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Best vape for a heavy smoker

Where more and more people are ditching the fags, rollies and cigars and moving on to vaping, we get asked what’s the best vape for a heavy smoker –  a lot! Vaping is the alternative to smoking that has been declared 95% safer than smoking, by Public Health England. So here’s a great place to get started.

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Using vape to quit smoking has quite literally helped thousands of people curb their cravings and change their habits. Habits that in some cases, have basically been a lifetime. 

So, if you are looking for a vape for a smoker, in this article I’ll take you through some of the best vapes to quit smoking for:

How to quit vaping

A Quick Look

Device Name Why is it the best vape for a heavy smoker?
Caliburn G  Simple to use, easy set up
XROS Nano Simple to use, adjustable airflow
VooPoo Vinci Adjustable power, large battery
Aspire Stealth kit Adjustable power, MTL
Vaporesso GTX One Adjustable power, large battery
Kroma R Zlide Adjustable power, large battery, MTL and DL options
Kroma Z Pod Large battery, versatile 
XROS Great flavour, easy to use
Cool Fire Z50 Fantastic for MTL, adjustable power
Tigon Easy to use, switch between MTL and DL

Is vaping safer than smoking?

As we have already written, Public Health England has declared vaping safer than smoking cigarettes. There have been a few scare stories in the news over the years, such as the concern of popcorn lung, mysterious lung disease and vapes exploding. 

We put together a whole post about vaping health concerns so you can debunk the myths and really get to know the data and facts. Here’s a short video on one of the concerns around vaping. We are always candid about the facts, but if you are looking for the best vape for a heavy smoker, you may already see the light.


Side effects of smokers vaping

Positive side effects of vaping include smelling better, reduced risk of cancer and smoking-related diseases. 

As with anything, there could be some negative effects, particularly if you don’t get your nicotine dose right. It can leave you feeling sick or headachy if you are vaping too much nicotine or too often. You may also find that even with the best vapes for heavy smokers, you have a dry mouth and may even cough after the first time. That’s normal, so don’t panic. 

Can vaping help me quit smoking

Vaping has helped thousands finally quit smoking, where other tools haven’t worked for them. For some, this felt like an impossible task, having smoked heavily for years and those who never imagined a life without a cigarette hanging between their lips.

Three studies have shown that vaping is a valid way for smokers to kick the habit. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that e-cigs were the most popular product for smokers to use as a quitting aid. In July a study found that more smokers who use e-cigs succeed in giving up for good.

An estimated 2.9 million adults in the UK vape and have found vaping a great tool to help them to quit smoking. Vaping allows you to keep up the act of smoking, without the harmful chemicals making it an ideal way for smokers to quit.

But why has vaping finally helped people to quit once and for all?

Well, there are a few factors that get people off the cigs and onto the vapes, here are a some of them:

      • It’s a pretty cheap alternative to smoking

One reason why many people are looking to quit smoking and start vaping is that they want to save some money. With it being almost £10 for a packet of cigarettes it’s no surprise. Vaping will cost you as much or as little as you want to invest. Bottles of 10ml juice start at around £3-4, and you can usually get some great deals. Such as our 5 for 15 on Vampire Vape, which includes free shipping.

      • You get that throat hit that nicotine brings.

When you first quit smoking, chances are you are going to miss that feeling you get at the back of your throat. A stick of gum or a nicotine patch isn’t going to do that for you. When you use vaping to quit smoking, you get that warm feeling that you’ve grown to love from years of smoking. 

      • You can change the strength of nicotine

If you were a heavy smoker, then chances are you will start with a pretty high nicotine content. Over time you can gradually wean yourself off of the nicotine, dropping right down to a 3mg, then eventually a 0mg when you use vaping to quit smoking. 

      • You can buy new devices which help when you reduce your nicotine intake 

If you feel that you have reduced your nicotine so much that you can’t really feel the throat hit when you are vaping to quit smoking then you can buy an ex-smokers vape device that packs more of a punch. Meaning that even when you are vaping a 0mg you still get the throat hit.

      • Keeping up the act 

If you’ve been a light or heavy smoker for years, then you probably have got quite accustomed to having something to do with your hands while you’re out and about. When you quit smoking using a vape you still can keep up the act of smoking and having something to hold. This is something that you would never get from the gum or patches. 

