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What are Pod Kits/Vape Pods?

Pods kits (also known as Pod Vapes, Pod Vape Kits, Vape Pods, Pod Mods, or Vape Pod Systems) are vape kits that have a “pod” instead of a tank or clearomiser. They usually come with a fixed coil, and tend to have a smaller battery due to their compact nature (although there are some larger models with replaceable batteries). They are chosen because of their convenience, and consistent vaping experience.

Here are the two different types:

Refillable Pods (Open System)

Refillable pod systems give you the option to refill with your favourite flavour of e-liquid, making them a really flexible option for a vape kit. They are disposable, so when the coil wears out you can replace them with another kit.

There are some advanced pod kits that can have interchangeable coils (for switching between MTL and DL vaping styles) and extra power for sub-ohm vaping with big clouds.

Closed Pods

Closed pod systems are pre-filled with e-liquid, so when you run out you simply replace them with another pod cartridge. They’re a very convenient vape kit.

A closed pod by definition will have a limit on the flavours you can choose, so if you prefer flexibility then you’d be better choosing a refillable pod.

Mod Pods

Mod pod systems mix the best of both worlds, offering refillable pods that are cheap to replace and using disposable coils. Mod pods will also often use external batteries giving you more flexibility and extending the life of your vape kit.

These systems are popular with both experienced vapers and novices alike for their flexibility and performance, mod pods are available with both MTL and DL coil options.

Why Buy a Vape Pod System

We understand that not everyone enjoys using a typical pen-style e-cig or a large box mod vape. Compact pod kits are handy little systems that vary in their style and pod capacity. Featuring brands such as Vaporesso, Lost Vape, Aegis, Juul, Smok, Voopoo, Geekvape, and Aspire.

Benefits of pod kit, include:

  1. No need to change coils.

  2. Great for high nicotine e-liquid.

  3. Discreet vaping (less clouds).

  4. Simple, great as a starter kit.

Some of the more popular pod kits include:

  1. Smok Nord
  2. Uwell Caliburn
  3. Geekvape Aegis Boost
  4. Smok Novo 2
  5. Voopoo Drag X Pod
  6. Voopoo Vinci
  7. Lost Vape Orion Q

What are the Best E-Liquids for Vape Pods?

Because of the lower output that vape pods provide, it’s best to choose a higher PG ratio e-liquid, but a 50:50 ratio should work well too. Nicotine salts (Nic salts) are also very popular with those who need a larger nicotine hit, ideal for new vapers looking to quit smoking real cigarettes for good. Nic salts use a lower ph formula to give you more nicotine without the harsh throat hit.

For more advice on the top picks for a pod mod flavour:

Pod Vapes Are Great For Newbies

Pod Vape devices have exploded onto the vape market in the last few years! The ease of simply popping in a new pod into a vape pod system, or refilling an old one is something vapers have come to know and love. It’s why so many are now buying a vape pod system instead.

Taking away the mess of buying and changing spares, a vape pod system has been entering into many a pod vaper pocket. This makes them perfect for a vape starter kit. At Vape and Juice, we stock a vast range of vape pod system kits, also known as the Pod Vape. UK vaping is changing with these pod kits.

If you’re a lover of vaping pod kits then you will want to know when the latest and greatest vape pod system kits are available. Why not bookmark this page and visit back in a few weeks to see how our vape pod kits have expanded!

Are Pod Vapes Worth It?

You will have seen many versions of devices and gadgets on the vape market and may be unsure of what is the right type for you. Here’s a quick recap of the pros and cons of the pod system.

The Pros of Pod Kits

If you want a vape that is neither too bulky but still packs a punch, and yet comes loaded with all the features you need, for a price that is sensible, then the pod vape kit system is a great route to take.

What Are The Cons Of A Pod kit?

They are never going to set the world alight with the biggest battery life, or the biggest juice capacity. Their smaller size means they are limited in that regard. there are bigger, bulkier kits than a pod vape for that job.

Alternative Kits to Pods

If you’re looking for another type of vape kit, then check out our other ranges:

Vape Mods – for extra control

Squonk Mods – for hands free dripping.

Vape Pens – for a discreet kit.

CBD Vape Kits – for enjoying CBD through vaping.

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