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Does Vape Juice Expire?

does vape juice expire

Has my vape juice gone off?

So you’ve just found your favourite juice from a few years ago, down the back of the sofa. The juice has been discontinued and you are desperate to get your tank full up of this nostalgic flavour. But, before you do that, you will want to know, does vape juice expire? Will a gone off vape juice make you sick?

The shelf life of vape liquid and best before dates

E-liquid is made up of a few ingredients, all of which have a shelf life and manufacturers have to give a best before. These ingredients include PG, VG, flavourings and sometimes nicotine. The typical lifespan of these ingredients is 2 years when stored correctly. After that time your vape juice’s nicotine may start to degrade and the colour may darken. It won’t be toxic to vape and the flavour should be unaffected, however, it will lose nicotine potency. 

What will happen to gone off vape juice?

Your gone off e-liquid wouldn’t cause you to get sick. 

When vape juice is left for too long, the nicotine level may degrade. So your once 18mg juice may be much less when it has expired. If you are buying a 0mg nicotine eliquid that has gone past the manufacturers best before date then this wouldn’t be an issue. You can just add your nic shot to the shortfill if required. 

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You might also notice that the colour has changed and it is much darker. Eliquid may also split. Some ingredients may separate from each other, much like oil and water. 

How can I tell if my vape juice has reached best before?

  • Vape juice has turned dark 
  • Smells different 
  • Vape juice has split
  • Nicotine appears reduced

My vape juice hasn’t expired but it doesn’t taste right, why?

If your vape juice doesn’t taste quite as you like, there are a few things to change that might help you get the most from your liquid.

  • Change your coil

A burnt coil is going to impact the flavour of your e liquid. It may have a burnt flavour or just taste pretty nasty. Make sure you are keeping on top of coil maintenance, that means cleaning and changing them regularly. 

You can read how to clean your coils here > 

  • Reduce your ohms

Sub-Ohm vaping gives you a more intense flavour. If you feel like your juice is lacking in flavour, give this a go. You will need high VG eliquid and a device you can sub ohm vape. 

  • Poor quality eliquid

Not all eliquids were created equal. There are quality juices and there are cheap ones, with cheap flavourings. When the flavourings are of poor quality they aren’t going to taste up to scratch.

  • If you feel that you can no longer taste the vape juice like you did before, then it might be time for a change in flavour. Sometimes our tastebuds need a shake up!

How can I stop my e liquid going out of date early?

You need to make sure you store your eliquid correctly in order to get the most life out of it. You want to avoid:

  • Storing your e-liquid in a hot car
  • Keeping your vape juice in direct sunlight

Instead, make sure you store your vape juice in a cool, dark space, such as a cupboard or drawer. 

Is it safe to buy eliquids past their best before date?

Many Eliquids are made with inconsistent best before systems. For some vape companies it’s a year, others it’s two years. But in truth, the main impact is the darkening of the Eliquid and the reduction in nicotine potency. Flavour is rarely negatively affected.

At Vape and Juice we want to reduce waste and offer our customers some banging bargains. For this reason we are selling eliquids that have reached their best before dates. However, they are no older than 2 years. You might notice the colour is darker and nicotine has reduced, however, flavour should not be affected. 

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