Best Vape for a Heavy Smoker

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Heavy smoker? you aren’t alone. Here we are going to show you the best vapes for a smoker to quit with. What we believe is the best vape for a heavy smoker. Read on…

What vape suits a heavy smoker?

If you have smoked a 20 pack of cigarettes, daily for a year or more, you are considered a heavy smoker.

Do you fall into this category? If you have decided to knock smoking on the head once and for all, you will want to make sure you have the best possible chance.

You might have already tried patches and other nicotine replacement therapy, but now be ready to try something new. 

We’re going to share with you the best vape for a heavy smoker to help you get the best chance at giving up smoking for good. 

Why the right device matters 

If you buy an unsuitable device you will be more likely to find your way back to old habits.

This is why the best vape to quit smoking, sits in the goldilocks zone. Not too complicated, but not so simple it doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Another thing to consider is your nicotine level and flavour of your vape juice, but more on that after we have looked at the best vape for a heavy smoker. 

What to look for in your vape as an ex smoker

      • Large battery life 
      • Ability to use nic salts
      • Good with high PG eliquids 
      • A stylish device that you actually like the look of
      • Mouth to lung

What does ‘Mouth to lung’ vaping mean to a heavy smoker?

Mouth to lung is the action of inhaling into your mouth, just as you would with a cigarette, and then drawing it in again into your lungs. 

If you’re a regular heavy smoker, it will just be second nature. Some of the best e-cigs to quit smoking though work slightly differently.

The other way is D.T.L. This means direct to lung. It’s generally more associated with making big clouds. If you want to know more:

Best vape for a heavy smoker

A Basic Pod

A pod system is a small, simple bit of kit. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty mighty too. Take the Caliburn G. This is a simple to use device that brings a flavoursome and satisfying cig a like draw. 

The Caliburn G is great for nic salts which offer higher levels of nicotine. This will be ideal if you are used to smoking lots or if you want to curb cravings fast.

The device itself is draw or button activated, has 2 airflow settings and a 690mAh battery, which is not bad for a small and sleek kit. 

best vape for heavy ex smoker Caliburn G Blue

Another basic pod which we think is one of the best vapes for a heavy smoker is the XROS Nano. The XROS Nano is a mini pod that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is simple to use, with the ability to adjust airflow for a loser or tighter draw. 

best vape for a heavy smoker

Advanced Pod Vapes to quit smoking

There are many different pod systems on the market. Some, such as the SMOK Nord is super simple to use, then there are others with a few more bells and whistles.

A device such as the Voopoo Vinci is step up from the SMOK Nord. It has a display screen which allows you to see battery life and power, it also allows you to adjust the airflow and has a 1500mAh battery.

You are best off using this kit with a 50/50 PG/VG juice, which goes up to 18mg nicotine, or nic salts.

voopoo vinci

 Aspire Stealth kit is another advanced pod to check out if you are a heavy smoker. It is super sleek and fits discreetly in the palm of your hand. It has a 1000mAh battery that is built in and should easily see you through a day of vaping. 

With this being more advanced, it does have the ability to adjust wattage for a warmer or cooler vape. You can select 8,10 or 12 watts, depending on your preference.

This device bridges the gap between super simple and advance pod and is great for MTL vapers.

best vape for a heavy smoker

A Box Mod

The Vaporesso GTX is an ideal entry into a box mod. It is fairly simple to use with adjustable watts up to 40, allowing you to tailor your vape. 

It’s predominantly a mouth to lung device, with options for direct to lung if you fancy that style of vaping with high VG liquids. However, if you are after the best vape for a heavy smoker then you’d probably be more keen on the higher resistance coil, which works well with higher PG and nic salts.

The 2000mAh battery is actually really fast to charge, which is a real bonus. The battery seems to last well too. Last thing you want is a kit running out on you when you are desperate for your nicotine hit! 

Tank is really easy to refill, it is a top fill, but really easy. We rate this kit highly. Well done to Vaporesso on this one. 

GTX One Vaporesso

Another vape we highly rate as the best vape for a heavy smoker is the Kroma R Zlide. The Kroma R Zlide is a little more advanced, with an external 18650 battery and adjustable watts up to 80.

