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CBD Vs Hemp

In this article, we are going to take CBD oil and Hemp oil head to head. We will look at the effects of each one, comparing them against each other.

We will discuss the legal status, the research behind each one and the uses for the oils. Hopefully, once you have read through the article you will be able to decide whether it is hemp oil or CBD oil you are looking to use. 

CBD Vs Hemp   

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hemp vs cbd oil

What is hemp?

Industrial hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is grown specifically for use within products, such as clothing, cosmetics and oils. Hemp takes just 100 days to grow for fibres to be used, making it one of the fastest growing plants. 

Hemp is nothing new. It has been spun into usable fibres for 50,000 years and cultivation of hemp dates back to around 10,000 years. 

It is legal to grow hemp, even in the UK. However, you need a licence

Confused about all the names? Cannabis, marijuna, hemp? In brief, Cannabis plants with 0.3% or less THC are called hemp. Cannabis plants with more than 0.3% THC are called marijunana. Marijunana is illegal in the UK and many parts of the world, because of the high THC content, which causes users to be intoxicated. 

The hemp plant contains cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD as well as a range of terpenes. However, following on from the previous point, hemp contains low levels of THC. 

What is hemp seed oil?

It is kind of in the name. Hemp seed oil is derived from the cannabis plants seeds. It comes about when hemp seeds are pressed. When hemp seeds are cold pressed the oil is dark to clear light green and has a nutty flavour. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD is found in the whole plant, including the flowers, stems and leaves. To extract CBD oil from the plant there are a number of methods, such as CO2 extraction, oil or ethanol. 

Here is a short video on what CBD is. 

Is hemp the same as CBD?

Hempseed derived oil and CBD oil are not the same thing. Some sellers try to make it look like hemp oil is CBD oil, however, it contains no CBD. Hemp seed oil is therefore much cheaper, as it is a less expensive product. 

They both come from the same plant, correct. However, hemp oil comes from seeds which have not developed any CBD as they are yet to grow. 

CBD oil contains terpenes and flavonoids, which are thought to work together for additional benefits and the entourage effect. 

Does hemp work as well as CBD?

Hemp seed oil is a good oil. It is full of omega 3 and omega 6, both of which are ideal for your bodies inflammatory responses and regulating blood pressure. 

Hemp seeds are technically nuts, with 30% of their overall calories coming from protein. This is much higher than other seeds, such as flax. 

They contain high amounts of arginine, an amino acid which produced nitric oxide in your body. This gas molecule makes blood vessels relax, leading to lower blood pressure. 

One study involving 13000 people when arginine intake was increased it lead to decreased levels of C-reactive protein (CRP). High levels of this are linked to heart disease. 

So we agree that hemp seed oil is good and adding a dose to your daily supplements could work wonders. However, you can’t really compare it to oil containing CBD, saying one is better than the other, because they are two significantly different things, despite the fact they come from part of the same plant.

It doesn’t have the same possible effects as CBD, because it is not the cannabinoid. If you are buying hemp seed oil in the hope to have benefits that CBD may offer, then it’s not going to deliver.

Does hemp oil contain CBD?

Hemp oil contains zero CBD. 

Why is hemp oil cheaper than CBD?

Hemp oil is cheaper than CBD as it easier and less expensive to extract and cultivate. If you find a seemingly cheap CBD oil for sale online, make sure you check that it does contain CBD and is not just hempseed oil. 

Hemp seed oil, and CBD, are legal in the UK. If you are researching hemp oil and CBD’s legal status in another country you should check your specific location before placing any orders. 

What is Hemp oil good for?

Hemp oil has been researched to be beneficial for the following:

  • Relieve dry skin – Due to hemp seeds being rich in healthy fats omega 3 and 6, they may help to relieve dry skin and relief from conditions such as eczema.]
  • Protein source – Hemp seeds are high protein. With around 25-30% of the calories coming from protein. Having enough protein is good for keeping you fuller for longer and repairing and building muscles. They contain amino acids too which means they are classes as a complete protein source.

Another study looked at how hemp seed oil might help with PMS. In a double blind placebo study. The research did suggest that a 2gram dose of the oil seemed to help with symptoms when compared to those using the placebo. The conclusion is as follows:

Conclusion: The difference between the groups using the medication and the placebo group with respect to the improvement in symptomatology appears to indicate the effectiveness of the drug. Improvement in symptoms was higher when the 2-gram dose was used. This medication was not associated with any changes in prolactin or total cholesterol levels in these women.

Read the full study from NCBI here. 

Hemp oil Vs CBD oil

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