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Wire Charger

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Aspire AC Wall charging plug

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SMOK 4 Bay 18650 Battery Charger

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NITECORE UM20 2 Bay Charger

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Vape battery chargers

Vape battery charger is a sensible affordable option to maintain the integrity of your removable batteries. If you are looking for an upgrade on your current charger, then we've got all the top brands in stock, from Eizfan to Nitecore, ego to 4 bay, find them all here with free delivery.

Best vaping charger for 18650 and 26650 batteries

You can use your internal charger on most vape mods to re-juice your kit, but they never work as well as an external 18650 or similar ecig charging unit. 

Why use an external vape charger?

Why use one? Well they are specially designed to charge, as opposed to being a useful USB port, but in many cases they ensure your vape batteries get an even distributed charge that maintains battery safety.