You might find that the Kroma R Zlide is a device that can grow with you as you work out your vaping preferences. It is great for MTL, which is what you’ll like as a heavy smoker, but it is also ideal for direct to lung, with the sub ohm coil installed. 

For nic salts and 50:50 high nicotine liquids make sure you are using a coil with a high resistance. The top prebuilt coil resistance for this mod is 1.6 ohms.

best vape for a heavy smoker

Best vape for a heavy smoker 

If you smoked more than 20 a day, we suggest that you opt for a nic salts e juice or a 12mg or 18mg nicotine level. If you go too low with nicotine you might find the cravings drawing you back to the cigarettes. 

Another thing to consider is the flavour. You can get tobacco flavours that you may be more comfortable with to start, or you will find fruity, dessert, drink, mint and more! If you are brand new to vaping, take advantage of a 3 for £12 deal so you can sample a few different flavours, rather than committing to one. 

Nic salts are a fantastic way to get a high concentration of nicotine. They are also said to curb cravings for longer with fewer puffs. Remember, they are ideally used in pod kits.

Best Vape for a Rollie Smoker

If you added up all the time you have spent sitting rolling ciggies, you might well be clocking up days, months or even years of your life. 

If you have been a lover of rolling up and smoking tobacco then your needs might be slightly different to those of a heavy smoker. 

We’ve put together a list below of some great devices we think are great for rolly lovers. You’ll most likely be wanting something M.T.L with a decent throat hit.

You might want something you can adjust the airflow to give you some different draw options to replicate what you are used to.

What to look for in your device for a rolly smoker

      • Good with high PG or nicotine salt
      • Easy to use 
      • Adjustable airflow
      • Mouth to lung
      • Something that feels comfortable in the hand and mouth

Why a device that’s good for high PG?

High PG means that it will give you more of a throat hit, has higher nicotine and is best suited to starter kits and pods devices with a resistance above 1ohm. Learn more about the difference between VG and PG in our blog post.

Innokin Kroma Z Pod

This is a small but powerful little vape kit, using the Innokin Z coils which offer a range of vaping options, wether you’re looking for a solid MTL experience for those initial cravings or if you fancy trying sub ohm vaping these coils have you covered.

The device itself packs a stout 3000mah battery for all day vaping meaning you won’t have to charge half way through your day. It also uses a plastic pod so you won’t have to worry about damaging a fragile glass tank!

If you’re looking for a do it all vape kit offering great looks, incredible value for money that is both easy to use and performs admirably even compared to kits worth twice as much you can’t go wrong with a Kroma Z


Shop the Kroma Z here

Vaporesso XROS 

The XROS is another one we use here at Vape and Juice HQ. It is a simple to use and fit pod which you refill with your chosen PG juice. 

The out the box coils are 1.2ohm and 0.8ohm, making it the perfect set up for your beginner vape juices. 

Battery isn’t huge on this, but for its size it isn’t bad. The 800mAh battery should power you up through the day, however, that will depend on how often you are vaping. Added bonus though, you can use it while you have it on charge.

If you like the sound of this, check out the XROS 2, which features a larger battery.

XROS Vape Kit  

Coolfire Z50 Zlide

The perfect choice for rollie lovers as it is MTL but also allows you to adjust the airflow.  You can also switch up the power to help you tailor your vape experience and get it exactly how you want it.

This device is a little bulkier compared to other two, however, the additional features could be a game changer. 

It has a 2100mAh built in battery, fires up to 50 watts and is a mess free top fill. ML vapers who are after a few extra bells and whistles love this kit. 

Coolfire Zlide

Best Vape for a Menthol Smoker

Craving the menthol blend with some nicotine? Well, you’ll be looking at getting those cold vape e liquids that have a refreshing and palate cleansing exhale. 

There are a few devices we think you’d quite like when it comes to vaping menthol liquids. They range from your more modest starter kits for high PG juice, right through to your mods that suit high VG.

Some devices even allow you to use both types, depending on the coil you have installed.

Menthol Juices

Cold vapes are very popular amongst vapers of the world. So much so, that you can get 100’s of flavours with a cold twist, or you can get just a straight up menthol. 

Take Riot Squad. They blend menthol with flavours such as cherry, tobacco, cucumber and lemon, melon and ice. These are 70% VG so best suited to mods with resistance 0.5ohm’s and below. 

