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How to keep eliquids away from children

Vape juices usually come in pretty cool looking bottles with colourful and bright designs. It is usually this that makes them jump out at us when we’re looking for our next e-liquid, however, it can also be pretty eye catching to children too.

If a child is accidently exposed to e liquids containing nicotine it can result in poisoning and even in extreme cases, death. From January 2012 to April 2017, the National Poison Data System received 8,269 calls which were related to liquid nicotine exposure in children younger than six.

So how do you keep e-juice away from children?

Your child needs to be taught the danger of these products, just as you would tell them about not touching bleach and other household cleaning products. Despite their inviting packaging vape juices can cause harm and need to be out of reach of children.

With this in mind it is important to always keep your vape juice in the original packaging to make sure that your child knows exactly what they’re not meant to touch.

When you have visitors who vape round your house make sure that they keep their vape juice out of sight and reach of the children (and pets). Ask them to put their devices away when they’re not using them, and you do the same too.

Once you have filled up your device, screw the lid back on properly to ensure that the child proof cap is in tact. Then move it somewhere out of reach, just to be extra cautious.  

If a child does get hold of your vape juice and ingests some, then make sure you have the number for the poison control – 1-800-222-1222, pop it in your phonebook and hopefully you will never need it.

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