How to stop your coil from burning out

Becky Spencer-Davies

How to stop your coil from burning out


A burnt coil happens to us all at some point. Taking a puff on a coil that is burnt and desperately needs changing feels like you’ve swallowed a cheese grater and it tastes and smells pretty nasty too.

So, how do you stop your coil from burning out?

Here are 5 ways to keep your coil fresher for longer and to avoid the fire in your throat. 

  1. Prime your coil

You’ve just got a new juice and a fresh coil and are desperate to have a taste- but wait. If you fail to prime your coil then you can risk burning it out before you even use it. What a waste that will be. To prime your coil soak the wicks in the juice and ensure that they are saturated. Leave it for about 5 minutes before you take your first puff.

  1. Reduce the power setting

One way to stop your coil from burning out too quick is to vape at a lower wattage. Okay, you may lose your massive clouds, but you will save your coils. The coil should indicate the wattage range that it is meant to be run on, so if you stick to this you should be okay.

  1. Top up your tank

Don’t be tight when you fill up your tank. Make sure it doesn't run low or the juice won’t be able to soak into the wicks. A dry tank will most likely cause your coil to burn out and be useless.

  1. Try a High PG e juice

VG is much thicker than PG, which means that it doesn't soak into the wicks as easy. This can lead to the dreaded dry puff and burn out your wicks. If you feel that your coils are constantly burning out then you may want to switch ejuice to a higher PG ratio. You might also want to consider a juice with less sweetener which can cause a gunk build up in your wicks and prevent the coil from soaking up the juice.

  1. Stop chaining it

If you’re sitting there chain vaping then you wont give your wick enough time to saturate before you take another toke. If you were just taking a few puffs then this wouldn’t be a problem, but if you are chaining it then chances are your wicks will dry out. If the flavour starts to go then just fill up your tank leave the device for about 10 minutes before you go again.

Do you have any tips on how to stop your coil burning out so fast? 



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