super easy to use.

You can fill this kit with 2ml of CBD from the top, which helps prevent leakage. 

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Nautilus AIO - Aspire

Nautilus AIO - Aspire

This starter kit is one of the best vaporizers for CBD as it has adjustable airflow and a refillable pod system. The adjustable airflow allows you to tailor your vape to exactly what you want. 

It also has a large 1000mAh battery, which is pretty decent for its size, so it should last you a while before you need to charge. 

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You’ll need a CBD eliquid to go with your best CBD vaporizer. We share some great CBD vape liquids here > 

Do you ship CBD vaporisers worldwide?

We ship our products all over the world. We sell the best CBD vaporizers to Malaysia, Australia, Europe, America and everywhere in between! View our best vape kits for CBD and place your order today.

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