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Smok RPM40 vs Smok Nord

Smok nord vs Smok RPM40

Smok Vape Pods – Head to Head

Smok vape has got some pretty decent devices. Whether you are looking for something big and cloudy or something small and discrete, they have a kit for you. But here we put the Nord Kit vs the RPM 40.

Yes – these can both use CBD E-liquid and Nicotine Free Vape Juice. That being said, both the RPM40 and the Nord Pod Kit work exceptionally well with MTL Liquids, also known as mouth to lung e-liquid. 

In this blog, we are going to look at the Smok RPM40 and the Smok Nord in more detail. If you are torn between these two little kits, then we hope you’ll know which one is for you by the end.

If you still aren’t sure which one is right, then have a chat with us online or instore.

 Smok RPM40 

Smok RPM40 Smok Vape

This kit from Smok vape is portable, lightweight and cloudy. It has features of a mod, in a pod style kit which is where it gets its name, the real pod mod.

The device contains the internal IQ-R chip shortening the firing time to 0.001S and increasing the speed of the battery charge. 

The Smok RPM40 is just 99mm tall and 25mm wide. While it might be small, it does pack a flavoursome punch with a maximum of 40 watts and airflow system.

The watts can be adjusted using the buttons below the 0.96inch screen. You can also see the battery level, puff number, voltage and resistance on this screen.  

The kit uses either a 0.6 or a 0.4ohm resistance coil. This coil means great flavour and a satisfying vape along with the dual airflow. 

Smok RPM40 contains an easy to refill 2ml pod. This pod can be filled with your favourite e-liquid, again and again. 

You have a choice of 12 colourways, so there will be sure to be something to suit your style. 

We think this is a great bit of kit for new vapers and seasoned experts. You’ll love the compact size, 1500mah fast-charging battery and how it still produces fantastic flavour and great cloud.

Smok Nord Smok Vape

The Smok Nord battery is slightly smaller than the Smok RPM40, but still should keep you going all day at 1100mAh. It is still two times larger than its predecessor, Smok vape Novo.  

The Smok Nord does not have an LED screen, however, it does have a battery indicator which is shown using LED lights so you shouldn’t be caught short. 

We love how this kit feels in the hand and the mouth. The mouthpiece has a curve to sit perfectly between your lips.

To start your vape you will need to press the fire button, rather than just take a drag. This is the same on both the Smok RPM40 and the Smok Nord. 

This kit has an EU approved 2ml pod which you can fill with your favourite e-liquid over and over. You will only need to replace the coil, rather than the whole tank. 

The coil suitable for this kit is either 0.6ohm for sub-ohm vaping and clouds, or 1.4  ohm for regular mouth to lung vaping. This higher resistance coil is ideal for getting that throat hit. 

This Smok vape doesn’t have a screen and you cannot make the adjustments to watts as you can with the Smok RPM40. However, if you want something simple that delivers on flavour, throat hit and cloud, then this is a great device. 

Well let’s start with what is the difference between their own. What is the Smok Nord Coils difference all about? Three things:

  • Type of inhale – sub ohm or day to day nicotine-fest
  • Power level
  • Ohm levels

And the RPM coils?

You guessed it – pretty much the same. There is nothing to distinguish the coil types beyond what we have marked on the image above. (More on that later)

These three aspects make the difference between the Nord or RPM coils affecting whether you can use thicker liquids, or manage ably with nic salts.

What’s the Best RPM or Nord Coil for….

So above we marked 3 liquids by 3 types of Smok Nord Coils, for you to establish the difference:

  1. A | Mouth/Lung Great for a 50/50 Liquid (Take a bow Anarchist)
  2. B | High Resistance perfect for a CBD Vape Oil (Thank you Dutchie)
  3. C | Best Smok Nord Coil for VG liquid (Honest Dave, always a pleasure)

But either, way you want to know what is a better coil in this Nord vs RPM review and in truth, I love the 0.6 ohm MTL coil for the Nord. With compatible pods you can ultimately use either coil on each kit, but you must have the RPM pods to use RPM coils on a Nord. 

Confusing right?

If you want more guidance on which Smok Coil to go for, we have a pretty extensive Smoktech Guide to buying the right one you may like.

All in all, they are are great pod kits. We love them, and so do our customers. 

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