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How does a sub ohm tank work?

The principles of how sub ohm tanks work is the same as any other tank. When the battery is fired it heats up the coil which vaporises the eliquid.

However, there are design features that make the tank suitable for sub ohm, direct to lung vaping. For example, adjustable airflow draws air into the tank for cloud production and the wide or low profile drip tip allows you to draw vape directly into the lungs. 

A sub ohm tank can also have extra features which allow any e-liquid condensation to be vaporized, helping to prevent leaks. 

How much does a sub ohm tank cost?

The price of a sub ohm tank varies between brands. You may find a basic sub ohm tank for around £15 or a more high end one could be up to £50. 

Why use a sub ohm tank?

You would use sub ohm tank if you are looking to increase your vapor production, use high end vape juice and vape with a direct to lung approach. A sub ohm tank is best suited to intermediate or advanced vapers who are looking to enhance their vape experience, rather than beginners just looking to quit cigarettes. 

Paired with a variable wattage mod, a sub ohm tank can really finish off the look of your device. You can pair a mod with a 510 pin with any sub ohm tank with the same connection. This allows you to mix different brands and styles to create your own customised vape. 

Difference between sub ohm tank and RTA

A sub ohm tank is different to an RTA. An RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomiser) is like an RDA but with a tank. This means you can build your coils and also enjoy benefits of having a tank and not having to drip e-liquid. 

That being said, a sub ohm tank and RTA hold some similarities such as adjustable airflow and DL vaping style. 

Sub ohm tank brands

There is a wide range of sub ohm tank brands to choose from. At Vaperun we stock some of the brands that we know, love and trust, including:

Sub ohm tank coil compatibility

Your sub ohm tank will be compatible with selected vape coils. You should check the specific coils which your tank needs. If you are not sure, drop us a message and we can point you in the right direction.

Sub ohm tank that doesn’t leak

Ideally, sub ohm tanks shouldn’t leak. Some have been fitted with special leak proof technology which allows you to vaporise any eliquid condensation.  If you are having trouble with leaks in your sub ohm tank then make sure you check the following:

  • You are using high VG liquid
  • You have all the parts screwed on tightly
  • There are no cracks in the glass (Need a replacement glass?)

What e liquid is good for sub ohm tanks

A sub ohm tank will work best if you use high VG. The reason for high VG is that it is thicker, which helps to create cloud and is designed to move better through the sub ohm tank.

You will want to keep nicotine free e-liquid or no higher than 6mg. This is because the more vapor produced can cause a nicotine overload in your system, making you feel sick or give you a headache. It can also make the throat hit too harsh and unpleasant. 

Stick with adding a nic shot to a short fill if you are craving nicotine with your sub ohm vape. 

Does a sub ohm tank give a throat hit?

A sub ohm tank doesn’t give a throat hit in the same way as a MTL tank. Using lower nicotine strengths in a sub ohm tank means that the throat hit is smooth. This might not appeal to newly ex smokers, which is why they would mostly choose a tank or kit which allows for a strong throat hit and a cig a like draw. 

Can I use a sub ohm tank for nic salts?

Nic salts are not suited to a sub ohm tank. This is a type of e-liquid that is best for a basic pod kit with resistance above 1 ohm. Some coils are optimised for nic salts, however, these still wouldn’t be ideal to use in a sub ohm tank as nic salt juice is thinner and likely to leak out of the airflow.