Best Budget Vapes

Let’s talk about the Best Budget Vape 2022, which we think will continue being great well into 2023. You’ll want to check them out. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they’re also great performers.

The price of a vape varies. You can get one for £10 right up to £100+. Not everyone has the money or the interest in splashing out the big bucks. That’s why we have put together a list of the best budget vapes on the market in 2022.

You might look for a budget vape for:

  • Finding out if you like vaping
  • As a spare
  • For nights out/travelling
  • To keep costs low


Best Budget Vapes Under £30?

In this blog, we’re going to tell you about 5 of the best budget vapes that come in at under £30.


We’ll cover

  • Best for reliability
  • Best for clouds
  • Best all round
  • Budget friendly
  • Best disposable

5. Elf Bars

Not our favourite because of the impact they have on the negative environment but they are probably the best disposable vape brand around because the flavour is so good. They're pretty good bang for buck if you’re out and about and have forgotten you’re vape or run out of battery. We like to have them around as spares, but we don’t like them so much for vaping all day, every day.

You do only get 2ml of liquid in it, so bear in mind that a bottle of 10ml liquid is about half the price! You’ll pay £5 for this but around £3 for a bottle of 10ml juice. So while they may seem cheap, they’re actually costing you more than you think.


4. Innokin Jem Pen

The Innokin Jem Pen is probably one of the best budget vapes for a newbie who doesn't know what to buy and doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Innokin is a really trusted brand, and this one is pretty cheap as an entry-level device.

In the box, you’ll get a vape pen, spare coil and charger as well as full instructions. It doesn't have much functionality but that’s great for beginners! Sometimes less is more. Make things as simple for yourself as possible while you start your vaping journey.


3. Aspire PockeX

We love this one of the best budget vapes for its reliability. The kit has been around for a few years now, and it’s a really trusted brand. You’re not going to struggle to find coils for this device either, they’ll be stocked in pretty much any vape shop. It’s had a couple of updates over the years so we feel this is a device that has been tested and improved, giving it a 10/10 for reliability.

You get the Pockex, a spare coil, and a charger in the box. You can get 2 types of coils with this device, so it means you can use a much wider variety of juice with it. It works well with some of the thicker liquids as well as all beginner juices.


2. Smok V2

This device is a small bit of kit which can produce a little bit more cloud if that’s what you’re after.

It uses a mesh coil, which has been proven and tested to produce some of the best flavours from juices. It has adjustable airflow, so you can get bigger or smaller clouds with a looser or tighter draw. We love what this one looks like too. Lots of choices of colours. Great for dipping your toe in the water when it comes to cloud vapes.

In the box is the vape, a spare coil and charger as well as full instructions.

1. Caliburn G

We think this is the best budget vape that is a great all rounder. It's pretty flat, not much bigger than an elf bar, and has a window so you can see the amount of juice you have left. It’s got USBC charging, so it will charge really fast. The pod has adjustable airflow and is really easy to fill up. The coil is very simple and easy to change.

We think this best budget vape looks good, feels good in the hand, and vapes really well.

If you vape salts, this is a great device for it but it also does work well with most liquids.