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Can you vape in Sydney, Australia?


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can you vape in Sydney Australia

If you are going off on a trip to Sydney, Australia this year then you will want to know if you can vape in Sydney or not. It is important that you respect the country you are visiting, by abiding by their rules and laws, to avoid any holiday ruining fines.

Sydney has recently reviewed its laws on vaping. As with most countries it will no longer be legal to smoke cigarettes in public spaces or on transport. This law will apply to vapers as of July 2018.

The new vape law in Sydney isn’t banning people from vaping all together, you just cannot fire up your device in public spaces such as pubs, restaurants, malls, trains, busses and so on. If you are caught doing so on your holiday, however sly you think you are being, you could face a fine of up to $550.

If you are a regular visitor to Australia then you will know that various other parts of the country already have this law in place, such as Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT.

It doesn’t matter if you are vaping 0mg or 18mg, you will not be able to create clouds anywhere that smoking is banned.

When you are traveling to Sydney, Australia, while you can legally vape keep in mind that as of July 2018 you will have to find designated smoking areas before you take a puff.

On another note, check with the airline before you go to see where they would prefer you to store your e cigarette, on your carry on or in the hold.

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