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nicotine free vaping juice

Nicotine Free Vape Juice

Buying Nicotine free vape juice, means exactly what it says. If you are looking to use an ecig with 0mg, then that is made super easy with the masses of flavours out there.

Even better is that most zero nic vape juice is made in cost effective big e-liquid bottles.

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Zero Nic E-liquid

In fact, all eliquids are made with no tobacco and tar, but if you want to remove the blood and vascular stimulant part of nicotine, then shop online with Vape and Juice through our zero nic ejuice collection. You will sometimes see them referred to as nicotine-free and zero-nic as well.

Nicotine free vaping juice comes in a range of sizes, from 10ml right the way up to 150-200ml bottles, so we carry items for all budgets and needs.

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Vaping nicotine isn't the only way to do vaporising. Flavoured vape-juice without nic is totally possible too and studies say it reduces the exposure to the side effects of nicotine.

With the introduction of Europe's Cigarette and Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) it meant ejuice refills that contained nic had to be regulated which led to the spawning of a whole sub-industry around those that didn't. This has grown hugely to include pretty much every major vaping brand and now adorns most vape shops around UK, Germany and beyond. Big High VG Ejuice bottles that have enough space left in the bottle to add a nic shot.

What type of Vape Kit do I need for zero-nicotine ejuice?

What you should be vaping really depends on the amount of PG to VG. This determines the thickness of the e-juice and will indicate what kind of vape kit you need. If it's a higher VG vaping liquid then you will want a sub ohm vape kit like a Smok Alien with a bigger tank, while a high PG will warrant something like an Aspire Pockex Kit or an Innokin vape.

Is nicotine-free vaping better for you?

There are many studies on the toxicity of it all and whether nicotine-free vaping is safer. But one recent report in Forbes, went as far to say as it's not the danger it is made out to be:

"It enhances the performance of some tasks, especially those involving vigilance and rapid visual cue processing. It can also sharpen memory, concentration and attention in the short term."

Forbes Magazine Online - Sally Satel

Do 0mg e liquids taste better?

Actually they can do sometimes. Most worthy brands over-flavour their nicotine-free ejuices so when/if you add a nicotine booster, it won't suffer with flavour dilution. This means if you like your vape at 0mg, you benefit from a richer flavour. Not always, but certainly when you buy the premium brands.

When we at Vape and Juice were working on The Kraken, Honest Dave's, Pink Label and Cotton and Kanthal among others, central to the work was overflavouring. Doing this, meant we could account for the dilution from an unflavoured nic shot. 

Who can benefit from vaping nicotine-free e-liquid?

Many people prefer to use nicotine-free e-liquid in their day to day vaping, others could benefit from it. Here's a short list explaining who vaping zero-nic could help:

  1. Pregnant women - nicotine-free reduces the blood pressure and miscarriage risk smoking carries during pregnancy
  2. Those with a history of cardiac problems - by reducing your exposure to vascular stimulation, there is less risk posed to those who have previous heart health worries
  3. Smokers who are less frequent at lighting up and simply want something to curb the hand to mouth habit addiction. By removing the nic, you get the habits in-check, with the removal of an addiction that can take you back to tobacco and cigarette smoking.

How do I add a tobacco free nic shot if I want to vape 3mg?

We put together a simple vaping video on this that you can watch below. It shows you simply how to add a tobacco-free nic-shot to a 0mg e-liquid for vaping.

Does this type of Ejuice use up coils quicker?

Ejuice like this can come in many forms, such as high VG, high PG; where some are thicker than others. Ultimately it comes down to the brand of vaping liquid as to whether they have been over sweetened with too much flavouring as to the impact they have on e-vape coil life. As a rule of thumb, higher VG e liquids tend to work though your atomisers quicker as they require more power. More power means your vaping coil will be worked harder. On the simpler starter vape sets, coils will tend to last 2-3 weeks well.