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Benefits of Buying a Vape Mod

For many vapers, they simply want to boost the battery life of their vaping experience, or they are pretty content with the tank they already use. In those cases, rather than buying a whole new vape kit, you may just want to buy a new box mod unit, also known as a vape mod.

They offer temperature control, variable voltage, enhanced flavour, increased vapour/sub-ohm capabilities, and safety features (if it isn’t unregulated).

All can be enjoyed with a variety of e-liquid flavours.

If a mod looks too big for you, have a look at our Vape Pen range.

Types of Vape Mod Kit

Mechanical Mods (Mech Mods)

Mechanical mods (also known as a mech mod) are unregulated vapes, with the power output in the vape device set by the coil resistance in the tank or atomiser head. These units are for more advanced vapers and are not recommended for those new to vaping or who like convenience – not your typical vaping device!

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Their use is linked closely to the more hobbyist side of electronic cigarettes and so need a better understanding of battery safety (particularly if going for maximum power). A variable wattage mod gives you the opportunity to experiment and work out the wattage output for the best flavour and experience.

If you’re curious and haven’t read it yet, check out our mechanical mod guide to safety below:

Regulated Vape Mods (Box Mods)

Next up, we have the regulated vape mods (or Box mods). A regulated mod has inbuilt batteries and safety control settings, helping you to increase the wattage without worrying. They operate within manufacturer defined settings using an advanced chipset and are perfect as a simple vape kit upgrade. From more power control or just more battery life. They are easy to use and represent a safe sensible option for all vapers. You can often choose between sub-ohm vape and MTL (mouth to lung) vape tanks.

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Removable Battery Vape Mods

Finally, we have removable battery mods, while still regulated, they allow the user to replace the batteries. All batteries have a finite recharge lifespan and by being able to replace the power cells, you extend the life of the unit.

Single Battery Vape Mods

Single battery mods offer a compact balance of capabilities and capacity, designed for vapers who understand ohms law, with advanced settings and a wide range of tank compatibility.

Dual Battery Vape Mods

Having two external batteries is ideal for heavy vaping or if you want high wattage, as these provide a large increase in capacity and power output.

Can any tank go on any vape box mod?

For the most part yes. What you will need to ensure is if the screw fitting on your vape tank pokes out. If it does, this is most likely to be a 510 thread and this is compatible with pretty much any vape mod. Some tanks shield the screw fitting and this can cause some compatibility issues. Thankfully these days, that is a rare issue on vape tanks and mods, but any questions, just ask us on the live chat.

Each mod will have a range of atomizer that fits with it (described on the page).

The charger information is included on each product, with many accepting standard USB chargers.

High-quality vape mods are often shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof.