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SMOK Review

SMOK Review

Welcome to our SMOK review! We are going to share an upfront and honest review of the brand, along with their best pens, mods, coils, pods and more.


Here are a few of the kits and tanks we’re going to talk you through today:

Best SMOK Mod  Nord 2 Best SMOK pod
Nord N19 Best SMOK Pen Best SMOK Tank

What is SMOK?

Having started in 2010, SMOK (Smoktech) is up there as one of the oldest brands in Vaping. 

The Chinese brand has been at the forefront of innovation at various points, like when they created the first dual-coil cartomizer.

Since then, they’ve been keeping up with trends and customer demand by bringing out pod kits and a selection of devices that bridge the gap between MTL and DTL.

SMOK has a wide range of kits, tanks and coils. From your discreet vapes, right up to your cloud mods. They seem to bring out new bits of tech quite often, a sign that they’re always innovating, or are they trying to get you to keep parting with cash to have the latest upgrades?

Are SMOK vapes any good?

Enough history, are SMOK vapes good? This brand is a high street, universal vape company who creates devices for the masses. They’re not the Ferrari of vapes, or the Gucci, more like the Ford or Topshop. They do pretty good quality vapes at an affordable price. 

SMOK has got some great kits on the market, some which continue to be our best sellers. Throughout the rest of this blog we are going to talk to you about the best SMOK, like the best SMOK tank, best SMOK pen, best SMOK mod and more. Then the brand goes head to head with Innokin.

Best SMOK tank

TFV Mini V2 was launched in 2020 and is up there with one of the best SMOK tanks. It has a mesh coil system for increased vapour and richer flavour, with no hot or cold spots. There’s also a top filling system and large fill port, which makes topping it up much less messy. 

Other tanks we have liked from SMOK are the TFV8 Baby, but you can’t really get hold of this now. The other tank that we think is massively underrated is the Spiral tank. 

TFV mini V2 best SMOK tank

Best SMOK pod

For us here at Vape and Juice we love the Nord 4 as the best SMOK pod kit. For many the RPM wins and is perceived as better.

However, taking into account the price point it is a really decent bit of tech. It has a fast ramp up speed, neat little display screen and is really easy to use. Nord 4, in our opinion is a great pod. There have been a few iterations of the Nord series, including Nord, Nord 2, Nord X and Nord 4. 

We originally had the Nord 2 here, however, we couldn’t ignore the Nord 4 which now features an external 18650 battery. 

If you are looking for a pod mod with the ability to built (yep, you can do a lot on these diddy devices these days!) check out the RPM 80 Pro

smok nord 4

Best SMOK mod

Back in the day, the SMOK Alien set the world alight. It was such an innovative bit of tech and one of the first sub ohms to come to the masses. However, you can’t really get hold of them so easy now and they probably are a little dated now.

For this reason we’d say that the Species kit or the G-Priv 3 is the best SMOK mod. The Species is the older model, therefore not so easily available. The G-Priv 3 fires up to 230W, has various coil options, a large display screen and is powered by dual 18650 batteries. 

We have got to mention the T Storm kit here too. It’s great value for money with temperature control, display screen, 230 max watts and various vaping modes. It comes in a little cheaper than the G-Priv, so if you have your heart set on a SMOK sub ohm but a budget, this might be one to look at.  


Best SMOK vape pen

If you’re someone who likes the idea of trying sub ohm vape but wants to keep things simple, then you might like to know about the best SMOK pen. We’re torn between two kits here. The SMOK Stick 80W and the Nord N19 Pen.

The SMOK Stick is a great entry into sub ohm vaping, the power of it does mean that the battery doesn’t last so long. If you are looking for a vape pen because you want something simple and portable to quit smoking, then the Nord N19 might be better. This kit uses less power and therefore the battery can last a little longer. 

SMOK Stick
SMok Priv n19 best smok pen
SMOK vs Innokin

SMOK Vs Innokin

SMOK and Innokin are both high street vape brands. However, you wouldn’t really call SMOK a starter vape brand, like you might Innokin. In fact, back when our founder started Vape and Juice he had a backpack full of Innokin kits, they were quality in 2013 and they are still quality starters now. 

SMOK basic kits might be a little cheaper than Innokin, however, Innokin’s build quality is absolutely brilliant.

SMOK vs Innokin Pods

SMOK does some really good pod kits. Ones which appeal to MTL vapers and even DTL. Innokin haven’t really got involved in the pod space, so SMOK definitely came up top here. Check out our head to head with RPM40 vs SMOK Nord if you fancy a look further into the best SMOK pods.

SMOK vs Innokin Sub ohm 

SMOK vapes can be a little bulky when it comes to their mods. They bring out so many versions of their tanks too. Makes you wonder if they are churning these out for the sake of it, or are they constantly innovating?

Sometimes there seems like hardly anytime since number one launched before they’re bringing out the number 2! This is particularly true with all the TVF tanks… There are so many it makes our heads spin.

Innokin’s focus isn’t so much on sub ohm and big clouds, there are definitely more starter kits and MTL devices in their range. 

SMOK vs Innokin coils

It’s got to be said, SMOK coils do not seem to last as long as Innokin. However, the Innokin vapes are generally lower on the power end of the spectrum, which is something to take into account.

SMOK vs Innokin tanks

The Baby Beast TFV8 was a really good tank that could be used with a number of sub ohm coils. The 0.4ohm was really good for all day vaping, however, we found that it burnt out alot. One work around was to use the Vaporesso GT core coils, which tend to last a little longer. We loved the SMOK Spiral, but for some reason it didn’t really take off. Founder still swears by this tank though!

When it comes to Innokin, they make some great all day tanks. If you are using MTL liquids then the Zenith is a brilliant option. They aren’t prone to leaking either, and while the coils are a little fiddly overall it is a great MTL tank.

SMOK vs Innokin overall 

SMOK is a high street vape brand, just like Innokin. SMOK makes entry level cloud and flavour kits, as well as the slightly more basic MTL. However, if you are looking for a brilliant starter kit that is well made and simple, Innokin would be a better option. 

Best SMOK innovation

The best thing we think SMOK ever did was make the coils for the RPM40, RPM80 interchangeable. Absolute respect for that. It keeps things so much simpler for the user. 

So, are SMOK vapes good?

SMOK review

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