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What types of Vape batteries do we sell?

There is a wide range of vape batteries UK vapers may come across. These include:


Generally most vapes steer toward just a few of those options now and all devices clearly mark what is needed.

How do vape batteries work?

All unregulated batteries such as 20700 and 26650 offer the user of a vape kit, such as a mech mod or box mod, the ability to refresh the life of their kit. In conventional built in vape kits, when the vape has been recharged a number of times, it’s life between charges fades. This is why many vapers prefer the replacement battery option.

What’s the difference between an 18650 and 26650 vape battery?

There are a number of versions of removable vape batteries. Such as the 18650 battery, 26650 and 20700. They vary in size which is why they have their coding, so it is important you get the right one for your device. Most kits state the size of vape battery needed – if you’re not sure, hit the webchat.

The difference between each is down to the difference in length and diameter. An 18650 battery is 65 mm long and 18 mm in diameter, while a 26650 is 26 mm in diameter, but the same length. This is why many kits offer an interchangeable sleeve.
Learn something new everyday right?

Where can I buy vape batteries?

Well this section would be pretty pointless if we didn’t stock them online. You can buy vape batteries online with us here at V&J.

Which vape batteries last longest?

The bigger the battery cell, generally the more energy it contains to power. Ultimately, you don’t really get the choice to pick a vape battery that’s bigger for your kit. You have to work with the right vape batteries for your device. But if your device has the option for a 26650 adapter, then these will last longer, than an 18650. Obviously this assumes that you’re using it in the same way.

Are vape batteries safe?

Providing you take care of the energy source in your hands, keep it in the kit, or in a plastic protective box it comes in, vape batteries are highly unlikely to pose danger to you.
If you are unsure, or not sure that you can keep to this, we suggest looking at a built-in battery vaporiser instead.

Can Vape Batteries Explode?

Like any power source there is always the danger of misuse. As 18650 batteries and their vape battery counterparts are unregulated, if they are left loose in your pocket with coins and keys, they can (and have been known to) cause the battery to fire up. This and the other danger of puncture can result in serious issues. We advise that all vape batteries are kept in the plastic containers they are sold in when not housed in your vape. This protects them for longer life, and you. There is only one you after all.

What is the positive end of a vape battery?

If you are trying to work out the + and – of a vape battery, it can be tricky at first. A simple way to work out what end of your vape batteries are positive is. The positive end of the vape battery is the top. You can spot this as it has a plastic insulating ring, called a ‘Top-cap’. This top cap is the positive end of a vape battery.
Which end of a vape battery goes in first?
If you are inserting your vape batteries into a vape system, you will be dropping it into place first against the springy base. The bottom of the vape battery, also known as the negative end, goes against this. This leaves the positive end of the vape battery to sit against the solid metal node.