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5 Common CBD Vaping mistakes

Don't make these common CBD vaping mistakes!

Becky Spencer-Davies, 18/12/2018 

We see and hear of so many CBD vaping mistakes in our stores. We don’t want you to make those same mistakes. Here are the top CBD vaping mistakes we have heard about.

1. Going for a huge bottle of CBD

Full spectrum CBD oil

You 10ml bottle of CBD will contain around 250mg of CBD, which is 2.5%.

Your 100ml bottle, while it might be a better deal, if it also contains 250mg CBD will contain just 0.25% CBD.

This low concentration will not have the same effect. So yes you might be getting a bargain, but it’s a waste of money if it doesn’t have any effect.

2. Thinking hemp oil is the same as CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil

Hemp oil is much cheaper as it contains very little CBD.

Don’t be fooled into buying hemp oil thinking it will have the same effect as full spectrum CBD.

It might be tonnes cheaper, however there is a reason for that. Remember, you get what you pay for!



3. Vaping CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil

loil is oil. E-juice is not oil. Therefore it does not go in your vape pen. You wouldn't try vaping olive oil when you run out of e-liquid, so don’t vape your CBD oil!


It is one of the most common CBD vaping mistakes that we hear of more often than we’d like.

Vaping CBD with an e liquid is more bioavailable and is absorbed quicker into your bloodstream than orally taking the oil or other products such as gummies or drinks. Just don’t stick the CBD oil in your vape device, if you’re going to use the oil just put it on your tongue.

4. Adding nicotine to CBD e-liquid

Full spectrum CBD oil

You should not buy a CBD vape juice which contains nicotine.

Nicotine degrades CBD so it is best to have your CBD e-juice for the effects of CBD and not as an aid to quit smoking.

Have another e-liquid or even a device for that. Keep the nicotine out of your CBD oil at all costs.

5. Using a device with a big tank and coil for CBD

Full spectrum CBD oil

A common CBD vaping mistake is using your regular vape device for vaping CBD.

CBD e-liquid is quite runny. You won’t want to put it in your big tank with the big coil as it will probably just drip out of the air holes. This will waste the CBD and probably make a right mess in your pocket too.

For vaping CBD you are best off using a starter kit or a pod device. The great thing about this is that they are quite well priced devices so you can probably get away with having a separate device for your nicotine e-liquid.

Common CBD vaping mistakes round up 

Those are the most common mistakes we hear about when it comes to vaping CBD.

Key things to remember are: 
- Use a pod or a starter kit for your CBD
- Don’t add nicotine to CBD
- Check you have a high concentration of CBD
- Don’t choose hemp oil because it’s cheaper
- Leave CBD oil out of your vape device

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