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Innokin Go Z Tank

by Innokin

  • Very Economical to Use
  • Solid Choice For Beginners
  • MTL | Mouth to Lung E-Liquid
£9.99 GBP
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The Go Z Tank by Innokin


TheInnokin Go Z Tank is a simple to use and affordable vape tank for any kit with a 510 connector. The Go Z tank is a great option for those who want a tighter inhale style vape, closely resembling a cigarette. Known as MTL.  

Why Buy The Innokin Go Z Tank?

The durable plastic tank is made to withstand the knocks that glass tanks can't always handle. It's also built to work perfectly with everyday-style liquids and nic salts. So it's less about clouds and more about quitting smoking.

On top of that, we throw in two free liquids and it's just a good value deal.

The screw base fits on a wide range of kits and so makes the Innokin Go Z tank a great backup option. 

How to fill the Innokin Go Z Tank

Fill it up from the top, using the slide catch and adjust the airflow at the bottom. 

Key features of the Innokin Go Z tank

  • Dimensions: 19.56mm x 57.7mm
  • Compatible with all Innokin Z coils - Best for 1.2 ohms and 1.6ohms
  • 510 thread for ease of use
  • Top filling
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • Mouth to lung

What Coils For the Innokin Go Z Tank?

The Innokin Go Z tank uses the Zenith and Z coils from Innokin. We advise that best use for this tank is restricted to the 1.2 and 1.6 ohm options. Add a box at a discount or grab some here:

How to change a Vape Coil?

Dont know how to change the coil for the Innokin Go Z Tank or similar?, Check out our blog post below!

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