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How to vape CBD?

How to vape CBD is something you are going to be wanting to learn if you have decided to try the cannabinoid. 

There might feel like there is so much to learn when it comes to CBD, however, there is really only one VERY important rule. Not all CBD can be vaped.

Some people call it “vaping CBD oil”. However, it is not actually oil they are vaping. It is CBD e liquid. This is safe to consume by inhalation, whereas CBD oil is designed to be taken orally. 

In this article, you will learn what e liquid is made of, how to choose a vape, how to vape and the different types of kits. 

How to Vape CBD

If you are completely new to vaping then it may feel a little daunting. We are going to take you through everything you need to know and more. If there is something you’re still not sure on then you can always drop us a message. 

  1. What is eliquid made of
  2. How to choose your vape
  3. How to vape CBD
  4. Do you hold in CBD vape?
  5. Best temperature to vape CBD oil
  6. What wattage to vape CBD e liquid?
  7. How to use a disposable
  8. How to use a pod
  9. How to use a vape pen
  10. Why a vape kit for CBD
  11. Best vape devices for CBD
  12. Is vaping CBD safe?
  13. How often should I vape CBD eliquid?

What is CBD e liquid made of?

First up, what is eliquid made of? Well, e liquid contains food grade ingredients so is declared to be safe for consumption. These ingredients include:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Flavourings 
  • CBD

How to choose a vape

When you are looking for a vape kit for CBD you might be a little overwhelmed with the number of devices on the market. However, you can quite quickly rule out all the sub ohm big cloud kits, as these are not best suited for CBD.

You are then left with starter kits, pods and disposables. If you just want something out the box and simple, your best option is a disposable or pod with cartridges. 

Although, in the long run, starter kits and refillable pods are more cost-effective. 

Here are the three main types of kits that are ideal for CBD.

how to vape CBD disposable vape

Disposables are devices that you do not need to charge or fill up. You simply use them until the internal battery dies and the juice is all used up

how to vape CBD pod kit

Pod devices either have cartridges you buy each time you run out of CBD e-juice, or you can buy a pod which has refillable pods. You do not need to worry about coils when you buy cartridges. You are tied to one brand when you use pods with cartridges, meaning that you have fewer options for dosage and flavour.

Refillable pods will be your most cost effective option. You would just need to buy your chosen CBD ejuice and replace the coils every 2 weeks or so. Both types of pod have a battery built in which can be recharged. 

how to vape CBD vape pen

A starter kit or vape pen is a basic device. These have a tank which you fill up with your chosen liquid. You will need to replace the coils every 2 weeks with something like this. They are easy to use and can be recharged. 

How to vape CBD

If you have never vaped before then you will likely be wondering how to vape CBD. 

Vaping CBD is a mouth to lung inhale. This means you draw the vapor into your mouth, then the lungs, followed by an exhale. 

Some devices you will need to push the button to take a draw, whereas others are draw activated. 

Here’s a short video to take you through how to vape. 30 seconds in will talk about mouth to lung kits and show you exactly how to vape CBD. 

Do you hold in CBD vape?

There is no evidence to suggest that holding in CBD vape gets it into your system faster or more effectively. In fact, holding your breath once you have inhaled can irritate the lungs. So, it is best to exhale once you have drawn the vapour into your lungs.

The best temperature to vape CBD oil?

The best temperature to vape CBD oil is around 200-220 degrees C. This is because it is the temperature at which CBD vaporizes at. If you go any lower than this then you may not get any vapour to inhale.

It is estimated that at 230 degrees C the cannabinoid degrades. This is another reason why you shouldn’t use your big cloud kits as they may get too hot for CBD causing it to be wasted. 

What wattage to vape CBD eliquid?

When it comes to what wattage to vape CBD e liquid, the answer is, keep it low. Cranking up your watts too high is going to get the coil too hot and you can end up burning and wasting your CBD.

Ideally, you want to keep your watts low, at around 10 to 30 watts maximum. You can adjust the watts to your taste, by increasing a little each vaping session. However, don’t go any higher than 30 watts to avoid burn out.

This is a reason why simple pod kits disposables and starter devices are the ideal choices for CBD vaping. They don’t have high output and reach the perfect temperature for the cannabinoid. 

How to vape using a disposable?

  • Inhale using the mouth to lung technique 
  • Use small puffs to start with 
  • Wait around 5 minutes between puffs to assess your tolerance 

How to vape CBD using a pod kit

  • Make sure the battery is charged and ready to go
  • Connect your cartridge
  • Take a small puff to check that all is connected up and working
  • Take another puff then wait 5 minutes to assess how you feel 

 How to use a refillable pod kit

  • Top up your pod with your chosen CBD vape liquid
  • Attach the pod as per your device instructions
  • Push the button to vape, or if it is draw activated, take a draw
  • Wait 5 minutes between puffs to see how you feel

How to use a vape pen to vape e liquid

  • Fill up the tank with your chosen juice
  • Allow the juice to sit for 5 minutes in the tank to avoid dry hits
  • Click the button 5 times to turn on your device
  • Push the fire button as you take your draw
  • Wait 5 minutes between puffs to see how you feel
  • Why use a vape device for CBD?

    There are a few reasons why vaping CBD is an ideal delivery method. For one, the cannabinoid vaporises at around 200 which is perfectly suited for a kit. It is nicotine free, will not get you high and is a fast delivery method. 

    We share a whole lot more info on why vaping CBD is a great choice in ‘CBD vape benefits’

    Best devices for vaping CBD?

    Pods – Ignite CBD 

    Ignite CBD is the brainchild of Dan Bilzerian. He has created a line of pods to fit the ignite pod device. This is a simple and rechargeable kit, with changeable pods in various flavours. There is also a disposable version if you want something SUPER simple and non rechargeable. 

    Ignite One CBD

    Refillable pod – SMOK Nord 2

    The SMOK Nord 2 is a simple refillable pod that is draw activated. You will need to change the coils in this every 2 weeks, but this will depend on how often you use it. You get 1500mAh battery built-in too which is pretty good for such a discreet and diddy device. 


    Starter kit – Aspire Pockex

    Aspire Pockex is a starter kit with the traditional 5 clicks on and off and hold the fire button to vape. It is one of our most popular starter devices with a refillable tank and 1000mAh internal battery.  

    aspire pockex

    Is vaping safe?

    It is said by Public Health England that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. All of the ingredients are food grade and safe to consume. 

    You do just need to make sure you are vaping something that has been specifically designed to move through a vape kit with the ingredients we listed at the start. If you are wanting to learn a little more about the effects of vaping, we explore this topic in more depth in our blog “CBD side effects”.

    How often should I vape CBD eliquid?

    You might choose to vape CBD eliquid every day, either morning or night. Or you might just vape your CBD e liquid when you are suffering from pain, axiety or another symptom which you hope the cannabinoid may help. 

    Final notes on how to vape CBD 

    Once you have decided that vaping CBD is the best option for you, then think about the type of kit you want. Are you after something extremely simple and out of the box? Or are you looking for something more cost effective?

    If you decide to choose something that needs refilling you will be able to sample lots of different juices. These are either traditional vape like flavours or more authentic cannabis tastes. 

    They all come in different dosages to suit your needs. Not sure what dosage you will need? Check our CBD dosage calculator. 

    try CBD vape

    Need A Vape?

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