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Best Sub Ohm Tank | Updated 2022

If you are someone who enjoys generous amounts of cloud, variable wattage and a rich flavour from your vape then chances are you’ll be interested in sub ohm vaping, and what do you need for this style of vaping? You need the best sub tank.

Sure, your device will play a part in how good your vape is, however, the sub tank is where the real work is done.

The tank will feature a coil resistance below 0.5ohms, variable wick size and adjustable airflow, all factors in creating the perfect experience.

The variations of these features in the sub ohm tank are what gives you the best sub tank for flavour, cloud, chain vaping, coil life, high and low wattage. 

In this blog, we are going to cover the best sub tanks for all that good stuff as well as the best sub tanks for price. We will look at some new and worthy products, as well as some that have stood the test of time and remain top years on from their release.

We’ve updated this blog we wrote in 2021 with some of the latest and best sub ohm tanks for 2022.

Best sub tank

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Best sub tank for flavour

It was too hard to call the best sub tank for flavour, so we decided to include two because it’s our blog and we can break rules like that.

The Falcon 2

Falcon 2 best sub tank flavour

The Falcon 2 has been a long standing flavour favorite. The tank has 3 airflow holes at the base of the tank and is fully adjustable allowing even slight airflow when the port is completely shut off – helping to avoid those dry hits! 

We’ve not experienced any wicking issues or leaking with this tank, just delicious flavour vape after vape, not to mention huge clouds! Pair this tank with a high wattage device and you won’t look back. 

The Crown 5 

Best Sub Tank Crown 5

The Crown 5 is another flavour favorite – in fact it has been referred to by many as the flavour king. This is thanks to the patented Pro Flavor Core Optimization System (Pro-FOCS for short). Pro-FOCS helps to properly control the temperature of the vape and give full flavour for your ejuice. 

Another great point about the Crown 5 besides flavour is the self cleaning, leak proof technology. 

It works like this. Any condensation is channeled back into the coil where it can be re-vaporised, this helps to prevent any leakages of your precious e liquid. 

Best sub tank for cloud

Uwell Nunchaku 2 

Nanchuku best sub tank

Cloud chasers listen up – here is the best sub tank for cloud and it comes from UWell. The Nunchaku 2 is a cloud beast with fully adjustable bottom airflow. You can easily fill up your tank with high VG juice using the large port holes that will comfortably fit your eliquids nozzle. 

The base of the tank is 26mm which will fit well onto your mod of choice. Remember, if you are looking for huge clouds then you need eliquid to match. Make sure you choose 70% VG or above. 

Best sub tank for coil life


SMOK Best Sub Tank

The best sub tank for coil life is quite possibly the SMOK TFV16 Lite. This tank uses mesh coils for longer life and improved flavour. Not only is this tank affordable to buy, purchasing coils less often will also save you some money in the long run. 

If you are having trouble making your coils last there are a few tricks. Read our vape coils guide to find out how to avoid dry hits and get more life out of your atomiser.

Best sub tank for not leaking


Revvo Best Sub Tank for not leaking

There is actually nothing more annoying than a leaky tank and always having to carry around kitchen roll on you ready to mop up spills. Not to mention getting sick of smelling like the eliquid you once loved but now can’t face because it has become your new and unwanted fragrance. 

Enter the best sub tank for not leaking – Revvo tank by Aspire.

The Revvo tank has one of the smartest leakproof features. The tank is situated just below the coils, much like an RDTA. To fill it up you push your chubby gorilla bottle nozzle into the funnel. The ARC coils are designed to soak up juice from the chamber below, so make sure your tank is topped up to keep the wicks saturated. 

Best sub tank for low wattage

Nautilus GT tank

Nautilus Best Sub Tank

The Nautilus GT tank is a versatile tank that is great for both types of ejuice, depending on the coil you have installed. It’s affordable, looks great and has 5 airflow settings that allow you to tailor your vape by loosening or tightening the draw. 

The Nautilus GT tank is great for mouth to lung vapers and sub ohmers who are looking for thick and flavourful clouds thanks to the airflow through the tank. The airflow system also keeps the vape cool too. 

Innokin Zenith Tank 

Best sub tank Nautlius

Innokin Zenith tank is a fantastic beginner tank and best sub tank for low wattages. You can quickly and cleanly fill it up using the removable top cap, adjust airflow and personalise your vape draw. This is another tank that will enable you to use high VG and high PG, depending on your coil. You can even alter the amount of vapor by opening or closing the airflow, giving you a cloudy or discrete vape. 

Best sub tank for high wattage

Valyrian 2 best sub tank

We decided to put the Valyrian 2 Pro tank by Uwell as the best sub tank for high wattage, but it also could have easily sat under best flavour. One reviewer actually wrote that it is in 10 out of 10 territory, now that’s pretty impressive. How many tanks can you say that about?

This tank is ideal if you are powering up high wattages. The pre installed single meshed coil has a recommended wattage of 90-100W and the dual mesh 0.14ohm is recommended at 80-90W. Then you have two other options, the 0.16ohm triple mesh (90-100W) and the 0.15ohm Quadruple mesh coil which is recommended at 100-120W.  

If your device is high powered and you are looking to bring some serious flavour to your tastebuds then the Valyrian is certainly one to try. 

Best sub tank for price

best sub tank PnP

The PnP Vinci tank has to be the best sub tank for price. Coming in at £9.99 here at Vape and Juice. The PnP tank is very versatile too. You can use the 510 pin to attach it to your mod, or you can remove the pin and use it as a pod for the Drag S and Drag X kit. 

This tank is compatible with the popular PnP coils which are known for great flavour and cloud. Coil options include 0.3ohm and 0.15ohm. This is a bottom fill tank, which isn’t to everybody’s taste, but for the price it is a great bit of hardware. 

Best Sub Tank – Final Thoughts

When you are looking for the best sub tank you will want to decide what you prioritize. Do you want incredible flavour no matter the price tag? Or are you after something cheaper that does the job? Make sure you research each tank and of course, check it fits your mod!

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