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Best Vapes For High VG

If you were looking for higher PG juices instead to use in lower-powered vape devices, then click here to visit their own designated page:

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What is High VG E-liquid?

High VG vape is what produces a larger cloud in your e-liquids and so they need the right kit to operate well. These liquids are thicker, require a higher wattage or more vape power to function properly and are generally both smoother on the throat and a little more hard-wearing on the coils. These are sometimes also called sub-ohm e-liquids or more commonly referred to in shops when in jumbo containers as ‘Shortfills’.

What is a Shortfill?

A shortfill is more often than not, a high VG e-liquid and is a juice that comes in a nicotine free vape format. This is why they are called ‘shortfills’, because the bottles are short filled to allow for that top up and shake. In Germany, these are known as ‘Shake and Vapes’, but you will find, for the most part, they are just one version of high VG eliquids for sale.

What is the right tank for High VG e-liquids?

As VG is a very thick substance, it means the liquid is a little harder to absorb for your vape coils. This means you want to be using them only with sub-ohm vape tanks, or big cloud vape kits. It’s why we call them sub-ohm vape juices. For some advice before you buy High V e-liquid:

Best Sub Ohm Vape Tank

Best Watts for High VG E-liquid?

Due to the thicker nature of sub-ohm vape juices, with their High VG e-liquid base, you will want to focus on vaporisers that use low resistance coils and allow for higher wattages.

We have a great guide on ‘What is Sub Ohm Vaping‘ you may want to check out which answers some of this in more depth. In short, we can’t give you one universal wattage, but expect to be setting the power to a level that sees the voltage range between 3.7-4.3v for best results.
Otherwise – add some High VG e-liquid to your shopping basket now.