If you are into higher nicotine doses, then look out for 10ml start juices and salts, which range from 3 to 20mg. There are still fruity cold blends to really wake the taste buds. We love red rocket, which is a mix of eucalyptus, berries, cherries and menthol.

Right, now let’s dive into the best vape kit for menthol lovers of the world.

Vaporesso Gen Nano Kit 

The Gen Nano Kit is going to allow you to use those high VG premium cold flavours and give you some decent clouds. You can adjust airflow, watts and even change the mode if you want to get deeper into customisation. 

For those just looking to get a refreshing menthol vape with a few adjustments, then we think you’ll like this. It’s a solid bit of kit, fits in the pocket and still has a 2000mAh battery. 

Gen Nano


The SMOK RPM 2S is a more advanced pod system. It is compact like a pod but has adjustable watts up to 80 to help you tailor your vape. It’s ideal if you’re known for being a bit clumsy, it uses a plastic pod rather than glass so it’s a bit more resistant to drops and dings.

You’ll be good to fill up this tank with either VG or 50/50 freebase as it works for both, depending on the coil you have installed. This also means you can inhale that minty goodness into your mouth then lungs, or directly to lungs. Your choice. 


Shop the Smok RPM 2S here

Aspire Tigon 

The Aspire Tigon is pocket sized and allows a switch between DL and MTL vaping, depending on the coil you have installed. It’s a neat bit of kit that is a great seller.

This device gives menthol users the chance to vape high VG eliquids and sample some of those cold blends we mentioned earlier from Riot Squad. You’ll also get to curb cravings with higher nicotine blends of menthol juice.  

Tigon vape kit

Best Vape for a Cigarette Smoker

Are you used to smoking straights? If so then you will most likely be looking at a kit with a ML vape style, where you draw the vapour into your mouth, then the lungs. This is the type of vaping that replicates smoking best. 

What sort of kit might you be after when you smoked cigarettes?

      • Simple to use
      • Mouth lung style
      • Works best with high PG juices 
      • Looks attractive and is comfortable to hold

MYLE starter kit

The MYLE is one of the most basic pod kits we stock. But that doesn’t mean it’s no good. 

You have to buy Myle specific pods as they aren’t refillable, but they’re reasonably priced. You will find menthol in salts which means there will be a higher content of nicotine. Probably good for you if you are a heavy menthol smoker looking to curb your minty cravings. 

      • We have a MYLE review ready to read before you make your decision right here.



The RPM80 is a pod meets mod. It is powered by a single 18650 battery and has adjustable watts up to 80.

You’ll be using this device with your high VG menthol juices and probably won’t want a nicotine content any higher than 6mg as a maximum. 

RPM80 Smok

Innokin Kroma R Zlide

Do you want to be vaping like you smoked but have the option to make some adjustments? Maybe you fancy trying DL vaping but don’t want to commit to a kit with just that option. 

Enter Innokin Kroma R Zlide. This device is fantastic for ML and DL menthol lovers who also want to adjust power and airflow. 

The coil options are both sub-ohm for your high VG then there are options 1.6ohm which will be ideal for nic salts and 50/50 juices. 

Kroma R Zlide vape kit

What a heavy smoker should look for in a vape

  • Battery

Do you have access to a charger throughout the day? This is something to consider. If you are out and about with work and unable to recharge then a kit with a small battery could end up pretty frustrating as it always flashes red after half a day’s use.

If you are really looking to never run out then you might like a kit with removable batteries, meaning you can always have some fully charged and ready to go. 

  • Shape and size 

    There are some absolute cloud beast devices that are pretty chunky. These suit people who are vaping at home or have a bag to keep it in. These aren’t the most mobile and discrete devices. If you want something a little more portable then look at pods, pod mods or mini mods. Often they have similar power to your big kits, in a smaller shell.

    • Need

    Do you need something to curb your nicotine craving? If this is the case then you’ll be better suited to a device that takes high PG and can be used with salts. 

    • Style

      You want to choose something you actually like the look of. If you get a device that isn’t comfortable in the hand or between your lips and you don’t like the look of it, then chances are you won’t keep at it. 

      The Ultimate Guide to Vaping takes you through the different types of device, how to start vaping and how to choose the right nicotine strength for you and your needs. Head on over there now to learn more before you buy your perfect vape kit. 

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