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Aspire Dynamo Mod

The Aspire Dynamo Mod is a dual 21700 vape mod that looks like they are trying to compete with Smok’s Species or Priv range. Rated well online by numerous independent reviewers already, this is a dual battery box vaporiser that runs up to 220 watts. 

Who is the Aspire Dynamo Mod aimed for?

  • Intermediate vapers who want wider power options
  • Users who want longer life batteries and interoperability
  • Cloudchasers

The Dynamo Mod has the ability to run as a dual battery vape mod for 21700, 20700 and 18650 batteries, courtesy of a silicone adaptor sleeve. This is great if you already have the batteries for one variant and fancy an upgrade. With power ranges of up to 220 watts, this enables the widest choice of tank additions. From an all day vape tank such as the Nautilus 2 tank run at low wattage, to rebuildable atomisers also.

Can I use High VG eliquid with the Aspire Dynamo Mod?

Yes you can use high vg eliquids with the correct tank on the Dynamo box mod. Check out our High VG eliquids below:

What tanks do you recommend for the Aspire Dynamo?

Check out our range of big cloud vape tanks at the link below for some inspiration.

What’s great about the Dynamo electronic cigarette?

The Dynamo e-cig mod offers the following options:

  1. Micro USB Charging built in
  2. Watch/Date Screen Displays x 11
  3. Interchangeable battery options
  4. Overheat Protection
  5. Overcharge Protection
  6. Up to 220 watt firing
  7. Variable Wattage/Voltage
  8. Temp Control
  9. Customisable Power Settings

    What comes with the Aspire Dyname Vape Mod UK edition?

    • 1 x Dual 18650 Battery Adaptor
    • 1 x Dynamo Mod
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    • BONUS x 2 18650 Batteries

    The items above are all fully included in this vape mod uk edition plus 2 x 18650 batteries for immediate use once you whack on your tank.

    Our Verdict

    A nice introduction to the  box mod world from Aspire with a range of useful features makes this is a versatile choice. Independent reviewers are speaking highly of the mod and the only wary note is that when not using the 21700 batteries, their may be a slight rattle side inside where the other power cells are a different size. This is not a rattling due to low build quality, but more to the difference in sizes of batteries. Not a major issue, but might confuse some.

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