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What is a vape tank?

Our vape tanks for sale are the inhalation piece you see on top of a vape kit. They are generally what gets topped up with liquid and it’s from these that vapours come from. Many kits come with them included, but you can buy them separately, and this is what we stock in our vape tanks for
sale collection here.

Types of vape tanks we stock

The vape tanks we stock come in a range of shapes and sizes as you can see, but while many look different, they often do the same thing. Their main job might be to help you inhale vapour but here’s a quick visual guide of 3 of the main types of vape tanks and how they differ.

MTL Tank

Mouth to lung tanks, also called MTL tanks, are often bought by new vapers who want to
replicate smoking. You would buy this type of clearomiser if you are using high PG liquids or

Sub Ohm Tank

You’d buy a sub ohm tank if you’re looking to chase clouds, enjoy lower nicotine levels and High VG liquids. A sub tank is going to have a coil resistance below 1ohm, offering a smooth, direct to lung vape. (DTL)


Rebuildable tanks would be bought by advanced vapers looking to fully customise their vape. However, buying a rebuildable tank is the easy part. You’ll need to get to grips with building your own coils and making sure they’re safe. When done correctly, rebuildables offer fantastic control
and dense cloud.

How do I use a vape tank?

After buying a vape tank, you might wonder where to start with it. Firstly you need to pair it with the right mod. If your tank is MTL then you’ll want to team it up with a low powered device. The coil you have
chosen for the tank will often have the ideal wattage range written on the side in small print, or on the brands website.

For sub ohm tanks and rebuildables you’ll need higher wattage to power your coils and clouds. Follow the instructions to install the coil and fill up the tank. Allow the eliquid to sit in the tank for 5 minutes so the coil can absorb the liquid. This helps prevent it from burning out and you
experiencing a dry hit.

Once you have chosen your tank, filled it up and checked if the connection to the tank matches the device port you’re ready to attach. Screw on the tank and get ready to vape!

Can any tank go on any vape?

You need to check if the device connection matches the vape tank you have bought. Often it is a 510 connector, but not always. However, it isn’t only whether the vape tank fits on the device that matters, you also need to
make sure they’re compatible. You don’t want to use a sub ohm tank on a starter pen stick for example, even though the connection might fit.
Make sure you check the suggested wattage for your coils which should give you an idea of the device you want to be pairing with the tank.

Are all tanks the same size?

Tanks can vary in shape and size. They go from 1ml right up to 9ml. However, you might not be able to buy the larger sizes in your country, depending on rules. But it’s not just about the capacity of the vape tank, it’s also the width, diameter and even the screw fitting insert. Some
vape tanks for sale have a male connector, some have female connections. This means that while the vape world moves toward a universal standard, it’s still an idea to double check.

What is the biggest size tank for vaping?

Some of the largest tank sizes run to 9ml, however, in the UK the vape tank you buy won’t be larger than 2ml due to the laws around vaping. While there are some workarounds with replacement pyrex tubing, we cannot list for sale a tank that exceeds the legal levels. This may change in the future and for any advice on this, do jump on the webchat and we can talk.

How do I choose a vape tank to buy?

To choose which vape tank to buy you want to decide whether you are looking to vape MTL or DTL. For a mouth lung vape you’ll want to buy a tank with a coil resistance above 1ohm. For DTL you will want to shop for a vape tank with a low coil resistance. Another factor to consider when deciding which vape tank to buy is the drip tip.

An MTL tank will have a thinner mouthpiece where as a DTL one will have a wide bore drip tip. Some vape tanks for sale have adjustable airflow. By adjusting the airflow you are able to customise your vape by making the draw tighter or looser. If you like the idea of customising your vape, you should buy a vape tank with an airflow adjustment. This can be a feature on all tank types.

You might also want to buy a vape tank that sits nicely on your device. Overhanging tank diameters don’t look too pretty, so if you want your vape tank to sit flush on your device then you need to check the measurements.
While it’s important to look for a vape tank for sale that has the features and functionality you want, we always say you should choose a vape tank that you like the look of too. If you like how it looks you’ll be more likely to stick at using it.